Planetauthorize Review

July 16, 2022

Planetauthorize is a payment processing provider for online, retail, mobile, and MOTO businesses. Its vast assortment of solutions includes merchant accounts and payment systems that cater to all types of payment methods.

The company aims to provide a seamless customer experience by addressing all aspects of the merchant’s payment process. Its services are available to merchants around the world, such as:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Argentina
  • Columbia
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

  • China
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • All countries part of the European Union
  • And many more

Learn more about Planetauthorize through the detailed review below.

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Overview of High-Risk Merchant Accounts and High-Risk Credit Card Processing

Planetauthorize supports high-risk merchants in the online, retail, mobile, and MOTO spaces. First off, the company provides merchant accounts for processing credit card and check payments.

To further enhance this service, it has a vast assortment of payment solutions for specific business models and needs. The company can also customize services and pricing schemes to suit your business needs.

Below is a summary of its merchant account services for high-risk businesses.

  • Payment systems (i.e. payment gateway and virtual terminal) for retail, online, mobile, and MOTO business models
  • High-risk merchant accounts for credit card payment processing
  • eCheck payment processing

Interested merchants can apply through different mediums available on its website.

  • Pre-sales inquiry form
  • Pricing request form
  • Via toll-free phone number
  • Via the help desk website


Services Offered by Planetauthorize

Below is a comprehensive list of services offered by Planetauthorize.

eCommerce Payments

The majority of the company’s clients are online businesses. Planetauthorize helps online business owners create a hassle-free customer checkout experience through the following payment solutions.

  • Set up a payment gateway and merchant account on the business’ existing eCommerce website
  • Credit card payment processing
  • eCheck payment processing
  • Accept payments in over 85 currencies

  • Setup of a recurring billing system
  • Security measures throughout the payment process
  • Shopping cart integrations like QuickClick™ and eSignPay™
  • CRM integrations like SalesForce and vtigerCRM, help merchants create better relationships with employees and customers

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Retail Payments

Planetauthorize also works with retail establishments. It carries a range of POS terminals for in-store payment processing.

  • Lightspeed
  • Retail SwIPe™
  • Planetauthorize™
  • J3 Point of Sale

Depending on your unique business needs, the company will recommend a suitable terminal for you. Features include payment processing, card swipe transactions, EMV card readers, and sales reports. Most terminals also come with a free mobile app for merchants to access anytime. Merchants can also manage sales, refunds, cash flow, and inventory.

In addition to terminals, Planetauthorize gives merchants an option to customize their own payment system. Merchants can send their requirements, which the company’s sales manager Partner will consider during development. This includes websites, mobile applications, and open-source applications.

Mobile Payments

The company developed an exclusive Mobileauthorize™ application for mobile payments. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Through this system, merchants can process credit cards and check payments for on-the-go customers. All they need is a cellular or WiFi connection.

Mail Order or Telephone Order Payments

Planetauthorize can also help merchants with mail and telephone orders. It provides them with a virtual terminal to encode, accept, and process payments. This payment system also has a feature for batch uploading. Merchants can submit multiple transactions for one-time processing. They are also assured of payer authentication features like Verified by Visa® and MasterCard SecureCode™.

Restaurant Pro Express

Similar to retail merchants, the company also has a POS system specifically for restaurant merchants. Its Restaurant Pro Express terminal accepts swipe and key-in transactions at point-of-sale.

Merchants will also have access to integrated tools to oversee delivery and drive-thru orders, ingredient inventory, customer loyalty programs, and employee time tracking. The POS system also comes with comprehensive reports.

Multi-Currency Payments

Planetauthorize’s payment systems are capable of accepting over 100 currencies. This is beneficial for customers with international customers. It does this by setting up multiple international merchant accounts, which are integrated into one payment gateway.

Depending on the customer’s currency, payments will go through over 42 payment processor networks. The complete list of currencies is available on the company’s website.


Merchants have options on how to integrate their payment solutions into their business models, such as:

  • Using a certified shopping cart provided by Planetauthorize
  • Using buy now buttons on their checkout page
  • Integrating through APIs

Planetauthorize’s payment systems are compatible with over 100 shopping carts. The full list is available on the company’s website. With this service, merchants can easily incorporate payment solutions into their existing eCommerce platforms. This also includes access to shopping cart features for a more enhanced customer experience.

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Security Features

The company has built-in security features throughout its payment systems. This assures merchants of safe and reliable transactions with their customers. The security features include:

  • Payer authentication

Merchants can include a payer authentication service to avoid fraudulent purchases and fake buyers. Verified by Visa® and MasterCard SecureCode™ are the available options.

  • Merchant Defender™

Merchant Defender™ is a protective measure for both customers and merchants. It encrypts and removes all customer card details from the merchant’s system during transactions. This applies to any payment method. That way, you eliminate the chances of leaked or stolen data.

  • iSpyFraud

iSpyFraud™ is a fraud detection tool developed by Planetauthorize. It is equipped with preset parameters to spot suspicious customers and transactions. Merchants can also customize their thresholds to further prevent fraud. This includes banning users and setting limitations. In addition, you can put potential fraudulent transactions on hold, as well as view past transactions.

Advanced Reporting Tools

The company’s payment systems come with advanced reporting tools for merchants. They can view real-time transactions, payment history, and other reports.


Rates of Planetauthorize

Planetauthorize is one of the few providers that publishes its rates online. Below is a summary of its service and interchange fees. For a more detailed list, you can visit the company’s website.

Merchant Account Interchange Rates

  • U.S. merchants: 0.20% interchange rate, plus $.20 fee per transaction
  • Canada merchants: Starts at a 2.65% interchange rate, with no transaction fees
  • High-risk merchants: Starts at 5.95% interchange rate, plus $0.35 fee per transaction
  • Customized rates for merchants from international territories

Free / No-Cost Services

  • Payment gateway setup
  • Virtual terminal setup
  • Retail terminals (RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™)
  • Mobileauthorize™ application (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Mobile customer bill payment
  • Recurring billing
  • Advanced reporting tools

  • Load balance (ATRI™)
  • Shopping carts
  • Shopping cart features (QuickClick™, merchant control panel, online help desk, eSignPay™)
  • Multi-currency support
  • Integration tools (Openbravo, WHMCS, AWBS)
  • Security tools (Merchant Defender™)

Basic Services

image of rates

  • Payment gateway: $15 per month
  • Payment gateway and mobile processing: $20 per month
  • Payment gateway transaction fee: Free for the first 250 monthly transactions, with $0.10 for succeeding transactions
  • iSpyFraud™ for high-risk merchants: Free setup; $10 fixed monthly fee and $.10 transaction fee

Additional Services

  • Electronic checks: $95 setup fee; $15 fixed monthly fee and $.50 transaction fee
  • e-Invoice manager: Free setup; $10 fixed monthly fee and $.10 transaction fee
  • Customer Vault™: Free setup; $10 fixed monthly fee and $.10 transaction fee
  • SyncPay™ for QuickBooks™: $9.95 fixed monthly fee

  • CertifyPCI™: Free setup; $150 fixed yearly fee and $60 fixed yearly insurance
  • Payer authentication: Free setup; $10 fixed monthly fee and $.10 transaction fee
  • Data decryption: Free setup; $10 fixed monthly fee and $.10 transaction fee

High-Risk Industries Served By Planetauthorize

As listed on its website, below is a list of high-risk industries supported by Planetauthorize.

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Credit Repair
  • Collection Agencies
  • Cigars & Pipe Tobacco Online
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • E-Books & Software
  • Firearms – Online
  • High Ticket Businesses
  • High Volume Businesses
  • MLM & Bizops
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Health / Nutraceuticals

  • Penny Auctions
  • Ticket Brokers – Online Tickets
  • Travel & Timeshare
  • Online Pharmaceuticals (must be registered)
  • Replica Products
  • Gaming
  • Forex
  • Bitcoin
  • Online Dating
  • Online Tobacco / Cigarette
  • Remote Technical Support Companies (excluding companies based in India)
  • And many more

Reputation and Reviews of Planetauthorize

The Planetauthorize website does not contain merchant testimonials or reviews. It is also not widely reviewed by independent websites. For more information on their current merchants, you will need to directly contact the company.



As proven by its various payment solutions, Planetauthorize is a technology-driven company. It works with different companies to provide merchants with end-to-end payment services. Moreover, it is proactive in creating its own applications to further enhance the merchant’s payment process.

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