PayCly Review – A Complete Guide To This Payment Processor

May 20, 2022

PayCly claims to be one of the leading payment processing providers in the financial technology industry. According to its website, it can deliver payment solutions to low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk businesses. Aside from card payment services, PayCly also has e-Wallet and invoicing services.

Businesses involved in gaming and other high-risk industries will do well partnering with PayCly. The company is well-known for its high-risk merchant accounts for industries such as the following:

  • Gaming
  • Forex
  • Casino
  • Travel

It also prides itself on the convenience its tools provide to customers. It has an open API, friendly interface, and ready-to-use plug-in. PayCly can process AdvCASH, EPS, iDEAL, and GiroPay, as well as major debit and credit cards.

picture-of-paycly-logoPayCly Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Businesses cannot thrive without accepting card payments. That is what PayCly can provide. It can set up merchant accounts so businesses can start accepting debit and credit card payments. It works with many banks and card companies to offer clients the best solutions to their payment processing needs.

High-risk Merchants

PayCly is well-known for working with high-risk businesses. When merchants cannot get approval from traditional payment processing providers, this means that they present a higher risk than normal. Those in the gaming industry will have a hard time getting a regular payment process to say yes. PayCly takes that risk to allow these businesses to progress.

e-Wallet Services

Nowadays, people don’t bring their cards and cash with them anymore. They use e-wallets to pay for their purchases. Businesses need this to be integrated into their payment methods. PayCly offers secure gateways so businesses can start accepting payments via e-wallets. This alone reduces cart abandonment for e-commerce and transaction fees for in-store purchases.


Invoicing Services

PayCly provides a merchant account that can do invoicing, too. The tool is a convenient way to demand payments from customers. It has a “pay now” button to lead customers to a portal where they can pay for their purchases. The feature can also be set up to send reminders via e-mail and text to clients.


PayCly Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

PayCly does not publish its rates and processing fees. One customer, however, said that it asks for an upfront payment. It also supposedly has a monthly maintenance fee of $300. The transaction fee is apparently between 13% and 15%. The customer said the rates will depend on how high risk the merchant is.

Additional Fees

It doesn’t look like PayCly has additional fees.

Hidden Charges

No information can be found about PayCly having hidden charges.


PayCly Complaints

A couple of customers have posted complaints about PayCly. One customer complained about the charges involved in using PayCly’s services, while the other mentioned the long time it takes to get answers from the company.

Rip Off Reports

Aside from these complaints, there is no other mention of the company being a rip-off.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints published online against PayCly.


PayCly BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives accreditation to businesses. It also assigns ratings to businesses based on customer reviews. Businesses can get the highest A+ down to the lowest of F. It doesn’t look like PayCly is listed on the BBB website. As such, the company has no rating from the BBB.


BBB Reviews

PayCly does not have customer complaints or reviews on the BBB website.


Is PayCly Legitimate?

PayCly claims to be one of the leading payment processing providers for high-risk businesses in Singapore. It has a Facebook account that’s regularly updated. On ScamAdviser, it has a score of 65/100. This is an average trust score. ScamAdviser said that PayCly’s website has existed for quite some time. Its SSL certificate is also valid. However, PayCly’s site also has a negative perception because of mixed reviews.


Some customers call PayCly a scam because of “irrelevant charges.” It also does not provide anything in return, one customer said.


There are no lawsuits filed against PayCly.


PayCly Customer Reviews

PayCly published testimonials on its website. Customers call them the best in the industry because they provide customized solutions. They also said that the company has fast service and does not waste time. Merchants also seemed to enjoy the “very supportive” team behind PayCly. They said they w recommend the company to their network.

However, there are a couple of negative reviews about PayCly, too. At least two reviews said the company is a scam. One called it a fraud because it is unregulated. Out of 15 reviews, 40% graded PayCly with five stars, 27% graded it with four stars, and 33% graded it with one star.

PayCly has no reviews on Facebook and other social media sites.


PayCly is a legitimate company. High-risk merchants can look at the services it offers. Although there are a couple of bad reviews about the company, this should not be a reason to think it is a fraud. After all, there are also good reviews about the company. Merchants will do well to reach out to PayCly and see what the company can offer

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Do not use this company they will wait till you have a large amount of funds then close your account and steal your money as they have done to me Stay away from them 10-28-2022

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