Myuser Review – Is It Right for Your Business?

January 7, 2022

Myuser prides itself on offering a payment gateway that high-risk merchant accounts can use without worrying about having their funds frozen. The main advertising point that Myuser relies on is that it is the “first non-frozen funds payment gateway” for businesses with high growth. In other words, it markets that your funds are not at risk of being frozen.


When describing its high-risk credit card processing and merchant accounts, Myuser highlights how it prevents your funds from being frozen or from requiring huge reserves. Both are common requirements in high-risk credit card processing, but they can make cash flow incredibly challenging for businesses. In addition to high-risk merchants, Myuser highlights its appeal to high-growth companies, another group commonly facing challenges.

Myuser Services

Myuser offers the basic payment processing services that most merchants need.

Chargeback Prevention : High-risk merchants also get chargeback prevention features from Myuser that help reduce your risk of chargebacks.


Myuser Credit Card for Instant Funds : While many high-risk credit card processing companies make you wait at least several days for funds, Myuser lets you access them instantly with the Myuser credit card. This lets you spend the funds on inventory, ads, or other expenses right away.

Distribute Traffic : High-risk merchant accounts can also distribute their traffic to multiple Stripe accounts. This helps reduce risk and prevents potential issues.

Dispute Resolution Center : Myuser compares its dispute resolution center to that of Amazon. This is an important feature because it gives customers the chance to handle disputes with you instead of going straight to their bank or credit card company and asking for a chargeback. As such, the Dispute Resolution Center should reduce your chargeback rate. It will also likely improve customer satisfaction.

Intuitive Dashboard : The dashboard on Myuser is highly intuitive, so there is almost no learning curve at all. You will see clear tabs for payments, chargebacks, your business profile, plugins, API, and more.

Plugins for Integration : Installing the various plugins to integrate your existing systems with Myuser is simple, taking a matter of minutes. These include integrations with Shopify, ClickFunnels, and WordPress. If you choose to take advantage of the Shopify plugin from Myuser, you will find yourself taking advantage of instant payouts and saving 2% on every transaction. Those instant payouts are unlimited as well.

API for Integration : You can also take advantage of the Myuser API with its world-class documentation to integrate its services.



Myuser Rates

Pricing from Myuser is highly transparent and fairly competitive.  In the United States, it is 3.9% + $0.50 per transaction. In Europe, this drops to 2.9% + $0.50.

Shopify Plugin 

Myuser also points out that Shopify will not charge you a fee to use them. By contrast, Shopify typically charges 2% on transactions if you choose to connect a Stripe account. Using the Myuser plugin for Shopify costs just 1% for most merchants and is typically under 2% for high-risk merchants. This is in addition to the processing fees.

Dispute Resolution Center

Taking advantage of the Dispute Resolution Center costs 1% + $0.50 per transaction, in addition to the processor fees.

High-risk Industries Myuser Serves

As mentioned, one of the high-risk categories that Myuser focuses on is businesses with high growth. This fast growth typically qualifies merchants as high-risk. The company does not explicitly outline a list of high-risk industries that it works with, but high-risk companies should strongly consider reaching out. There is a high chance you will be approved.


Other Notable Features on Myuser

Those that create high-risk merchant accounts with Myuser will also get to take advantage of some noteworthy features.

Quick, Stable Approval : While many companies claim to offer fast approval for high-risk merchant accounts, Myuser points out that many of those processors will also freeze or block accounts quickly. However, Myuser doesn’t block your account. Instead, they scale it as you grow your business.

Fast Integration and Setup : The process of getting Myuser ready to start using is incredibly fast and straightforward. Some reviewers say that it takes less than a half-hour to get started.

Scalability : The scalability of Myuser is another important feature, as it means that you don’t have to worry about your business growing too much for your payment processor. Not only is Myuser scalable, but it can work with businesses that see high growth. This means that you don’t have to hold back your company’s growth to maintain payment processing.

High-risk Optimization : Myuser was specifically created to overcome the challenges that high-risk merchant accounts face. This means that instead of picking and choosing customers to manage their risk, they manage that risk with proper setup and tools.

Fund Protection : If you close your account with Myuser, this will not affect your funds at all.

Fast Fund Access : After you create a processing history with Myuser, high-risk merchant accounts receive instant payouts. This way, you don’t have to wait for funds to clear. In the meantime, you get access to a credit card that lets you spend your future balance.

Release Reserves : The way that Myuser sets up high-risk credit card processing means that merchants don’t have to wait for 90 days or more to release their reserves.

24/7 Customer Support : Reviews of Myuser high-risk merchant accounts show that the customer service is available 24/7 over the phone and via chat, with the option of emailing support as well.

Myuser Reputation and Reviews

According to Myuser, they work with more than 50,000 businesses. Having such a large number of clients indicates that those clients are satisfied. This is confirmed by reviews and the excellent reputation of Myuser overall. For example, on Trustpilot, the company has a 4.8 rating out of 63 reviews. 96% of the reviews on Trustpilot for it are five stars, with another 2% as four stars. Only 2% of reviews are one star.

Customers highlight the smooth transactions and useful features on Myuser. Others point out the regular updates that keep everything running smoothly. Yet others highlight that, as promised, their funds are never frozen. Other high points from reviews include the user-oriented nature of the software, platform reliability, the API, simple integration, security, fast onboarding, and good customer support.


Those in search of high-risk merchant accounts will want to consider Myuser. This is because the company has a good reputation, transparent pricing, and features to help prevent chargebacks like a dispute resolution center. It also promises not to freeze your funds and eliminates your reserve requirements. Thus, it is worth reaching out to Myuser for a quote when selecting a payment processing service.

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