Patriot Bankcard Review

August 6, 2022

Patriot Bankcard is a US-based company offering merchant account solutions for all business types within the country. It provides special merchant accounts for high-risk, low-risk, medium-risk, international, and card-not-present business categories. Based on the merchant’s business model and requirements, the company offers customized solutions.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Patriot Bankcard:

  • Credit card processing
  • Fraud protection
  • Secure and compliant payment gateway
  • Shopping cart integrations

  • Multi-currency payment processing
  • Live customer support
  • Merchant technical support

Patriot Bankcard Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

image of high risk merchant account

Patriot Bankcard understands the apprehension of traditional banks to work with high-risk businesses. It uses its vast network of acquiring banks to offer flexible merchant accounts for these businesses.

For high-risk merchants, in particular, the company claims to have high approval ratings. The company also allows them to apply for multiple merchant accounts. These will help merchants allocate their sales volume across accounts, as well as lower the risks of closed accounts.

Depending on the industry, some high-risk merchants can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • No volume caps for companies with large transaction volumes
  • Large ticket processing

Credit Card Processing

Merchants can process credit card payments through the company’s Patriot MasterCard Visa CC Processor. It is a sophisticated system capable of processing payments from major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, China UnionPay, Maestro, and JCB International.

Moreover, merchants can accept international payments from over 160 currencies. Either way, the company works with global and domestic acquiring banks to ensure competitive transaction rates for merchants.


Payment Gateway

image of patriot bankcard payment gateway

All credit card payments are accepted and processed through the company’s payment gateway. It is designed to be secure and PCI-compliant. Merchants can enjoy immediate funding through daily and weekly payout options.  The payment gateway can also process other forms of payment in a card-not-present (CNP) environment. This includes:

Fraud Protection

Apart from its PCI-compliant payment gateway, Patriot Bankcard also has other security and risk management features to prevent cases of fraud. These include:

  • 3D Secure processing
  • Verification tools for telephone orders
  • Checks and balances for fraud detection

  • AVS checks, which compare the customer’s billing address to the bank’s cardholder information
  • Option to block customers with dubious purchases or rejected transactions
  • A database of fraudulent transactions and customers

image of patriot bankcard fraud protection

Patriot Bankcard Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

Patriot Bankcard takes advantage of its extensive network of banks to propose the best possible rates for merchants from any industry. However, it does not provide specific fees and rates on its website. Instead, it offers free quotes through an online application form.


Additional Fees

Similarly, the company does not provide a rundown of additional monthly or maintenance fees.

Hidden Charges

There are no reports of the company charging hidden fees.


Patriot Bankcard Complaints

We have not found any public complaints about Patriot Bankcard, However, this can be attributed to its lack of customer reviews and testimonials online. It does not have a Google business page, Trustpilot profile, profile, and other known review sites.

image of patriot bankcard has no complaints

Rip Off Reports

There is no published information on rip-off reports against Patriot Bankcard.

Other Complaints

Similarly, there seem to be no public complaints about the company.


Patriot Bankcard BBB Rating

Patriot Bankcard does not have a BBB profile. This assumes that the company is not accredited by the organization.

BBB Reviews

In that regard, the company also does not have any BBB reviews or complaints.


Is Patriot Bankcard Legitimate?

Due to the lack of available reviews and features online, Patriot Bankcard’s legitimacy is solely based on the information on its website. It shows a 2001 copyright date, which means the company has been around for two decades.

However, it is worth noting that the company does not provide any office address, email address, history, or list of owners, which makes it hard to confirm its identity. It is best to contact the company directly if you have any questions about its legitimacy, experience, and background.

image of is patriot bankcard legitimate


Based on online research, there seem to be no reports of scams involving Patriot Bankcard.


Likewise, there is no information on official lawsuits against the company.


Customer Reviews

As mentioned, Patriot Bankcard does not have customer testimonials on its website and on other review sites.

image of patriot bankcard logo


Patriot Bankcard offers a long list of merchant accounts for various industries. Based on its website, it seems to be an expert in high-risk payment processing. It provides full-featured solutions for nearly any type of business across the country.

However, given its lack of customer reviews and testimonials, interested merchants may not get a full picture of the company’s experience. This is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a reliable payment processor.

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