Premier One Payments Review

December 17, 2021

Premier One Payments focuses its services on high-risk merchant accounts. The company offers high-risk credit card processing and other payment methods, along with a fast approval process.


The high-risk credit card processing and other services from Premier One Payments are open to high-risk merchants and those with high volumes. The company prides itself on approving accounts for businesses that traditional processing options would not approve. There are no volume caps for high-risk merchant accounts. Additionally, Premier One Payments supports both offshore and domestic merchant accounts. They also pride themselves on serving as consultants to help you find the right solution for your company.

Premier One Payments Services

Explore some of the services high-risk merchant accounts can take advantage of with Premier One Payments.

Merchant Accounts: The high-risk merchant accounts from Premier One Payments give clients access to credit card processing. This includes the ability to accept Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. You can accept them online, in person, or over the phone. Merchants also get secure software and hardware necessary for payment processing. Premier One Payments is a full-service payment processor, so they handle everything in-house.


Credit Card Processing: By offering high-risk credit card processing, Premier One Payments lets merchants accept a wider range of payment methods. This encourages more purchases from customers, boosting your bottom line and sales volume.

Check and E-check Processing: Because check processing is still popular among certain demographics and in certain industries, Premier One Payments also offers check processing. This extends to e-checks, ACHs, and checks by phone. You can even quickly process checks by converting them to ACH transactions. Checks are processed via the Web Application Infrastructure from the U.S. Treasury, meaning that the processing will only be a handful of days. It also automatically generated deposit slips upon completion. E-check processing is growing in popularity but is still less common than credit cards. Offering it to your customers further expands your reach and their level of convenience. With e-check processing, you receive the funds within one or two business days. Checks and e-checks are also popular, thanks to their lower processing fees compared to paying with credit cards.

Mobile Payments: Using Premier One Payments also lets you accept mobile payments, adding a significant amount of versatility to your company. For example, you can accept Apple Pay.

Online Payments: Given the popularity of e-commerce, high-risk merchant accounts from Premier One Payments let you accept online payments.

Recurring Billing: You can easily set up recurring billing with Premier One Payments, saving you time and increasing your chances of getting paid.

Terminals: The terminals that Premier One Payments offers clients are beyond secure, giving you peace of mind. You can choose from a stationary machine for high-risk credit card processing, a wireless machine, a smartphone-connected credit card reader, and a virtual terminal. The virtual terminal doesn’t require you to have a credit card present so that you can use it for phone or online transactions.


Load-balancing Gateways: For your convenience, Premier One Payments offers load-balancing gateways.

Multiple MIDS: You don’t have to worry if your business has multiple MIDS as high-risk merchant accounts support this.

Chargeback Protection: Chargeback protection is especially important for high-risk merchant accounts, as high chargeback rates are part of the reason that some industries are considered high-risk. Premier One Payments offers chargeback programs to minimize your risk of chargebacks. This helps reduce your chargeback ratio, so your company looks good in the eyes of lenders and banks. It also improves your profits. The chargeback defense service includes productivity tools, daily monitoring, and even reversal management. Premier One Payments offers personalized solutions to meet your specific needs. This lets you choose whether you want both prevention and protection or just one of those.

Premier One Payments Rates

There are no setup fees from Premier One Payments. While the company doesn’t list its rates on its website, it does advertise “industry minimum pricing.” You can also get a free cost comparison to see whether it would make sense to switch to Premier One Payments.

Premier Payments services

High-risk Industries Premier One Payments Serves

As mentioned, Premier One Payments works with high-risk merchants from a range of industries, whether they are domestic or offshore, as well as high-volume merchants. They even work with merchants with bad credit. The company serves the following industries, among others:

  • Credit repair
  • Collection agencies
  • Student loan document preparation
  • Student loan consolidation
  • Payday loans
  • Loan modification
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Vapes
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Tech support
  • Background checks
  • Auto warranties
  • Online firearms sales
  • Pawnshops
  • Dietary supplements
  • Web design and SEO
  • Crowdfunding
  • CBD oil
  • Fantasy sports
  • Online gaming
  • Health and beauty
  • Online dating
  • Adult businesses
  • Business consulting
  • Online shopping
  • Memberships
  • Travel agencies

Premier Payment logoOther Notable Features on Premier One Payments

You will also want to be aware of a few stand-out features that Premier One Payments gives to high-risk merchant accounts.


48-Hour Approval and High Approval Rate: When you apply for an account with Premier One Payments, you will be approved within 48 hours. They approve 97.8 percent of applications for high-risk merchant accounts.

28 Years of Experience: Working with Premier One Payments gives you access to the team’s 28 years of experience offering merchant services. Having this level of experience means that the company understands the services that high-risk merchant accounts need and how best to deliver them. It also gave them plenty of time to build relationships with various banks and financial institutions.

Customer Support: Clients can contact Premier One Payments via email or phone. They can even schedule in-person appointments, something that is rare among competitors.

Premier One Payments Reputation and Reviews

In September 2016, Premier One Payments won the title of Best Processor Winner from Top Credit Card Card Payment Options also gave the company an “A” rating for costs and contracts, sales and marketing, complaints and service, and rates and fees. They also highlight that Premier One Payments doesn’t have any outstanding red flags or complaints. This gives you peace of mind that there won’t be unrealistic guarantees or misleading quotes. Overall, the other reviews and ratings for Premier One Payments also tend to be positive as well.


Premier One Payments offers high-risk merchant accounts to those in high-risk industries, with bad credit, or high volumes. They accept clients with domestic or offshore businesses. You can expect a complete solution, including processing for credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, paper checks, ACH, and more. There are also extensive chargeback protection features to choose from. Just remember that, as with most companies in the industry, you have to contact Premier One Payments for a quote. However, doing so is free.

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