Mile High Risk – A Complete Review

May 20, 2022

Mile High Risk, also known as Mile High-Risk Merchant Services and MHR, offers high-risk merchant accounts. The company makes it easy for companies to accept payments, regardless of their industry.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Mile High Risk:

  • High-risk merchant services
  • Credit card processing for online, mobile, MOTO, and retail transactions
  • Payment processing for debit card payments, e-checks, and ACH payments
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Chargeback and fraud prevention tools


Mile High-Risk Merchant Services

 High-Risk Merchant Services

Mile High Risk gladly works with merchants from a range of high-risk industries. This includes startups, even those who are in e-commerce. The full list of industries is available on its website. MHR enables them to process payments, receive quick payouts, and more. The company prides itself on approving merchants very quickly. Many merchants even receive approval the same day.

Payment Processing

One of the primary services from Mile High Risk is high-risk credit card processing. Small businesses can use MHRPAY to accept credit cards. Merchants can also accept and process debit card payments and ACH payments. This service applies to various payment channels, including online, mobile, and in-person transactions.

Online merchants make use of a payment gateway, while mobile and retail establishments are given physical credit card terminals. Options include Clover POS terminals and PAX A920 Smart Terminal.

E-commerce Integrations

Mile High Risk provides merchants with e-commerce integrations. It can set up its payment services with any web-based platform. Alternatively, it has a team of website builders who can host and develop an e-commerce page for your customers.

Chargeback Prevent and Fraud Protection

Mile High Risk makes it a point to include security measures. Clients receive access to tools that prevent fraud and chargeback. These protect your data and your customers’ data, as well as your funds. This not only helps your bottom line, but it also helps you appear more favorably to acquiring banks.


Mile High Risk Fees, Rates, and Pricing

The rates for Mile High Risk depend on the plan that you choose.

  • The Start Plan costs $129. This gives you access to the DashBoard and includes installation. It does not include PCI compliance or the equipment.
  • The Advanced Plan costs $245 and adds PCI compliance. You still have to pay for equipment separately.
  • The Business Plan costs $320. It includes PCI compliance, the DashBoard, installation, and fraud tools.
  • The Gold Plan costs $499. It includes everything mentioned above, including the equipment.

MHR also mentions that it has a no-haggle rate that is specific to you. It will depend on your business and monthly volume. Additionally, it offers discounted rates for merchants who bundle more than one service.

Processing Fees

In terms of processing fees, Mile High Risk does not disclose specific fees.

Additional Fees

The same goes with additional fees for products, services, early termination, monthly maintenance, and the like.

Hidden Charges

Based on reviews, some merchants complained about hidden charges.


Mile High-Risk Complaints

We have found a few negative reviews about Mile High Risk. Based on three customer reviews left with the BBB, MHR only has 2.33 stars. Below is a summary of the issues encountered.

Rip Off Reports

One of the one-star reviews accuses the company of lying. However, the details are very vague.

Other Complaints

One review claims that they talked to an MHR representative and found two solutions. When they asked for more information, they did not receive it. Instead, they got a document to sign, which was riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. The information was not related to the solution they discussed. The review also claims the document looked like it would take advantage of clients with strict requirements.



Mile High-Risk BBB Rating

Mile High Risk has a BBB profile page under the company name, The Mile High Group, Inc. However, it is not an accredited company.


BBB Reviews

As discussed in the Complaints section above, Mile High Risk has three reviews in the BBB with an average rate of 2.33 stars.


Is Mile High-Risk Legitimate?

Mile High Risk does not have a large presence online, but it seems to be a legitimate company. According to its BBB profile, the company was established in 2002. Additionally, MHR claims that more than 6,500 businesses rely on its payment technology.

Apart from its website, the company appears in PR articles, specifically about its CBD merchant services. You can also find public information on its founder and other company employees.


There don’t seem to be any reports of scams or fraud against Mile High Risk.



Likewise, the company does not seem to be involved in any lawsuits.


Mile High Customer Reviews

One five-star review says that they worked with Mile High Risk for three years. The review highlighted the company’s customer support, free technical support, and fast approval.



Mile High Risk is a reasonable choice for those in search of high-risk credit card processing. The company stands out with transparent rates. It also stands out by offering additional services, such as loan processing and underwriting.

However, its online reputation is mixed, so you should be cautious before signing anything. Based on the reviews, MHR should be fine to work with as long as you read and understand your contract.

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