PayMotile Review

June 16, 2022

PayMotile can pair any business with the right payment processing tools. The company doesn’t only provide credit card payment processing solutions, but it also offers automated clearing houses (ACH) and advanced POS systems. The former will allow merchants to receive and process bank transfers.

One of the company’s specializations is setting up high-risk merchant accounts. The company can work with various high-risk industries such as:

  • CBD
  • Online lenders
  • Nutraceutical
  • Firearms
  • Credit repair

  • Sports betting
  • Collection agencies
  • Travel
  • Adult entertainment
  • Tech support

PayMotile offers a wide range of business solutions. All these business solutions are designed to help in the inventory of goods and tracking of sales. The POS technology can also come up with a sales report.


PayMotile Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

It is clear to all businesses that they need credit card processing solutions. This will enable them to accept card payments in-store and online. PayMotile also provides mobile payment solutions, which means that merchants can accept credit card payments whenever and wherever they may be. They can accept payments even if they are in an outdoor sales setting. According to PayMotile, its processors are PCI DSS compliant.

High-risk Merchants

High-risk businesses have a hard time getting approved for merchant accounts by traditional banks. PayMotile can work with merchants in the high-risk industries of adult entertainment, credit collection, and cannabis, among others. The company can easily set up high-risk merchant accounts and enable these businesses to expand their operations.


POS Systems

Businesses need a POS system to manage the inventory and track sales records. PayMotile can work with restaurants, retailers, hotels, salons, and bars. The company provides the hardware and software for a seamless payment processing experience. If you don’t want the hardware provided by PayMotile, you can opt to subscribe to the POS software. This can turn any tablet into a POS system.


PayMotile can also process ACH payments. This is an alternative to credit cards and debit cards. Customers can transfer funds from their bank account to the merchant account. Merchants can do the same for their suppliers. ACH also supports recurring billing for subscription-based businesses.



PayMotile Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

PayMotile does not publish its fees and rates on the website. There is also no information about its fees on other sites. However, it did say on its frequently asked questions (FAQ) page that it charges integration and setup fees after the merchant has been approved.

Additional Fees

There is no information about PayMotile’s additional fees.

Hidden Charges

It doesn’t look like PayMotile has hidden charges.


PayMotile Complaints

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about PayMotile.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about PayMotile.


PayMotile BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredits and rates businesses located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Businesses can get a rating as high as A+ and as low as F. PayMotile is not listed on the BBB website. It has no accreditation and rating from the bureau.


BBB Reviews

Since PayMotile is not listed on the BBB website, there are also no listed customer reviews and complaints about the company.


Is PayMotile Legitimate?

PayMotile is a legitimate business based on its presence on online forums, social media platforms, and review sites. Its Facebook page was last updated in 2019, while on Reddit, its profile answered some questions from users. One comment about merchant payment processors was posted four years ago. This social media activity lends some legitimacy to PayMotile as a company.


There is no scam report about PayMotile. However, PayMotile has a very low trust score on ScamAdviser. The website said PayMotile’s site might be a scam. It asked users to be cautious when visiting the website. Although the website existed for “quite some years” and it has a valid SSL certificate, ScamAdviser flagged it for not having many visitors. It also said the website is actively preventing credit card chargebacks. There are also many low-rated websites on the same server.


There is also no information if PayMotile faced or is facing lawsuits.


PayMotile Reviews

The company has three customer testimonials on its website. There are no other reviews that can be found about the company on online forums and review sites. One client said that PayMotile provided them with three merchant accounts that enabled them to accept payments from the US and internationally.


Another client from the CBD industry said they have been with PayMotile for years. This was after PayPal had to shut down its merchant account. The client called the company’s staff “informative and professional.” They were able to deliver their promises. The last review said that PayMotile’s pricing was easy to understand. It also provided “excellent” service.



PayMotile provides payment processing solutions to regular and high-risk merchants. Those that are having a hard time getting approved for a merchant account can check out what PayMotile has to offer. Although it has a bad review on ScamAdviser, the company has enough presence on the internet to prove its legitimacy. It was even a client of a popular SEO company. The SEO agency wrote a case study for PayMotile in 2017.

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