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June 10, 2022

PayXpert is a merchant account and online payment solutions provider. It gives businesses the flexibility to accept different types of online payments, regardless of where they are. The company also helps merchants establish relationships with other banks to accept international currencies.

The merchant services from PayXpert have minimal risks. It provides a secure payment gateway and virtual terminal. These can be easily integrated into most shopping carts. The company also ensures merchant and client security through the following features: PCI Level 1 data transmission, address verification system, and card verification values. The more safety features the payment system has, the lower the merchants’ fees.

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Overview of High-risk Merchant Accounts and High-risk Credit Card Processing

The company does not call itself a high-risk payment processing provider. However, it mentioned providing merchant accounts and payment services to e-commerce, hotels, SaaS, entertainment, and mobile apps. These are considered high-risk industries.

PayXpert said it helps merchants establish relationships with international banks. This enables merchants to accept payments in different currencies. Currently, the company supports over 250 payment methods across 187 currencies and 200 countries. It expects to add more in the coming years.

The application process is easy because PayXpert has a “create an account” feature on its official website. Interested merchants should fill out the form and wait for an authorized representative from the company to reach out.


PayXpert Services

Here is an overview of the merchant account and payment processing services of PayXpert:

Credit Card Processing

Merchants can start accepting credit card payments from all over the world. The company is an accredited Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express partner.

Virtual Terminals

PayXpert provides the capacity for businesses to process non-cash transactions online. It gives the system that secures these types of transactions. Its payment systems can be integrated into existing shopping carts.


e-Wallet Services

The company also offers alternative payment methods, such as WeChat Pay and Ali Pay. It has an e-wallet service and an out payment card scheme. These services expand the payment offerings of PayXpert.


Prepaid Cards

Businesses raise their revenues and profits through prepaid cards. PayXpert can provide a prepaid card program for your business. These cards can be personalized with your company name. High-risk companies can utilize this option for secure and anonymous spending.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

PayXpert is not only an expert in online and card-not-present transactions. It also provides POS equipment and systems. So far, it offers terminals for kiosks, multimedia, mobile, and portable. You can choose among Castles MP200, Castles Saturn 1000, Castles Saturn 1000-E UPT, PAX A920, PayXpress mPOS, QPOS, and Sunmi K1, among others.

PayXpert serves restaurants, luxury stores, travel and hospitality, taxi and transport, retail, and vending machines through its POS equipment.

Chinese Payments

If you want to grow your business in the world’s largest marketplace, China, you also need PayXpert’s merchant and payment services. It has Chinese marketing services and payment schemes, such as Ali Pay and WeChat Pay. These will make any business stand out to Chinese consumers.

MOTO Payments

The company also has a Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) solution. Through call centers, merchants can efficiently handle their clients’ payments. This payment method is popular in the following businesses and industries: distance selling, phone consultation, taxis, and taxi centrals, airlines, money recovery, hospitality, car rentals, and booking agencies.


Pay by Link

PayXpert has a Pay By Link solution. Merchants can send payment links via email, SMS, instant messengers, chatbots, etc. You can get paid directly through this link, while clients will like the easy process.


PayXpert Rates

PayXpert did not publish its fees and pricing. Rates will vary depending on the industry and the credit history of the business owners. However, it should also be noted that clients gave a good rating for the company’s “value for money.”


High-risk Industries PayXpert Serves

PayXpert did not say if it serves high-risk industries. However, its website mentioned several times partnering with SaaS companies, mobile apps creators, hotels, e-commerce businesses, and e-ticket services. A review site also noted that PayXpert provides merchant services to subscription-based businesses. These are also considered high risk.


Other Notable Features of PayXpert’s High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Risk Management

PayXpert features Velocity Check. It is a tool that helps businesses filter suspicious behaviors. It also identifies fraud patterns to warn merchants. The company also boasts configurable fraud scoring rules according to your risk level. These features are designed to optimize conversions.

Data Management

PayXpert has an award-winning analytics module and dashboard. KPIs and metrics will give your business information on marketing strategies and product sales. You can apply this data to improve your business standing. On the dashboard, merchants can see risk management assessment, transaction activity, and sales volume.

Online Guides and Customer Service Support

PayXpert has online guides that merchants can access anytime. It also has customer service support that merchants can call to address issues. A fraud prevention department will likewise watch over the PayXpert network.

E-check Processing

Many clients still prefer e-checks over cash and other non-cash payments. PayXpert provides the system and software to process e-check transactions for all businesses. Like credit card payments, e-checks open the doors for more international customers.


PayXpert Reputation and Reviews

PayXpert received a 4.5 rating based on 11 reviews on Capterra. Merchants seem happy with its ease of use, customer service, and features. They also said they are likely to recommend the company to their peers. The merchants raved about the easy integration of the payment methods into their existing systems. They also said the prices are reasonable.


However, there is one negative review on Trustpilot. The merchant called PayXpert the “worst payment gateway. The merchant noted the flawed informatics backend system and the company’s failure to warn it of impending chargeback fees.



PayXpert is a company you can trust based on the features and reviews. It has honed its services, despite at least one naysayer saying otherwise. The company serves popular brands, such as Gucci, Lladro, Le Meridien, and Uber. It has several industry awards, including the POS Technology of the Year Award in 2021, Paytech Awards’ Best UX/CX in Payments Initiative, and Mejor Fintech 2021’s Premios Tecnologia Siglo XXI.

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