Patel Processing Review

June 23, 2022

Patel Processing provides all-inclusive payment processing solutions to all types of businesses. These include e-commerce companies, high-risk industries, retailers, and startups. The company leverages technology and partnerships to offer a wide range of services. Apart from credit cards, it supports ACH and cryptocurrency processing. Other services include POS terminals, mobile banking, cash advance, and more.

Below is a review of Patel Processing and its services, rates, and customer experiences.


Overview of High-Risk Merchant Accounts and High-Risk Credit Card Processing

Patel Processing caters to high-risk merchants in need of secure and reliable processing. Its high-risk solutions include advanced fraud tools, industry-specific features, and 24/7 support. Depending on your specific needs, it will customize its services for you. The company also offers an integrated payment solution. It consolidates various business aspects into one seamless system.

Interested merchants can apply through a form on the website or contact the company via call or email.



Patel Processing Services

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by Patel Processing.

Payment Processing

Patel Processing enables merchants to process both traditional and alternative payment methods. These include major credit cards via online shopping carts or in-person terminals. The company guarantees fast and uninterrupted processing through its credit card payment system.

Apart from credit cards, merchants can also process ACH payments, which are direct bank-to-bank deposits. They incur lower processing fees and faster fund transfers. In some cases, merchants can benefit from same-day settlements.

Other alternative methods include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. These payments have the lowest processing costs and are least prone to chargebacks.

Patel Processing also supports merchants with international customers. You have an option to accept payments from different currencies.

E-commerce Solutions

The company’s e-commerce payment system allows merchants to accept various payment methods online. These include credit cards, e-wallets, QR codes, and mobile banking.


Patel Processing will help merchants integrate a secure payment gateway to their websites. This will allow your customers to directly transact through your site. You can also add payment features to your shopping cart.

Mobile Solutions

For online merchants without a website, you will have access to a virtual terminal. It is a web-based platform that allows you to accept phone transactions.

POS Solutions

For retailers with physical stores, Patel Processing offers a range of credit card terminals. The company’s Patel Family is composed of leading POS system providers. These include PetrotechPOS, FoodzPro, RetailzPOS, POSBazaar, and ChefMaster. They cater to different types of businesses. These include gas stations, food chains, kiosks, restaurants, and other retail stores.

Alternatively, merchants can integrate their existing hardware with the company’s payment system. Either way, the company guarantees secure and speedy POS solutions.


Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

Patel Processing assures merchants of safe and fraud-proof processing. Its services are compliant with PCI-DSS standards and EMV protocols. Other credit card safety features include security and ZIP codes, and card verification.

The company also offers a comprehensive chargeback prevention system. It helps merchants manage disputes and avoid chargeback fees.



Patel Processing Rates

Patel Processing promises transparent pricing with no hidden fees. During your consultation with the company, it will provide you with a clear picture of rates and fees.


High-Risk Industries Patel Processing Serves

Patel Processing works with companies that fall under the high-risk category. Although it does not provide a list of specific industries it serves, it serves industries like:

  • Casino and Gaming
  • Real Estate
  • Adult Entertainment
  • CBD and Tobacco
  • Online Dating
  • Travel
  • Finance and Investment
  • Firearms and Weapons

The company highlights other considerations as well. These include bad credit history, high chargebacks, high processing volumes, and multi-currency transactions. It also calls on merchants previously declined by financial institutions.

To find out if you are eligible for Patel Processing’s services, you may contact the company.


Other Notable Features of Patel Processing’s High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Integrated Payment Solution

Patel Processing offers an integrated payment processing solution for merchants. It allows you to manage all your payment services in one streamlined process. It covers payment processing, fund transfers, data analytics, invoicing, cost savings, and more.

The company will set up this integrated system to improve your payment experience.

Cash Advance Program

Merchants with an existing account with the company can avail of its cash advance program. You can receive funds within seven business days and pay through flexible plans. There is also no collateral requirement.


Customer Loyalty Programs

Merchants can also take advantage of the company’s gift cards and loyalty programs to attract more customers. Patel Processing will integrate the technology into your payment system.

24/7 Merchant Assistance

Merchants will benefit from 24/7 assistance from Patel Processing. The company will guide you through system bugs, customer issues, and other technical concerns anytime you need them.


Patel Processing Reputation and Reviews

Patel Processing has a generally favorable reputation based on online research. It has been a BBB-accredited company since 2021 and holds an A+ rating. According to its BBB profile page, it was established in 2019 by founders Dipen and Dhruv Patel. So far, there are no complaints or lawsuits filed with the organization.

As for customer reviews, Patel Processing has a consistent 4.7-star rating across 14 Facebook reviews and 12 Google reviews. Merchants praise the company for its customer service, fast and easy onboarding process, and rates. Some even consider it to have the best pricing among competitors. While most reviews are positive, there are a few merchants who do not recommend the company. However, they do not mention specific reasons or experiences.



Patel Processing offers a wide variety of payment processing solutions for different business types and industries. Apart from traditional credit card payments, it supports ACH payments, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies. It also offers solutions for different modes of payment like e-commerce websites, mobile phones, and retail stores.

For high-risk merchants, you will appreciate the company’s fraud prevention tools and transparent pricing. It also works with service providers to provide custom, high-tech solutions for your unique needs.

Although Patel Processing has only been around for three years, it has earned several positive reviews and a BBB accreditation. These prove the company’s reliability and competence.

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