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July 29, 2022

Payliance provides end-to-end solutions—from payment processing to verification to debt recovery. The company works with both low-risk and high-risk merchants. It has experience in industries such as lending, collections, e-commerce, and gaming. Furthermore, according to the company, it has worked with over 40,000 merchants and processed $9 billion annually.

The company’s main thrust is to help merchants recover revenues. It has a debt collection service that manages a merchant’s receivables. Payliance also has lending processing solutions and “buy now, pay later” schemes.


Payliance Merchant Services

Payment Processing

Payliance allows merchants to accept debit and credit card payments. Businesses—whether low-risk or high-risk—must be able to process card payments because this is the most convenient way for customers to pay. Payliance also offers automated clearing house and e-check processing solutions for merchants and lenders.


High-risk Merchants

The company can work with sports gambling and online gambling industries. Traditional payment processors don’t approve of these businesses because of the risks involved in processing payments for them. Payliance can create merchant accounts for them and help them accept all kinds of payments.


image of payliance lending

Payliance also works with lending companies. They can custom-fit payment methods according to the lenders’ needs. It also offers flexible loan repayment options either through ACH or card methods.

Virtual Terminal

The company can turn any device into a virtual terminal to process payments. This means that merchants can securely process payment wherever they may be. All they need to do is log in to the system so they can accept payments even in outdoor settings.


Payliance Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

Payliance does not publish its fees on the website. There is also no information about the company’s processing fees on other sites and forums.

Additional Fees

There is no information about Payliance’s additional fees.


Hidden Charges

There is no information if Payliance has hidden charges.

image of payliance no hidden fees

Payliance Complaints

Complaints about Payliance are focused on its debt collection services. Some accused the company of harassing borrowers. There are also reports of borrowers already paying off their debts but Payliance refuses to remove it from their credit reports.

The company is also subject to a lot of complaints about people getting charged for transactions they didn’t make. Merchants that signed up with Payliance also complained about having to pay a cancelation fee.

Rip Off Reports

Despite these complaints, there are no actual rip-off reports about Payliance,

Other Complaints

Other than the complaints listed above, there are no other complaints about Payliance.


Payliance BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredits businesses and gives ratings as high as A+ to as low as F. Payliance is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ rating.


image of payliance bbb rating

BBB Reviews

Despite the good rating, Payliance has a one-star customer review on the site based on 14 reviews. At least 25 complaints have been filed against the company in the last three years, with 11 of those complaints filed in the last year.

The company got one out of five stars based on 14 customer reviews. Most of the customers said they would give zero stars if they can. Many of the merchants called Payliance a scam because they have been charged with a collection they don’t know about. They said that it’s hard to reach Payliance, and that the company doesn’t call its clients back. One client warned others not to sign up with the company because it locks merchants up in a two-year contract and makes them pay for canceling.

The complaints, on the other hand, are based on Payliance’s non-issuance of receipts, the existence of an open balance, and the refusal of the company to remove paid debts from the merchant’s record. Some complained about returned checks and erroneous collection entries in their credit reports.

It’s important to note that Payliance has responded to each complaint to explain their side. The company also said it is ready to resolve the issues if the clients will reach out to it.


Is Payliance Legitimate?

Payliance is a legitimate company. However, there are also a lot of complaints about it. Merchants can visit its website without worrying because it has a perfect trust score of 100 on ScamAdviser.

It said that Payliance’s website has been registered for more than one year in advance. It is also very old compared to other sites. The negative highlights about Payliance’s website are the low Alexa rank and its hosting in a high-risk country.


image of payliance has no scam

Although there are some bad reviews about Payliance, there is no proof that it is a scam. Most of the complaints on the BBB website have been resolved already.


There are complaints about Payliance’s debt collection services. Despite these, there are no formal lawsuits filed against the company.


Payliance Reviews

Unlike other payment processing service providers, Payliance does not publish testimonials on its website. There are also no reviews to be found in online forums and review sites. The only reviews that can be found about Payliance are those on the BBB website. These are mostly negative reviews. In fact, the company got a one-star review for all 14 reviews on the website.

Most of the negative reviews said that the company deceived them. The merchants weren’t able to terminate the agreement unlike what Payliance promised them. The clients also complained about not being able to reach the company.

image of payliance customer reviews


Although Payliance is a legitimate company, the bad reviews and complaints about it are concerning. Merchants must proceed with caution if they want to check out the company’s services. Payliance has zero positive reviews on the BBB website. It may be a good idea to consider other companies for payment processing solutions.

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