Painless Processing Review

June 18, 2022

Painless Processing is a merchant account provider catering to high-risk businesses from all industries. It provides a range of merchant services such as payment gateway setup, payment processing for different transactions, and business funding. The company highlights three main benefits for merchants who opt for its services:

  • Simple application process through a secure online form, over the phone, or via email.
  • Easy communication through a dedicated agent assigned per merchant.
  • Painless approvals through the company’s in-house underwriters.

Read this in-depth review to learn more about Painless Processing.


logo-of-painless-processingHigh-Risk Merchant Accounts

Painless Processing dedicates most of its time and effort to serving high-risk businesses. While it is open to low-risk merchants as well, its expertise is in high-risk credit card processing. The company helps these businesses secure a merchant account for their high-risk and high-volume credit card processing requirements. Apart from that, it offers other payment solutions like check processing, payment gateway integration, and cash funding as well.

High-risk merchants are invited to apply through four easy methods:

  • Via online form equipped with SSL security and GoDaddy verification.
  • Via phone call.
  • Via email.
  • Via quick contact.

All these methods are secure to ensure that valuable information is not leaked. The company understands that the merchant services industry is prone to illegitimate businesses and unregulated practices. To give merchants peace of mind, it assigns a dedicated agent per application. The company has in-house underwriters to help merchants through every step. The company guarantees an efficient and hands-on application process.


Services Offered by Painless Processing

Below is a list of services available for high-risk merchants.

Credit Card Processing

At the core of Painless Processing’s merchant account is its credit card processing service. It accepts payments from major debit and credit card companies.

Check Processing

The company also accepts electronic check payments, whether made online, by phone, or by fax orders. This is a good option for merchants to have as some customers prefer to pay this way. Physical or digital checks are converted to an electronic form. Once processed, payment is transferred as a direct deposit. This lessens the chance of fraud. As an added benefit, the company provides low transaction fees for this payment method. It also guarantees fast approval and consequent funding to merchants.

ACH Processing

ACH Processing is an easy and fast way of processing and collecting payments. When customers transact through the ACH network, the payment is directly sent to the receiving bank account. It does not go through multiple approvals from credit card companies and payment processors. Additionally, merchants can also pay their suppliers or partners through this route. Overall, merchants will benefit from real-time and continuous cash flow.

POS Systems and Retail Terminals

Painless Processing offers specialized payment solutions for merchants with retail establishments. It provides POS systems and credit card terminals for in-store payment processing.


The POS system can be accessed through the merchant’s computer. It acts as a full-featured database and management tool for efficient processing. Merchants can access accounting features, inventory updates, and financial reports. It will help them get a better view of the backend operations and payment history.

Credit card terminals are also installed in the merchant’s store. These devices include tablet display systems, card readers, cash registers, checkout scanners, PIN pads, and printers. They aid in credit card processing for in-person transactions. Additionally, they are equipped with security measures and authentication steps.

The POS system and credit card terminals are connected to provide an end-to-end payment platform for retail merchants.

Payment Gateway

eCommerce merchants will be provided with a payment gateway to process online orders. The company can customize it to fit the merchant’s specifications. This is helpful for merchants who already have an existing website or shopping cart that they want to integrate with. This payment gateway can be built to accept credit cards, debit cards, eCheck, and ACH payments.

Business Funding

Painless Processing extends its payment solutions to include business funding. This service allows it to help businesses in need of capital to grow. The process is easy as merchants already have a relationship with the company. They can receive their advanced funds within three business days. As payback, the company will debit a small percentage of your daily processing volume. The company offers this program in four packages:

  • Tier 1 is a loan equivalent to 30 percent of your monthly processing revenue.
  • Tier 2 is a loan equivalent to 50 percent of your monthly processing revenue. Merchants must have a clean 3-month record of credit card processing history.
  • Tier 3 is a loan equivalent to 100 percent of your monthly processing revenue. Merchants must have a clean 6-month record of credit card processing history.
  • Tier 4 is a loan equivalent to more than 100 percent of your monthly processing revenue. Merchants must have a clean 6-month record of credit card processing history. Other requirements include bank statements and two years’ worth of business financial statements.


Dedicated Merchant Support

Upon application, high-risk merchants will get support from a dedicated merchant services expert. They will assist the business through the entire process, from proposing solutions to approving the merchant account. Once the account is set up, merchants can still seek support from their agent whenever they need it.



Rates of Painless Processing

Like most merchant service providers, Painless Processing offers variable costing depending on the merchant’s business requirements, transaction volume, and industry landscape. According to an independent review site, the company’s physical and retail terminal fees range from 1 to 5 percent of the transaction value. Other than that, the rates of its other services are unavailable online.


High-Risk Industries Served by Painless Processing

Painless Processing has worked with merchants from the following high-risk industries:

  • Adult.
  • Cigars and tobacco.
  • Memberships and subscriptions.
  • Travel and timeshares.
  • E-Cigarettes, E-Juice, and vapes.
  • Nutraceuticals and supplements.

  • High-ticket or high-volume businesses.
  • Startup companies.
  • Firearms and ammo.
  • Smoke shops and head shops.
  • Debt collection agencies.

It also lists down industries it cannot do business with. These include:

  • Adult businesses that are sexual or offensive to children and animals.
  • Businesses involving human trafficking or weapon smuggling.
  • Businesses with unethical practices of hate, violence, and discrimination.
  • Businesses selling illegal drugs.
  • Businesses with the same payment processing services.
  • Businesses selling products or services that are intended to be free.

  • Businesses owned by non-US citizens without supporting credentials from the U.S. government.
  • Collection companies that collect repurchased debt.
  • Foreign exchange trading companies.
  • Offshore businesses without headquarters or bank accounts in the United States.
  • Pharmaceutical companies without a license or proof of registration.
  • Tech support companies that outsource their staff or services.


Reputation and Reviews of Painless Processing

Painless Processing is featured on a few independent review sites online. One site gave it a five-star rating mainly due to its end-to-end solutions and dedication to high-risk businesses. The company was also featured on a CBD-related website, calling its payment services “superior” and “highly customizable.”


The company does not hold any rating from the BBB or other industry-renowned institutions.



Painless Processing aims to help high-risk businesses thrive through its cost-effective payment solutions. For one, it can process transactions from multiple channels and business types. Secondly, it provides advanced funding to help its merchants expand. Overall, its merchant services are designed with the merchant’s success in mind.

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