Payment Processing Alliance Review

August 8, 2022

Payment Processing Alliance has been in business for over a decade. It is proud to offer merchant services that fit every need. It can even personalize solutions for the particular needs of its clients. The purpose of the company is to maximize cash flow and manage risks.

The company understands that industries have a varied merchant base, so they need different payment methods that best suit their markets. But it’s not only in providing payment solutions that Payment Processing Alliance has made a name for itself. The company has worked closely with agencies to innovate and modern

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ize its fraud detection features. It stays on top of the trends in payment solutions and fraud protection.


But more than anything else, Payment Processing Alliance promises to protect the relationships it forges with its clients. It provides quick and knowledgeable service to boost each client’s bottom line. The company also has a full suite of customer-focused services to offer high-quality outputs.

Payment Processing Alliance Merchant Services

Credit Card Payment Processing

Businesses will have a hard time competing in any industry if they do not have credit card payment processing capabilities. Payment Processing Alliance has partnered with acquiring banks and other third-party service providers to allow its clients to process all types of card payments.

High-risk Payment Processing

High-risk businesses cannot get approval from traditional banks. Payment Processing Alliance can provide the same services to low-, medium-, and high-risk merchants. This service allows businesses to expand their markets, boost their profits, and promote their products.

Check Processing

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Payment Processing Alliance also has an automated clearing house (ACH). Some customers prefer to pay using their checking and savings accounts rather than a credit card. Merchants must be able to accept this payment option. The ACH will automatically clear valid checks and credit the funds to the merchant account.

Consulting Services

Not all businesses know what they need. Payment Processing Alliance also provides consulting services to merchants that need guidance. The company can come up with different options for merchants. Since the company is an expert in this field, it can provide the best suggestions for any industry.


Check 21/Remote Deposit Capture

This gateway system will allow merchants to capture checks traditionally. The merchants will scan the checks and enter them into the system via laptops, desktop computers, or mobile devices. This means the merchants can offer more payment methods for their clients.

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Payment Processing Alliance Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

Payment Processing Alliance did not disclose details about its processing fees and pricing on the website. However, it said it would only hold funds for 14 days. After which, the merchants will receive weekly settlement payouts.

Additional Fees

Payment Processing Alliance did not reveal if it has any additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There is no information on whether Payment Processing Alliance has hidden charges.

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Payment Processing Alliance Complaints

There have been no complaints filed against Payment Processing Alliance.


Rip Off Reports

No one has called Payment Processing Alliance a rip-off.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints against Payment Processing Alliance.


Payment Processing Alliance BBB Rating

Although Payment Processing Alliance is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it has a rating of A+. This is the highest rating given by the bureau. The BBB said that Payment Processing Alliance has been in business for more than 12 years.

BBB Reviews

There are no customer reviews or complaints about Payment Processing Alliance on the BBB website.


Is Payment Processing Alliance Legitimate?

The Payment Processing Alliance is a legitimate company with an A+ rating on BBB. It has a Facebook account with more than 66 followers. However, the last post on that profile was in 2016. It also has accounts on business networking sites such as LinkedIn and Zoom.

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ScamAdviser gave Payment Processing Alliance’s website an average to good trust score of 100/100. It has no negative comments about the website, which means it is safe for consumers to access it. The positive highlights are:

  • The SSL certificate is valid.
  • The site offers legit adult content.
  • The domain name has been registered for more than a year.
  • The website has been around for a while.


There are no claims that Payment Processing Alliance is a scam.


There are no lawsuits filed against Payment Processing Alliance.


Payment Processing Alliance Customer Reviews

Payment Processing Alliance does not publish client testimonials on its website. It has a five-star rating on Facebook, but this is only based on two opinions. The merchants say that they recommend Payment Processing Alliance because the company is honest and trustworthy. Aside from this comment, there are no other details about the merchants’ experiences with the company.

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It is hard to recommend a business that doesn’t have much information or even reviews on the internet. Even after a thorough scan of online forums and review sites, no details about Payment Processing Alliance can be found. Despite this, it would be safe to browse its website and inquire about the company’s products and services. Prospective clients may also rely on BBB, which gave the business an A+ rating.

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