Neosurf E-Wallet Review

June 14, 2022

Neosurf allows consumers to pay online without using their credit cards. It is an e-wallet that is widely used by more than 20,000 websites. There are two ways to fund your Neosurf account. The first one is to top it up by debiting from your savings or checking account, and the second is to buy a Neosurf voucher from authorized retailers. Once you input the voucher code into your account, the funds will automatically be reflected.

The e-wallet is used extensively by the gaming industry because it doesn’t require the user to divulge their personal information. It was established in 2004 to provide a local payment solution to thousands of merchants.

Here are the industries that Neosurf serves:

  • Online games
  • Gambling
  • Financial services
  • E-commerce

Businesses can successfully leverage Neosurf because it keeps the consumers’ identities hidden. That is one feature that works best for high-risk industries. There’s no need to link your account with your credit card since you can top it up with Neosurf vouchers.




Neosurf Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Neosurf doesn’t really process credit cards per se. However, it provides a mechanism for merchants to accept payments from Neosurf accounts topped up by funds from the credit card. The transaction in the statement account will appear under Neosurf‘s name. There’s no way for anyone to know where the Neosurf balance went unless the account was hacked.

High-risk Payment Processing

Merchants can use Neosurf for high-risk payment processing. This is why online games and gambling websites accept Neosurf payments. No one would know where the balance of the Neosurf account goes. For online gaming, it works with major games such as League of Legends, Goddess, Demon Slayer, Echo of Soul Phoenix, Grand Fantasia, and many more.


Neosurf Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

Neosurf gives a rundown of its fees on the website. Credit cards, debit cards, merchant payout, and bank transfers are free for deposit methods. If you are going to use vouchers, the transaction rate is 4.5%.

For withdrawal and use, Neosurf merchants and vouchers are free. Neocash Card has a 2% fee while bank transfer has a 1.5% fee.

Additional Fees

There is no information if Neosurf has any additional fees.


Hidden Charges

It looks like Neosurf doesn’t have hidden charges.


Neosurf Complaints

There are a lot of complaints about Neosurf in online forums and review sites. The focus of the complaints is both their Neosurf accounts and the vouchers you can buy from retailers. The customers apparently cannot withdraw the money from their accounts despite debiting it from their credit cards. Even the voucher codes don’t work, so they can’t deposit the funds they bought the vouchers for into their bank accounts.

Rip Off Reports

Neosurf is a rip-off for many customers because the company apparently asked them to make any advance payment to activate the withdrawal feature. Without the advance payment of $100, customers couldn’t withdraw their money, which was at times as low as $13.

Other Complaints

There are various complaints about Neosurf, including its lousy customer service. Many customers have been complaining for weeks but to no avail. They also talked about being passed on from one team member to another. Still, no one was able to solve their problems.


Neosurf BBB Rating

Neosurf is not accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which gives ratings from A+ to F, depending on customer reviews and complaints. Many merchants check out the BBB rating first before partnering with a payment processor. However, it should be noted that there are other accrediting bodies for payment processors.

BBB Reviews

Neosurf is not listed on the BBB website. Therefore, there are no reviews or complaints about the company on the site.



Is Neosurf Legitimate?

Neosurf is a legitimate company, but that doesn’t money it is a reputable one. It has accumulated a lot of complaints over the years. However, it is still being used as a trusted payment partner by the esports industry, so there are still many gamer accounts with them.

The trust score of Neosurf on ScamAdviser is low. It only has a 25/100 trust score. Although the website has been running for many years now and has a valid SSL certificate, ScamAdviser said that it is located in a high-risk country. Also, there are many negative reviews about the site, and it is possibly selling fakes. Customers have also voted it a scam on Safe. Shop and ScamAdviser.


There are many scam reports about Neosurf. Out of 46 customer reviews, 43 gave it one star. The customers said they would’ve given the company zero stars, if possible. They shared many stories about how they deposited money into their Neosurf but could not withdraw it. Apparently, Neosurf disabled the withdrawal function on the customers’ accounts.

Even if they have funds in the account, they cannot withdraw that money via ATM or transfer it to a local or international bank.

Customers called the company a scam. Also, they complained about the poor customer service. It takes them weeks to receive a reply from Neosurf. Out of those many reviews, no one came back to say that Neosurf had already resolved the issue. Everyone is waiting for the company to let them withdraw their money—which ranges from as small as $10 to as big as thousands of dollars.


Despite the many complaints and negative reviews about Neosurf, no lawsuits have been filed against the company.


Neosurf Customer Reviews

Neosurf has negative customer reviews. Many of its clients posted about their bad experiences with the company on online review sites and forums. One client said that he deliberately visits review sites just to warn people away from Neosurf. He said he didn’t want anyone suffering from his ordeal with the company.



While Neosurf is a legitimate company, it is not a reputable one. If you’re a gamer and need to use Neosurf, opt for another payment method. Like many of the complaints above, you may find it almost impossible to withdraw your money or even pay using the Neosurf vouchers you purchased.

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