National Processing Review

November 18, 2021

National Processing is a highly-regarded payment processor, offering high-risk merchant accounts. It also caters to businesses with lower risk levels. The company is top-rated on numerous websites and offers a range of solutions with transparent pricing.


With National Processing, high-risk merchants can process credit cards and ACH payments while also taking advantage of fraud prevention and other features. Every client receives a personalized solution, as National Processing recognizes that no two industries or businesses are the same.

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National Processing Services

Explore the services you can expect from high-risk merchant accounts in more detail.


Credit Card Processing

With the high-risk credit card processing services offered by National Processing, you can accept all major credit cards quickly and affordably.


Part of the high-risk credit card processing from National Processing includes card-not-present (CNP) transactions, such as MOTO (mail order, telephone order). E-commerce is another example, as is Apple Pay using a card stored in your digital wallet.

ACH Processing

These solutions make it simple to transfer money, including accepting ACH payments. Remember that ACH payments not only give your customers another option, but they also tend to be more affordable than credit card transactions. This service also lets your company make ACH payments, such as payroll checks and pension payments.

Electronic Check Processing

You can also accept e-checks with National Processing’s services.

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Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal lets you accept payments online, in-person, via email, or by mail order. The virtual terminal solutions from National Processing include Authorize.Net, the National Processing Gateway, and the SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal, all of which are available for high-risk merchant accounts.


Mobile Payments

You can use this service to accept payments when outside of your store. This is possible with several of the portable POS systems as well as the virtual terminal. Some of the POS systems are independent portable units, while others are card readers that work with your smartphone.

E-Commerce Gateways

These gateways were developed specifically to include the features that e-commerce businesses need.

Recurring Transactions

This service prevents the need to manually re-enter transactions every month.

Batch Processing

This lets you easily process and save all of your transactions at once.

Cash Discount 

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This program lets you save money on your payment processing fees by passing them on to your customers. The idea of charging an extra fee for those who pay with a credit card is somewhat complicated legally, as you cannot legally add a surcharge everywhere. However, the National Processing cash discount service carefully follows the law, so you are compliant.

POS Systems

National Processing also offers POS systems for your high-risk credit card processing. One of these is NP POS, which also lets you manage staff, handle inventory, and create and use gift cards and loyalty programs. The system supports splitting bills, pre-authorization for purchases, online transactions, and customer tabs. It also lets you create discounts for orders, items, or categories. It also lets you set up user permissions and requires a PIN for staff to access the system.


You can also choose from a range of smart terminals, including countertop and handheld terminals. Just some available terminals include the Dejavoo Z9, Dejavoo Z11, Dejavoo Z8, Verifone VX520, SwipeSimple A920, SwipeSimple A80, SwipeSimple B250, Clover Flex, Clover Station, Clover Go, and Clover Mini.

Fraud Prevention

The fraud prevention services from National Processing protect your business’s information and your customers’ data.

API Integration

The API integration makes it easy to integrate the National Processing services with your current software.

Chargeback Protection

This lets you reduce costs and improve your chargeback ratio.


National Processing Rates

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While it is rare for high-risk credit card processors to list their fees on their website, National Processing is one of those that do. Additionally, it promises not to raise the rates for you once you sign up.

Restaurants, Retail, and E-Commerce

Restaurants, retailers, and e-commerce websites each pay $9.95 per month. This covers free gateway setup, free programming of existing equipment, and a free SimpleSwipe mobile reader.

For restaurants, transactions cost 0.14% + $0.07. For retail, the rate is 0.18% + $0.10. For e-commerce, which is higher risk, it is 0.29% + $0.15.

Cash Discount 

The cash discount program costs $39.95 per month, and there are zero fees for transactions. In addition to the other freebies already mentioned, it also includes a free terminal and a free mobile reader.


Subscriptions cost $59 per month with a $0.09 cost per transaction. These come with the same free perks plus a free pin pad.

Subscription Plus

This is a variation of the Subscription account that costs $199 per month but only $0.05 per transaction, appealing to larger companies. In addition to all the other freebies, it also features a free SimpleSwipe Terminal and a free upgrade of the terminal every two years.

Rate Guarantee

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National Processing is so confident in its low rates that it offers a guarantee for merchants that process at least $10,000 per month. If the company can’t beat the rates you currently pay, it will give you $500.

Savings Calculator

For full transparency, National Processing also has a Processing Fee Savings Estimator on its website.


The rates for ACH transfers depend on your transaction volume and other factors. The average cost is just $0.29 per transaction.

High-Risk Industries National Processing Services

National Processing offers high-risk credit card processing as well as processing for low and mid-risk companies. These include e-commerce, retail, food and beverage, health and wellness, enterprises, and high-risk industries. Some of the high-risk companies the payment processor services include:

  • Vape-related businesses
  • Tobacco-related businesses
  • Gun or firearm-related businesses
  • Subscription services
  • Businesses with high-volume sales

Other Notable Features of National Processing

Consider the following features that add even more value to high-risk merchant accounts from National Processing.


To make setting up and using National Processing easier, the company offers integrations with the most popular software. These integrations include Opencart, Ecwid, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Zendesk, BigCommerce, and QuickBooks. For those unfamiliar with the various programs, these include e-commerce, CRM, and accounting software.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The high-risk credit card processing from National Processing comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Quick Approval

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National Processing approves accounts in just 24 hours.

National Processing Reputation and Reviews

National Processing has an excellent reputation online. The company regularly appears on lists of the top high-risk credit card processing companies and tends to have great reviews from both customers and third parties.

Some of the highlights of reviews praise National Processing for the easy setup, fair fees, intuitive virtual terminal, savings, and good customer service. While there are a handful of negative reviews, they seem to either be for other companies with similar names or involve issues that National Processing quickly resolved.


National Processing is among the best-known companies offering high-risk merchant accounts. It supports accounts for a range of industries and has transparent pricing with its rates listed right on its website. The company lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH, e-checks, and more, as well as gives you the ability to use gift cards and loyalty programs. It even integrates with the most popular CRM, accounting, and e-commerce software. Thanks to a strong reputation and wide range of solutions, most merchants will want to at least consider National Processing.

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