Paypound Review

May 27, 2022

Paypound is an expert in high-risk payment solutions. It provides merchant accounts to standard- and high-risk businesses. The company can do so because it has partnerships with international-acquiring banks. The company has, so far, worked with:

  • Adult industry
  • Travel and tourism
  • Gaming industry

  • Foreign exchange
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cannabidiol

Paypound also has risk management and global acquiring services aside from payment method services. It can customize payment solutions despite the complexities of the payment processes available for high-risk industries. The company also helps in identifying the different types of operational risks. This helps ensure the privacy and security of information passed between the merchants and their customers.



Paypound Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Paypound specializes in setting up merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. It also provides card payment options for all types of industries. It is accredited by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners, and American Express. The company can provide these services to almost all e-commerce businesses with minimal documentation requirements.

High-risk Payment Processing

The company is an expert in providing payment processing for high-risk industries. It works with businesses involved in gambling, gaming, adult entertainment, and cannabis. These businesses usually have difficulty getting approved for merchant accounts by traditional banks. Paypound can ease the requirements for these industries.

Alternative Payment Methods

Businesses must be able to offer alternative payment methods aside from traditional cash and card. Paypound can help businesses avail of the following as long as they comply with regulations:

  • Smart cards
  • E-wallets
  • Gift cards
  • Electronic fund transfer

  • E-checks
  • Third-party payment solutions
  • Bank transfers

Risk Management

Paypound also has risk management features. These features will ensure the protection and security of financial information. Aside from complying with security regulations, the risk management features will also monitor sales and transactions and activate fraud protection. Paypound will also help merchants understand the various risks by providing training programs.


Paypound Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

Paypound does not publish its fees, rates, and pricing on the website. Even after a thorough search on the internet, there is no information about the company’s pricing scheme.

However, the company’s website said that fees are calculated based on the volume of transactions, ticket size, processing history, and geographical locations. Paypound does not charge a setup or application fee.

Additional Fees

Paypound charges a rolling reserve to protect the merchants and the banks from chargeback fees. The rolling reserve is a portion of the credit card volume processed. Usually, this is held back for 180 days. After that period, the money will be credited back to the merchant account.

Hidden Charges

Paypound claims that it has no hidden fees.


Paypound Complaints

There are no recorded complaints about Paypound.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about Paycron.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about Paycron.


Paypound BBB Rating

Paypound is not accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is an agency that assigns ratings between A+ and F to companies. Many merchants want to check the BBB website first before working with a payment processor. However, it should be noted that BBB is not the only association that accredits and rates payment processing companies.


BBB Reviews

Paypound is not listed on the BBB website. Therefore, it has no reviews and complaints on the website.


Is Paypound Legitimate?

Paypound seems legitimate if based only on its website not being a scam. ScamAdviser said users can browse the website securely because it has a good trust rating. The reasons for the positive rating are:

  • High traffic
  • Validity of SSL certificate
  • Several positive reviews about the site


Despite not having customer reviews and the website not being optimized for search engines, ScamAdviser tagged Paypound’s website as legit and safe to use. Moreover, there are also no complaints and negative reviews that can be found about the company.


There is at least one scam report against Paypound. A trader broker was apparently scammed using Paypound as the payment processor. There are no reports on the internet about the resolution of the complaint.


There are no class-action lawsuits against Paypound.


Paypound Customer Reviews

Unlike other payment processing service providers, Paypound does not publish client testimonials on its website. There are also no customer reviews on Google. Paypound does not have a Facebook page, so there are no Facebook recommendations about the company.

On Trustpilot, the company has 40 reviews with mostly positive comments. Out of the 40 reviews, 87% are excellent, and 10% are great. Only 3% are bad. Clients said that Paypound helped them a lot. They also raved about the team because they addressed the merchants’ issues.

The clients are happy with Paypound’s features. Its chargeback protection feature is a particular favorite. As many know, a chargeback is a pain to businesses because it eats away at their revenue. They commended the company for helping them grow their businesses since they used its services.



Paypound has a lot of positive reviews from clients. This company should be at the top of your list if you are looking for a payment processing service provider. The best way to know more about Paypound’s services is to reach out to the company directly.

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  1. nebil says:

    first of all please don’t trust any of the positive reviews here they all sound fake.
    company stole more than 10K EURO from me.
    first they told me that my payout is delayed than in few days they come with the suspicious payment story ( i have already seen that scenario here and i was expecting that). maybe later they come with the fake chargeback story or any other scenario.
    the company is totally fake they just use some Nigerians merchant accounts to take your money even their dashboard is a modified template from themeforest calls ” Gymove” it is supposed to be for a gym but they made some changes to it.
    I have contacted action fraud police in london today and it appears that they know about this self pay company and they are looking about them, so if anyone had been a victim of this company they should contact action fraud ( you can do it in their website if you are not in the United Kingdom).
    one other thing, they are not listed in the FSCS and that prove that they are fake.
    i am just writing this to inform you guys to stop working with that company as soon as possible and be careful with them.
    I am sure that they will reply this review to ask who i am, we are MEC FRANCE LIMITED, so now you should know who i am so please don’t come with any fake chargeback ,suspicious payment or fine scenario please.

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