MIDSource Review – Fees, Comparisons, Complaints and Lawsuits

December 17, 2021

MIDSource is a global payments provider that specializes in merchant services. It takes pride in its partnerships with banks and payment gateways from around the world. This network enables it to offer payment solutions for all types of businesses in various territories. Apart from its services, not much is known about the company’s history and experience. Below is an overview of merchant services offered by MIDSource:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Credit card processing
  • Check processing
  • Payment gateway
  • Fraud and chargeback prevention

MIDSource Merchant Services

Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing : MIDSource helps businesses secure a merchant account with cost-effective rates and advanced payment processing capabilities. It works with an extensive network of banks and payment gateways, which makes way for easy and fast approval. Some businesses may get an approved merchant account within 24 hours. Once the merchant account is set up, businesses can begin processing credit card payments instantly. MIDSource can obtain merchant accounts for all types of businesses, whether e-commerce, retail, mobile, or mail order/telephone order. The company will provide the necessary payment systems like virtual and physical terminals.

Midsource review

Additionally, the company is open to providing merchant accounts for high-risk industries. Such businesses typically need a payment processor for high-volume and high-risk transactions. MIDSource leverages its network to cater to these unique requirements with security and compliance in mind. A full list of high-risk industries can found on the company website, but here are a few examples:

  • Bitcoin Trading Platforms
  • Casinos
  • CBD
  • Firearms
  • Insurance Products
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Timeshares
  • Vape Products
  • Online School/Educational Seminars

International Merchant Accounts : MIDSource provides international merchant accounts for businesses operating in global territories. This type of merchant account can process multi-currency payments. The company will take care of engaging with international banks to ensure fast approval and the lowest possible rates.

Check Processing : Apart from credit card processing, MIDSource enables merchants to process check payments as well. It provides two options to do so. The first is through check drafting. This electronic system allows merchants to accept checks through a secure payment page. It can also be integrated into the merchant’s e-commerce website. Checks can also be converted into credit card transactions for easy processing. The second option is through the ACH network, which is the most popular method for accepting check payments. Similarly, it ensures fast processing and funding.

Midsource services

Payment Gateways : For merchants who do not interact with their customers in person, MIDSource provides several payment gateway options for fast and secure payment processing. This includes popular gateway providers like, NMI, and USAePay. Additionally, the company has its own system called MIDpay gateway. Once set up, merchants can access a variety of features, such as:

  • Credit card processing
  • Electronic check processing
  • Recurring billing setup
  • Customization and generation of reports
  • PCI compliance with level II and III processing

The MIDpay gateway is compatible with over 100 shopping carts. That way, it can be easily integrated into a merchant’s e-commerce website.

Risk Mitigation : MIDSource assures merchants of safe and protected payment processing through its security features like encryption and tokenization. Additionally, it aims to prevent fraud and minimize chargebacks. It has partnerships with the following companies to help manage disputes and prevent revenue losses.

  • Verifi
  • Ethoca
  • Chargebacks911
  • Chargeback Gurus
  • Kount

MIDSource Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Like most merchant account providers, MIDSource does not showcase its fees and rates on its website. However, it does guarantee the lowest possible rates thanks to its long-standing relationships with banks.

MIDSource BBB Rating : MIDSource does not have a profile page on the BBB website, which presumes that it is not a BBB-accredited company.

Midsource logo

Is MIDSource Legitimate? : Apart from its company website and a Zoominfo profile page, there are hardly any independent features about MIDSource. However, there are a few Google reviews and news articles that point to it being a legitimate company. Most articles are about its partnerships with reputable companies. It’s also worth noting that the company has a published phone number and address, which may help assure businesses that the company exists. We recommend contacting MIDSource directly for any questions or concerns.

Scams and Lawsuits: As far as online research goes, there is no indication of any scams and lawsuits against MIDSource.

Customer Reviews : MIDSource has a 5-star rating based on four Google reviews. Most praise goes out to the company for its excellent customer service and proactive approach to merchant concerns. One also lauds the company for providing them with a merchant account when they were rejected by other providers.

MIDSource Complaints : Of all the available reviews online, there seem to be no complaints about the company. However, keep in mind that this is only based on four Google testimonials.


Based on its website, MIDSource seems to offer helpful merchant services. That said, the company has a minimal presence online. It is hard to find unbiased sources of information to validate its merchant experience. We recommend having a one-on-one conversation to discuss your business requirements with the company. This will allow you to raise questions that are otherwise unavailable on review sites. If you’re looking for a merchant account provider with a more transparent track record, you can visit our Shark Processing website for testimonials from our satisfied clients. Contact our sales agents, and we’ll gladly propose suitable payment solutions for your business.

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