Pinpoint Payments Review

June 7, 2022

Pinpoint Payments enables payment processing for retail, e-commerce, and high-risk merchants. It customizes its merchant services to cater to each merchant’s specific business needs. These include merchant accounts, POS terminals and systems, advanced security features, and more. The company boasts impressive credentials and extensive industry experience.

Below is an in-depth review of Pinpoint Payments, its services, rates, and customer reviews.



High-risk merchants can benefit from Pinpoint Payments and its customized merchant accounts. The company considers your industry, business model, and payment needs when proposing its services. These include retail and e-commerce solutions for in-store, online, and mobile payment processing. They are also equipped with advanced security features to prevent fraud, which is a common threat for high-risk industries. Furthermore, merchants can expect tools for chargeback management, another common pain point.


The company promises transparent pricing and no hidden fees. You can also avail of a cash discount program for further savings.

Interested merchants can apply through the online application form or by calling the company. Once approved, you will also have access to top-quality merchant support.


Pinpoint Payments Services

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by Pinpoint Payments.

Merchant Accounts

High-risk businesses start by applying for a merchant account with Pinpoint Payments. Once approved, it will give you access to the company’s payment processing services. Your merchant account will be customized based on your industry, processing volumes, and other business needs. It also comes with POS systems and solutions suitable for your business model.

Payment Processing

With Pinpoint Payments, merchants can process credit card payments and e-checks. This applies to various business settings like retail, mobile, or online.

POS Systems for Omni-Channel Processing

For retail merchants, the company provides solutions for your physical store to accept transactions. These include an all-in-one POS system and high-tech terminals. Merchants can also honor contactless payments via touch-free terminals. The company’s retail POS solutions include enhanced features to manage inventory, employees, loyalty and rewards programs, and more. They also come with a free online website.


If your business is on the go, you can opt to accept payments via mobile device or wireless tablet. The company also provides card swipers.

For e-commerce merchants, solutions include a virtual payment gateway and terminal, checkout payment pages, and shopping cart integrations. Similarly, merchants with phone and mail orders can process payments via the virtual terminal.

Fraud Prevention

Merchants can expect built-in security features to prevent fraudulent transactions. Among these are end-to-end encryption, 3D security, real-time fraud notifications, and more. Merchants will also have access to a PCI-compliant credit card vault to store and protect cardholder data.


Chargeback Management

Pinpoint Payments helps merchants manage chargeback disputes. For one, you will receive chargeback alerts, which are integrated with Verifi CDRN and Ethoca. The company prompts you to resolve cases before incurring any fees.

Chargeback representment is another solution. It allows you to track, review, and recover your revenue from chargeback disputes.

Moreover, merchants will have access to advanced analytics and reports. They provide insights into your chargeback history and how to prevent them.



Pinpoint Payments Rates

Pinpoint Payments does not provide its rates and fees online, although it promises transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

The company also offers a cash discount program, which allows merchants to save on transaction costs. You either pass on your fees to your customers or encourage them to pay in cash to avoid such fees. Either way, the goal is to improve your revenue.


High-Risk Industries Pinpoint Payments Serves

Below is a list of businesses and high-risk industries served by Pinpoint Payments.

  • CBD
  • E-Commerce
  • Firearms
  • Hosting Providers
  • Jewelry
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Startups
  • Vape


Other Notable Features of Pinpoint Payments

Batch Processing

Apart from instantaneous payment processing, merchants can opt for batch processing. It allows you to upload and process multiple transactions at once.

Recurring Billing

Merchants with subscription-based services can set up recurring billing schemes for their customers. This helps you schedule payments and automatically collect them on time.

Electronic Invoicing

Once payments are processed, merchants have the option to send electronic invoices via email or text.


Pinpoint Payments provides advanced reporting capabilities for merchants. You can view past or real-time transactions, customer data, and more.

QuickBooks Integration

The company also provides a QuickBooks plug-in for merchants. Apart from simple payment processing, QuickBooks gives you more robust accounting capabilities.


Pinpoint Payments Reputation and Reviews

Pinpoint Payments has close to 10 years of experience in merchant services. It was established in 2013 by Benjamin Grossman. Although a relatively small company, it has a strong industry presence. It was accredited by the BBB in 2020 and received an A+ rating. It was also included in the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies from 2018 to 2021.

Other credentials include memberships in the National Hemp Association (NHA) and the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). The company was also featured in PR and news articles from reputable publications like Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, AP, Cision PR Newswire,, and more.

Among customers, Pinpoint Payments has a generally favorable reputation. It has a 4.6-star rating based on 28 Trustpilot reviews. Furthermore, all its 12 Google reviews gave it a 5-star rating. Merchants praise the company for its easy onboarding process, low rates, and fast funding. Many claims to have experienced savings thanks to the company’s services. They also have high regard for their knowledgeable and competent team, especially when dealing with high-risk industries.


Out of all its customer reviews, there are only two complaints against the company. One was submitted to the BBB and was categorized under products and services. The other was about rude customer service. The merchant inquired about the company and declined the offer. He then experienced what he called harassment from the company’s agent. Other than these complaints, the company has a nearly spotless track record. You can also find testimonials from satisfied merchants on its website.



Pinpoint Payments offers payment processing solutions for retail, e-commerce, mobile, and MOTO merchants. Whether you belong to a high-risk industry or not, the company is open to working with you. It provides fraud and chargeback prevention tools to assure you of secure payments. Furthermore, the company has a cash discount program to help you save on costs.

Customer reviews for the company are stellar with most of them being 5-star ratings. They testify to the company’s knowledge, competence, and honesty. Furthermore, there seem to be no complaints about hidden fees or deceptive contracts.

All that said, Pinpoint Payments is worth considering. As advised with any merchant service provider, make sure to discuss this in detail during your consultation.

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