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November 21, 2021

PayKings offers high-risk credit card processing for merchants in high-risk industries and those with lower levels of risk.


With PayKings, you can easily qualify for high-risk merchant accounts even if other payment processors deny you. They work with companies with high chargeback rates, andrecurring payments, and in industries that are commonly considered high-risk. PayKings works with merchants who have processing volumes of $20,000 to $100,000,000 or more per month.

To get a better idea of what you can expect from high-risk merchant accounts from PayKings, explore some of their services in more detail.

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  • Payment Gateway: PayKings provides a payment gateway that is specifically designed for high-risk businesses. This gateway connects the information in your merchant account with that of the customer’s bank account. PayKings works with major payment gateways that support high-risk credit card processing, including Authorize.Net and NMI.
  • Virtual Terminal: The virtual terminal lets you accept credit cards and ACH payments over the phone, via the mail, or online. You customize the fields that you need and get to include line-item details for every order.
  • Inventory Manager: The payment gateway from PayKings also includes an inventory manager. This feature lets you create products, along with tax rates, product categories, associated prices, and discounts.
  • QuickClick Shopping Cart: If you don’t already have a shopping cart on your website, the QuickClick shopping cart takes care of that for you. You can integrate it onto your website, connecting your website to the gateway in a matter of clicks.
  • Multi-MID Support: Since PayKings understands that some companies have more than one business line or merchant account, its payment gateway lets you manage several MIDs on one gateway account. This lets you separate the MIDs as needed while keeping all of your data and reporting together.
  • Merchant Accounts: PayKings also provides high-risk merchant accounts to a range of industries. This type of account is crucial for being able to accept debit and credit cards.

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  • Credit Card Processing: By offering high-risk credit card processing, PayKings gives merchants with high chargeback ratios and other industries the ability to accept credit cards. You can use these services to accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, and Discover.
  • ACH Processing (and E-checks): ACH processing or direct debit tends to be much cheaper than paying with credit cards. It lets customers pay using their account numbers and routing numbers. It is common for recurring billing and subscriptions. ACH can include instant approvals due to the ability for banks to review files quickly.
  • Mobile Payment: Use this service to turn your smartphone or tablet into a POS system. Mobile processing includes end-to-end encryption for security. The SDK Payment Gateway is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.
  • Loyalty Cards and Gift Cards: The systems from PayKings also support loyalty cards as well as gift cards.
  • Terminals: The vast selection of terminals offered by PayKings includes EMV readers for high-risk credit card processing. You can get a USB-connected device for swiping or a system with more features. Many of the terminals also support Apple Pay.
  • Recurring Billing: You can easily set up recurring billing with the PayKings gateways.
  • Fraud Tools: Fraud scrubbing helps minimize fraud and is also included with high-risk credit card processing. You also get iSpyFraud tools.

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  • Chargeback Reduction: Since chargebacks are a common concern in high-risk industries, PayKings works to help high-risk merchant accounts reduce their risk. Some of this comes from the chargeback alerts.
  • Offshore Merchant Accounts: In addition to high-risk merchant accounts, PayKings offers offshore merchant account services. These are ideal for companies that need cross-border solutions and to accept multiple currencies. These accounts work with PayKings’ global ISO resources.
  • Level 3 Processing: You can enjoy built-in Level 2 processing without additional fees. Level 3 processing has a small $30 monthly fee but makes up for it with interchange savings.
  • B2B Level II and III Data Discounts: B2B merchants can take advantage of these data discounts.
  • Vault: The vault can store payment and billing information about your customers, as well as other relevant data. It streamlines the process of them paying and you getting paid. It is especially helpful with recurring billing.

PayKings Rates

The rates from PayKings can be as low as 1%, but rates for high-risk merchant accounts could be as low as 2.49%. You can get a free QuikQuote with no obligation right from the company’s website. They process the requests for quotes within six hours.

The rates and fees that you pay will depend on your company. In most cases, companies have lower fees if they have a longer processing history with higher sales volume.

The terminals and card swipers also have clear pricing. USB-connected swipers start at $129, while EMV devices start at $299. Mobile swipers are $99, and mobile processing costs $5 per month.

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High-risk Industries PayKings Serves

Just some of the high-risk industries that PayKings serves include:

  • Adult
  • CBD
  • Vape
  • Pawnshops
  • E-commerce
  • Credit repair
  • Continuity
  • Business consulting
  • Coins and collectibles
  • Dating
  • Credit monitoring

  • Auto warranties
  • Business opportunities
  • High-ticket coaching
  • Health and beauty
  • Firearms
  • Skin and hair care
  • Payday lenders
  • Marketing
  • Travel
  • Online gaming

Other Notable Features of PayKings 

The following features help make PayKings a strong choice for high-risk credit card processing:

  • Quick Application Approval: It is not usually possible to get an instant approval for high-risk accounts, but you may be able to. This is possible for certain industries and businesses. If your PayKings approval is not instant, you will receive your approval within five to 10 days, which is the industry standard. On top of that, your merchant account approval may take just six hours.
  • Large Network of PSPs and Banks: PayKings works with more than 20 PSPs and banks. This variety helps the company deliver low rates and means that your high-risk business is more likely to qualify.
  • Integrations: The payment gateway from PayKings works with most POS systems, letting you continue using the one you are familiar with. Some of this integration comes from convenient plugins for the most popular e-commerce carts. Some of it is from the API for developers. Those integrations include the ability to export to QuickBooks or use QuickBooks SyncPay.
  • Security: To give you peace of mind, you get features like the 3D Secure Frictionless Checkout. PayKings also gives you MC SecureCode and Verified by Visa.
  • Reporting: High-risk merchant accounts get access to comprehensive reporting tools that you can use to gain insights. Moreover, you can customize the reports as well as use filters.
  • Customer Service: High-risk merchant accounts at PayKings get their dedicated account managers for a higher level of customer care.

PayKings Reputation and Reviews

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PayKings has a moderate reputation. Some reviews offer high praise, but there are also a fair number of negative reviews referring to them as a “scam” or unprofessional. That being said, favorable reviews say their services are easy and helpful.


PayKings offers all of the services that high-risk merchant accounts need, from high-risk credit card processing to ACH transfers. They also deliver versatility with mobile solutions and your choice of a gateway. Before signing a contract, remember to read some of the company’s negative reviews. That being said, there are also many favorable reviews, and you can get a quote from PayKings for free with no obligations.

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