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October 29, 2021

National ACH specializes in offering high-risk merchant accounts to process ACH, e-checks, debit cards, and credit cards. It serves American and international businesses, works with a vast network, and has been in business since 1998. In addition to specializing in high-risk merchants, National ACH also specializes in high-volume merchants.

The main offering from National ACH is their high-risk merchant accounts, which let you accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH transfers, and checks. This includes payments in person, online, over the phone, and via mail order.

National ACH Services

A closer look at some of the services from National ACH will show you how well-rounded the company’s offerings are.


Multi-channel Processing

Every high-risk merchant account features multi-channel processing via the payment gateway. This lets you accept payments online, MOTO (mail or telephone orders), in your app, via mobile apps, via CRM or a shopping cart, and even bulk payment processing.

Accept ACH Debits and e-Checks 

Clients can use this method for one-time payments or recurring payments. You can receive the payments via mail, phone, or online. This service includes ACH e-check verification and works for e-commerce as well as payments via phone or mail. It also supports bulk processing, recurring billing, and cloud reporting.

Same-day ACH Credits

This offers high-risk merchant accounts significant savings compared to wire transfers. It is a good option for paying affiliates, employees, and vendors. These include detailed remittance information for your records.

Same-day ACH Debits

In addition to same-day ACH credits, National ACH also offers same-day ACH debits. These also have competitive rates and a verification process for security. Like other payment methods, they work with bulk processing and recurring billing. They also integrate with your shopping carts, accounting system, and CRM program.

Check 21 Processing

image of check 21 process

Check 21 refers to processing that uses a bank-to-bank file transfer instead of the ACH network. As with ACH, you can use it for web or phone transactions. From the customer standpoint, either method works the same.


Accept Card Payments

National ACH clients can accept all of the major credit card brands. As mentioned, this offering is specialized for high-risk and high-volume merchants, but it is open to anyone.

Accept Checks by Phone

One of the specialties of National ACH is the ability to accept checks over the phone. This uses its virtual terminals. It also involves verifying accounts, including the routing and account numbers and ensuring that your contacts are in good standing. It also features ID verification.

Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal from National ACH lets you accept orders via mail, phone, or fax. You can quickly and securely connect to the terminal using any computer. Customers can receive their receipts via email.

For added security, its virtual terminal features multi-level access. You can also have unlimited virtual terminals.

Online Payment Gateway

image of payment gateway

The virtual terminal relies heavily on the online payment gateway from National ACH. In addition to all of the other features already mentioned, the payment gateway lets you use a single gateway to board multiple merchant accounts. It can also feature load balancing and hierarchical access for security.

Mobile Payments

National ACH offers mobile payment applications that let you use your smartphone or tablet to accept orders.


Recurring Billing

High-risk merchant accounts can set up an unlimited number of payment plans for recurring payments. This adds convenience for customers while stabilizing your cash flow.

Options for recurring payments are flexible, including the choice of variable or fixed plans for your customers.

Invoicing and e-Billing

This service lets you send invoices and receive payments, including both one-time and recurring payments. It conveniently integrates with QuickBooks. You can also integrate or import your account receivables.

ID Verification

National ACH also offers ID verification to help you prevent fraud. This service is also helpful for companies selling age-restricted products or for industries requiring KYC (know your customer). You can customize the level of ID verification that you want to use.

Chargeback Protection

National ACH also offers chargeback warning services to prevent chargebacks. There are also chargeback mitigation systems to prevent and help you fight chargebacks. You can also use 3D Secure to transfer some of the liability for potential chargebacks.

No-chargeback Payment Gateway

You can also opt for a no-chargeback payment gateway. This payment gateway does not allow for any chargebacks or e-check returns. You don’t need any reserves, get unlimited processing volume, and receive settlements in one to two days.

National ACH Rates

image of ach processing

Like most high-risk credit card processing companies, National ACH does not list its rates on its website. This lets the company customize its rates based on your needs. However, you can contact them for a rate comparison without any obligation.

High-risk Industries National ACH Serves

National ACH offers high-risk credit card processing to companies in a range of industries, including:

    • Student loans
    • Subscription and membership services
    • Digital media
    • Recurring billing
    • Financial services
    • Auto warranty
    • Precious metals and coin dealers
    • CBD and hemp
    • Sarms and peptides
    • Travel
    • Adult
    • MLM
    • Debt collection
    • Loan servicing
    • Debt consolidation
    • Direct response
    • Loan modification
    • Credit repair
    • Nutraceutical
    • E-commerce
    • High-ticket merchants

Other Notable Features on National ACH

Opening high-risk merchant accounts with National ACH also gives you access to some other notable features.

Cloud Reporting

image of cloud reporting

You can view reports for your account online from anywhere. These help with real-time transaction tracking, account reconciliation, and management.

You can monitor order velocity, risk scoring models, geolocation, payment methods, audit trails, and more.

Security and Compliance 

The payment processor uses advanced security technology for payments. This security protects you as well as your clients.

You can expect security that meets Level 1 PCI-DSS standards. Extra security for the data comes from tokenization. National ACH also has account verification services to reduce chargebacks and revokes as well as various fraud-prevention tools.

One unique feature is that you can fully customize the cascading filters and rules, letting you choose what payments or transactions your company will accept or deny. There are also extensive databases, including those that identify people who placed fraudulent orders elsewhere.

Quick Approvals

National ACH advertises fast approvals. This is typically three to seven days. While the shorter end of this spectrum is competitive, many other payment processors take less than seven days for approval.

image of quick approvals

Compatible With High Volumes

The fact that National ACH specializes in high-volume merchants means that you don’t have to worry about changing solutions as your business grows.

International Payment Methods

To help companies targeting global markets, National ACH offers more than 80 payment methods from outside the United States.

Works With Multiple Banks

National ACH partners with a large network of banks around the world. This allows the company to approve high-risk merchant accounts and even lets you create multiple e-commerce payment accounts to help reduce the processing risk.

Customer Support

National ACH prides itself on its customer support team offering assistance when you need it. This includes free technical support.

image of customer support

Tools for Developers

For businesses with developers on their teams, National ACH also offers a range of developer tools. This includes API integration for ACH processing, e-checks, and cards. Developers can use this API to directly integrate those payment methods into applications, websites, or software. This includes a Direct Post API, a Three-Step Redirect API, and a Mobile SDK.

National ACH Reputation and Reviews

National ACH has a strong reputation and good reviews, although it is not BBB accredited. There are also no customer complaints registered with the BBB.


Choosing National ACH for high-risk credit card processing also gives merchants access to accepting debit cards, ACH transfers, and e-checks. The company serves a range of high-risk industries, including those with high volumes or high-ticket values. There are also developer tools and extra features like chargeback protection and even a no-chargeback payment gateway.

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