PaymentCloud Review – Everything You Need To Know

November 21, 2021

PaymentCloud is a high-risk credit card processing company that also processes ACH, e-checks, and more. The company accepts a long list of business types, including the high-risk merchants turned down by other processors.


Those with high-risk merchant accounts from PaymentCloud can accept e-checks, credit cards, ACH payments, and more. This applies to in-person payments with terminals from PaymentCloud, online payments, and even mobile payments on the go.

Explore some of the services that PaymentCloud offers tohigh-risk merchant accounts in more detail.

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  • Credit Card Processing

High-risk credit card processing is one of the important services from PaymentCloud. You get lightning-fast processing so that you can accept cards instantly. This includes support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Apple Pay.

  • ACH and E-check Processing

Merchants can use this service to accept ACH payments or e-checks as payments. They can also use the service for direct deposits, such as for paying employees.

  • Mobile Payment Processing

There is support for various methods of letting customers pay using their smartphones. These include Google Pay and Apple Wallet, QR codes, payment links, and pay by text.

Alternatively, you can opt for a mobile physical terminal. These terminals are lightweight, battery-operated, and highly portable.

  • Cryptocurrency Processing

With PaymentCloud, you can also accept cryptocurrency. This includes near-instant processing and stable conversions plus extra security.

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  • Virtual Terminals

These virtual terminals are all-in-one solutions. They let you process transactions and payments over the phone or by mail (MOTO) with ease. You can even process payments via email or fax. You can also use these to accept online orders and orders with invoice links.

The virtual terminals also let you send digital receipts. Moreover, they are a continuity measure, as they let you continue to operate your business even if a physical POS system goes down.

  • Physical Terminals

For those who need a physical terminal, you can choose from POS systems, EMV terminals, and mobile swipers. The available terminals include those with EMV functionality and NFC capabilities. This lets you accept a range of payment methods. There are also full-scale POS systems.

  • Mobile Payment Processing

High-risk merchant accounts can also turn their smartphones into POS systems with a card reader.

  • Paysley for Mobile Payments From Customers

In addition to using your mobile phone to accept payments, you can let customers use their phones to make payments. This is possible with PaymentCloud’s Paysley app. It lets you send invoices via email or text and instantly verify payments. You can also use it to run campaigns.

This system allows for contactless payments with on-the-spot verification. It is also customizable, letting you add your brand’s color and logos.

  • Recurring Billing

The various terminals and systems from PaymentCloud offer support for recurring billing.

  • Shopping Carts

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E-commerce websites will appreciate the ability to integrate a shopping cart from PaymentCloud. These are customizable and integrate with your existing system. They also have the latest security.

If you prefer, you can also integrate PaymentCloud with your current shopping cart using the APIs.

  • Loyalty Programs

The PaymentCloud systems for high-risk credit card processing also support loyalty programs.

  • Payment Gateway

High-risk merchant accounts from PaymentCloud also get access to the company’s supported gateways. These include Authorize.Net.

  • Chargeback Protection

PaymentCloud protects you against chargebacks thanks to its solution that detects them and automatically reimburses them.

  • Online Fraud Prevention

This service helps you prevent fraudulent activity from affecting your business online. Some fraud prevention features include 3D Secure from Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey, and JCB International J/Secure.

  • Business Funding

Companies that need some extra capital can also apply for business funding from PaymentCloud. The application is a single page, and you can get funding in just 24 hours with multiple offers and competitive interest rates. PaymentCloud has 35 years of funding experience and has helped more than 10,000 businesses with this service.

  • PaymentCloud Rates

You will have to contact PaymentCloud to get a quote that is specific to your business. This lets the company customize its solutions and pricing for the unique needs of high-risk merchant account.

There are no setup fees nor cancellation fees.

  • Free Rate Review

To give you an idea of your potential savings, PaymentCloud offers a free rate review. This process involves looking at your current statement for processing to highlight opportunities for savings.

High-Risk Industries PaymentCloud Serves

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PaymentCloud gladly serves merchants of all risk levels. This includes low-risk businesses like home goods, parking garages, and books. It also includes medium-risk businesses, such as:

  • Dropshipping
  • Web design
  • Property management
  • High-volume companies
  • SEO services
  • Document preparation
  • Accounting
  • E-commerce subscriptions

You can also take advantage of high-risk credit card processing for high-risk industries like:

  • Dating sites
  • Guns and firearms
  • Adult products
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Tech support
  • Credit repair
  • Cigarettes and tobacco
  • Accounting and tax prep
  • Tasers and stun guns
  • Jet charters

  • Continuity and subscriptions
  • Nonprofits
  • Bail bondsman
  • CBD
  • Smoking accessories
  • Web design services
  • SaaS companies
  • Property management
  • Hunting and outdoor equipment
  • Electronics

Other Notable Features on PaymentCloud

From integrations to other features, there are some other things about PaymentCloud that you should be aware of.

  • Merchant Integrations

PaymentCloud’s high-risk credit card processing can integrate with a long list of shopping carts, POS systems, and more. There are hundreds of possible integrations, including Ecwid, Zencart, WordPress, 3dcart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce, GitHub, Slack, Big Commerce, and Magento.

These various integrations include CRMs, accounting software, virtual software, and e-commerce software.

  • API Integrations

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There are also numerous API integrations to let you take advantage of the PaymentCloud solutions. These include integrations for Authorize.Net, USAePay, and NMI.

  • Quick and Easy Application

The application for high-risk merchant accounts from PaymentCloud was designed to be easy. Many customers can even complete it in just five minutes.

  • Fast Approval

The quick approval process lets you start accepting payments with high-risk merchant accounts quickly.

  • Same-day Setup

Once you are approved, you can take advantage of PaymentCloud’s same-day setup to start accepting payments fast. If you plan on using a terminal, you can receive it quickly with overnight shipping.

  • Quick Fund Availability

In most cases, you get access to the funds from high-risk credit card processing within 24 hours.

  • Security

To protect your data and that of your customers, PaymentCloud uses the latest security features. The high-risk credit card processing is also PCI-compliant and uses SSLs. Moreover, the data on the payment gateways goes through a minimum of five security layers.

  • Customer Support

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The customer support team from PaymentCloud is highly responsive. Additionally, the company lets you see how long of a wait there is and how many agents are online at any time at the top of their website.

PaymentCloud Reputation

Both those with high-risk merchant accounts and independent reviewers tend to praise PaymentCloud. Some highlights from reviews include excellent support, ease of access, and competitive pricing.


PaymentCloud is one of many options for high-risk credit card processing. But the company stands out from the crowd with its variety of solutions. It is one of the few payment processors that lets you accept payments via QR codes, text, and cryptocurrencies, in addition to credit and debit cards and ACH payments. The company also has a strong reputation and excellent customer support, making it worth your consideration.

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