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May 29, 2022

PSBill is short for Payment Solutions and Billing Services. As its name suggests, the company provides payment processing services for online and mobile merchants. It offers credit card and ACH processing, high-risk and eCommerce solutions, and more. The company guarantees a fast approval process and the lowest possible rates for merchants.

Learn more about PSBill’s services and rates through this in-depth review.



PSBill caters to all types of businesses. These include high-risk industries and those with bad credit standings. The company offers them specialized solutions for secure payment processing. Apart from accepting eCommerce and mobile payments, it also offers a proprietary FraudWatch software to reduce fraudulent transactions.


Interested merchants can apply for PSBill’s high-risk merchant services through the website. The application is free and non-obligatory. The company promises a fast approval and onboarding process within 48 hours.


Services Offered by PSBill

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by PSBill.

Merchant Accounts

PSBill makes it easy to apply for a merchant account through its website. The company guarantees a fast turnaround time for approval and onboarding. Within 48 hours, you will be able to start processing payments.

Credit Card and ACH Processing

With a merchant account from PSBill, merchants can process multiple forms of payment. These include credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Apart from major brands, the company also supports regional credit card brands from other countries. This means that merchants can process payments in multiple currencies.

E-checks are also accepted through the ACH network. This type of bank-to-bank transaction ensures faster check clearance and fund transfers.

Omni-channel Processing

PSBill’s payment processing services apply to eCommerce, internet, mail, phone, mobile, and in-person transactions.


For on-the-go payments, PSBill provides a mobile payment gateway. The app is available in the GooglePlay store and the iTunes App Store. It integrates with iPhones, iPads, and Android phones, which allows merchants to easily accept payments through their smartphones. These include key-in or swipe transactions. Merchants can also issue full or partial refunds through the mobile app. The company guarantees lower rates than those of popular gateways like PayPal, Square, and Intuit.

eCommerce Solutions

PSBill’s payment solutions are compatible with all shopping carts. This is helpful for merchants with an existing website or eCommerce platform.


If you do not have an operating website, merchants can accept payments through a virtual terminal. So long as you have an internet connection, you can encode and process transactions from online, phone, and mail customers. The terminal can also be connected to the smartphone app for on-the-go transactions.

Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

PSBill provides a wide range of features for secure payment processing. It has a proprietary FraudWatch service, which makes use of a robust fraud control system. It includes a variety of security features like 3D security, addresses verification, CVV2 and CVC2 card security codes, fraud and chargeback metrics, transaction attempt limits, and more. Merchants can also blacklist credit cards and IP addresses with a history of fraudulent activities.

Moreover, PSBill has a dedicated team of specialists who focus on monitoring suspicious transactions. Merchants will also have access to a database of known fraudsters.


Rates of PSBill

PSBill is one of the only payment providers that discusses its pricing online. While it does not give its exact rates, it provides an estimated range. These are just some of the sample rates mentioned on its website.

  • Retail swipe transactions: 1.59%
  • Retail keyed-in transactions 1.79% to 2.25%
  • MOTO transactions: 2.19% to 2.99%

  • eCommerce transactions (non-high-risk): 2.29% to 2.99%
  • eCommerce transactions (high-risk): 2.39% to 3.99%
  • Offshore merchant accounts: 4.99% to 9.50%

For mobile transactions, the company shares the following rates:

  • Mobile swipe transactions: Starts at 1.79%
  • Mobile keyed-in transactions: Starts at 2.39%

All that said, PSBill notes that rates will ultimately depend on your risk profile and transaction volume. Merchants may benefit from even cheaper rates than those listed above. Whatever the case may be, the company guarantees the lowest possible pricing and no hidden charges.

Interested merchants can get an exact quote upon applying. In most cases, you will not be subject to early termination fees or annual fees.


High-risk Industries Served by PSBill

  • Adult payment services
  • Bad credit merchants
  • Collection agencies
  • eCommerce/internet companies
  • Escort billing tools
  • Credit repair firms
  • Head shops and vape retail
  • Herbal/botanical companies
  • Herbal vitamins and supplements resellers

  • High-volume merchants
  • Multi-level marketing companies
  • Offshore merchants
  • Rentals/classified ads/timeshare doc prep
  • SEO marketing firms
  • Startup businesses
  • Student loan businesses
  • Inbound and outbound telemarketing firms
  • Travel agencies
  • Virus removal and PC repair companies

For industries not included in the list above, you may directly contact the company hotline or apply online to discuss your business needs and eligibility.


Other Notable Features of PSBill’s High-risk Merchant Accounts

Customer Support

PSBill’s merchants will benefit from the company’s call center agents. They are professionals who are trained to address any concerns you may have about your services.


One-time and Recurring Payments

With PSBill, merchants can process one-time and recurring payments.

Virtual Terminal

PSBill’s virtual terminal includes numerous features for easy processing. These include detailed reports, electronic invoicing, SSL encryption, and more.


Reputation and Reviews of PSBill

PSBill has close to two decades of experience in merchant services. It was established in 2004. According to, it has a 90% client retention rate. The company caters to businesses in the US and the European Union.

Although PSBill has been around for years, it still only has a limited online presence. Apart from a few PR articles and business websites, we have not found any customer reviews for the company. However, this does not automatically indicate a lack of experience or competence. ScamAdviser gave it a trust score of 100, which is evidence of the company’s legitimacy. Furthermore, Zoominfo estimates its revenue at over $800 million.

To get a better picture of PSBill’s reputation, it is advisable to discuss this directly with the company. Use the opportunity to raise any concerns or ask about past merchant experiences.



PSBill offers a wide variety of merchant services for all types of businesses. These include eCommerce, retail, mobile, and MOTO merchants. Apart from payment processing, a notable service of the company is its FraudWatch system. It protects against fraud and chargeback through a range of security features. This service makes it a worthy option for high-risk merchants.

While PSBill does not have any customer reviews, its experience in merchant services spans nearly two decades. This proves its credibility and knowledge. To address any concerns you may have, we suggest contacting the company before making a decision.

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