Payment Savvy Review – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

December 17, 2021

Payment Savvy offers a variety of payment processing services and account types, including high-risk merchant accounts. As this is just one of the many types of accounts that the payment processor serves, it offers a long list of services.


With Payment Savvy, you can open a high-risk merchant account that is specifically designed for startups, high chargeback rates, high traffic and large ticket sales, heavily regulated industries, and more. These accounts include fee-free processing, various payment methods, and next-day funding. The company also claims to have built the best high-risk payment gateway in the industry. The solutions for high-risk merchants let you accept ACH payments, credit cards, and debit cards. This includes all of the major credit cards. The ACH payments typically result in funding the next day.

Payment Savvy Services

As this payment processor specializes in working with companies in high-risk industries, the company offers a range of services to meet all of these clients’ needs.

All-in-done Solution :The “all-in-done” solution from Payment Savvy includes everything most businesses need for high-risk credit card processing. It also lets you accept debit cards and ACH payments. It essentially combines the other services, including the online payment gateway, integrated voice responses, pay by text, recurring billing, and web payments. This lets each high-risk merchant account use as many of the services that they need. We’ll get into the details of these features below. This system also includes additional features, such as powerful reporting, quick onboarding, reduced operational costs, and the ability to automatically send a custom email receipt.


Recurring Billing : High-risk credit card processing from Payment Savvy can include the advanced recurring billing platform. It is designed to securely improve your efficiency and deliver cost savings for monthly invoices and billing. The system also notifies customers about approaching card expiration and updates the billing data when necessary. This system also offers installment payments, giving your customers yet another way to pay. It can also send reminders for upcoming invoices.

Online Payment Gateway : The online payment gateway from Payment Savvy is perfect for e-commerce, and it integrates with both the website and your back-end software. It includes the option to accept ACH payments, debit card payments, credit card payments, and recurring payments.

Payment Savvy review

Pay by Text : One unique service that Payment Savvy offers is the ability to pay by text. This helps your business appeal to a wider range of customers via a secure and seamless payment method. Customers opt in to the program and choose how many text messages they want to receive. Their payment information gets securely stored in their online account, only accessible via a code. When an invoice is due, customers receive a text asking if they want to pay via text. To do so, they just enter the secure code, and the payment is automatically processed.

Web Payments : This web payment platform can work with your website’s shopping cart or an online payment form. It is versatile and can include a custom solution if you need one, potentially including recurring billing. The gateway lets you issue refunds as well as authorizes payments. It also gives your customers receipts with your custom branding, boosting your reputation and credibility.

Integrated Voice Response : The integrated voice response (IVR) system is another unique offering from Payment Savvy that is rare among other high-risk merchant accounts. This system lets customers pay by talking over the phone with an interactive system. It saves them the trouble of having to wait for a representative or call during your business hours. The solution is completely customized to your business.


Chargeback Prevention : Payment Savvy also offers chargeback protection, something that is especially important for high-risk merchants.

Convenience Fee Processing : Charging a convenience fee lets you offset the cost of payment processing fees by charging this to the customer. This is part of the fee-free processing program from Payment Savvy, which is legally compliant. You can choose whether or not to use this system.

Payment Savvy Rates

Like most payment processors, Payment Savvy doesn’t offer information about its rates on its website, as this depends on the customized solution that your business uses. However, the company prides itself on transparent and realistic pricing. It is also worth noting that there are no contract terms, and you will not have to pay any termination fees.

Payment Savvy services

High-risk Industries Payment Savvy Serves

The following list includes just some of the industries that Payment Savvy will open high-risk merchant accounts for. If your industry is not on the list, you can still contact them.

    • Auto financing
    • Collection agencies
    • E-commerce
    • Government
    • Non-profit
    • Healthcare
    • Law firm
    • MOTO (mail order/telephone order)
    • Property management
    • School
    • Travel agency
    • Utilities and energy
    • Startup

Other Notable Features on Payment Savvy

In addition to the Payment Savvy features already mentioned, there are some other notable features you may want to be aware of when considering this payment process.

30 Years of Experience : Payment Savvy has a combined 30 years of experience. This gives you peace of mind in all of its services.


Customization : Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to high-risk credit card processing, Payment Savvy customizes its solutions to meet each client’s needs. This means that your payment processing will be customized to your industry and the higher risk level associated with it. That customization is possible thanks to the company’s open API platform.

Great Customer Service : Payment Savvy prides itself on offering exceptional customer service. This includes ensuring that its payment processing services are operational at all times. The team also stays up to date on the latest industry developments. You can contact support via email or phone 24/7/365. That customer support includes providing how-to videos and manuals. The support team will also walk you through the process of setting up and using the various payment processing services.

No Contract :  The high-risk merchant accounts from Payment Savvy do not come with any contract terms nor any cancellation fees.

Real-time Reporting : You can access your account online, giving you access to real-time transactional reports that are customized for your business.

Security and Compliance : Payment Savvy guarantees to always use the foremost security in the marketplace, although there is no specific information on what those security measures are. You don’t have to worry about compliance either, as all of the payment processing services are compliant with both NACHA and PCI.

Begin Processing Within 48 Hours : The process of signing up for a high-risk merchant account with Payment Savvy and starting to accept payments can take just 48 hours.

Payment Savvy logoPayment Savvy Reputation and Reviews

While there are not many reviews and ratings for Payment Savvy online, they tend to be overwhelmingly positive. This includes great ratings for both the company’s customer service and its ease of use.


With Payment Savvy, high-risk merchants can accept credit and debit cards and ACH transfers. They offer an “all-in-done” system that includes all of the features you need. It can even include recurring billing and the ability to pay in installments. The company always protects your customer data with its high-risk credit card processing and remains legally compliant. You also get access to real-time reporting that you can access online from anywhere, letting you monitor transactions even if you aren’t in the store.

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