New Line Processing Review

July 24, 2022

New Line Processing claims to be an industry leader in merchant services and merchant payment solutions. It has a comprehensive list of financial services that can suit all types of industries, regardless of the level of risk. The team is always ready to help businesses with their payment processing needs.

The company said it could set up the account and systems for merchants within 24 hours of receiving a quote request. That’s how quickly New Line Processing can act for the merchant to be up and running. The company offers low-cost financial services for larger firms with a significant volume of transactions. It also provides these services to startups and smaller enterprises.


The company also takes pride in offering high-risk payment services for specific industries. These businesses often cannot get approval from traditional banks because of the nature of the customers they serve. New Line Processing can solve that predicament by providing the same high-quality service.


The company is the official provider of WeChat and Alipay for It serves over a billion Chinese consumers who use WeChat Pay and Alipay. If your business targets Chinese consumers, there’s no better payment processing provider than New Line Processing.


New Line Processing Merchant Services

Credit Card Payment Processing

New Line Processing serves both traditional and non-traditional markets by providing credit card payment processing services. Not only is the company an accredited partner of major credit card companies, but it also offers competitive pricing schemes to ensure the best possible solution for any business. The debit and credit card services also include domestic, offshore, and near-shore partners.

High-risk Payment Processing

New Line Processing says it can also offer payment solutions to high-risk processing businesses. However, it did not disclose which industries it could serve.

ACH Solutions

An automated clearing house (ACH) allows the immediate clearing of checks. Many consumers still prefer to use checks for payments and debit the funds directly from their accounts. Merchants can do this process by themselves with the help of ACH. Many merchants prefer this method because it automatically allows them to receive funds.

Ecommerce Solutions

image of new line processing e commerce solutions

Merchants will have a harder time growing their businesses if they do not offer e-commerce payment methods. New Line Processing can offer this solution from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Offering different payment methods to e-commerce consumers can maximize profits and improve the bottom line.


Virtual Wallet

New Line Processing’s virtual wallet is an easy way to encourage merchants to save. The system allows merchants to monitor the transactions in real-time. At the same time, this is the quickest way for merchants to keep track of pending transactions and manage the budget efficiently.


New Line Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

New Line Processing does not disclose its fees publicly. There is no information about its pricing scheme on the internet.

Additional Fees

There is no information if New Line Processing has additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There is also no information about New Line Processing’s hidden fees.


New Line Processing Complaints

There are no formal complaints filed against New Line Processing.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about New Line Processing.

Other Complaints

After thorough research on the internet, there are no other complaints that can be found against New Line Processing.


image of new line processing has no complaints

New Line Processing BBB Rating

New Line Processing is not listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Therefore, it is not an accredited company. It does not have a rating, too. The bureau usually gives businesses a rating between A+ and F.

BBB Reviews

New Line Processing does not have reviews or complaints on the BBB site.


Is New Line Processing Legitimate?

New Line Processing is a legitimate business. It has an official website and profiles on social media and business networking sites. Although, it should be noted that the company doesn’t have many followers on Facebook and Instagram. The last post it made on Facebook was last April 2020. There is not much engagement there, too.

ScamAdviser gave its website an average to good trust score of 100/100. This means that the website is safe to access for consumers. They can transact on the website without worrying about their financial and personal details being stolen. Among its positive highlights are the following:

  • A money-back guarantee offer
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • Old website domain

However, the website also has some negative elements. ScamAdviser said that the website’s owner hid his identity, and the site has a low Alexa rank.


No one has called New Line Processing a scam. In fact, ScamAdviser gave it a good trust score so consumers can safely browse the website.


There are no lawsuits filed against New Line Processing.


New Line Processing Customer Reviews

image of new line processing customer reviews

There is barely any mention of New Line Processing on review sites, online forums, and social media. Even its Facebook and Instagram pages don’t have much information. There are no reviews on Facebook or Google.



It is always hard to recommend a company when there are no reviews about it. There is no way to tell if the clients had a good or bad experience with New Line Processing. Although the company itself looks legitimate based on the website and information on LinkedIn, no merchant was brave enough to recommend the company to its peers. This is why New Line Processing looks dubious from this standpoint.

However, those who would still like to check out what the company offers can do so. There’s a contact form on the website that merchants can fill out for inquiries.

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