QuadraPay – A Complete Company Review

April 27, 2022

QuadraPay provides payment processing solutions to businesses from various industries. The company is currently based in India and serves merchants from over 100 countries. Below is an overview of merchant services offered by QuadraPay:

  • Merchant accounts, including high-risk and offshore accounts
  • Payment gateway and virtual terminal
  • Omni-channel payment processing of credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and e-checks
  • Multi-currency payment processing
  • Chargeback and fraud prevention
  • Business funding

QuadraPay Merchant Services

  • Merchant Accounts –

QuadraPay helps businesses secure merchant accounts. This includes low-risk, high-risk, and offshore merchant accounts. The company will conduct a detailed analysis before proposing suitable merchant services.

For high-risk merchant accounts, QuadraPay works with over five merchant account providers. These partnerships assure merchants of competitive rates, flexible solutions, and secure payment processing.

QuadraPay merchant accounts


For offshore merchant accounts, QuadraPay guides merchants through the complex process. It advises them on the regulatory requirements and documents needed by international territories. Once the merchant account is set up, businesses can process multi-currency transactions.

  • Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal –

QuadraPay also provides merchants with the payment systems to process payments. These include payment gateways and virtual terminals. These solutions also allow merchants to view real-time transaction details and generate reports. QuadraPay also offers physical terminals for merchants with retail establishments.

  • Omnichannel Payment Processing –

QuadraPay’s merchant accounts and payment systems give way to omnichannel payment processing. It applies to merchants with online, in-store, phone, or mail transactions. They can process traditional forms of payment like credit cards and debit cards.

E-check payments are accepted as well. QuadraPay works with four e-check processing providers. Some merchants may benefit from same-day funding. High-volume merchants can expect funds within 72 hours. Another benefit is the 60-day dispute window. It is shorter than the typical 180-day window for card transactions.

Other acceptable alternative payment forms are prepaid cards, e-wallet payments, and cryptocurrency. Merchants can attract customers with these payment preferences. Overall, QuadraPay enables merchants to accept over 100 payment methods.

  • E-commerce Integrations –

QuadraPay will help e-commerce merchants integrate the payment gateway into their existing website. Set up can also happen through an API integration guide.

  • Chargeback Prevent and Fraud Protection –

QuadraPay’s payment systems have fraud detection tools to secure payments. Another service is chargeback alerts. Merchants receive notifications of chargeback or fraudulent activities. That way, they can settle disputes before incurring any fees or revenue losses. The company will charge a certain fee per alert.

Quadralo chargeback prevent and fraud protection

QuadraPay Fees, Rates, and Pricing

  • Processing Fees –

QuadraPay does not disclose its processing fees online. It customizes its pricing scheme per merchant. It is based on business requirements, industry, and risk profile among other considerations. The company guarantees competitive rates through its partnerships with banks and payment providers. As seen on its website, it also encourages merchants to negotiate for better fees if needed.

  • Additional Fees –

QuadraPay offers free merchant account setup. Other than that, it does not disclose other fees like gateway fees, early termination, and monthly fees.

  • Hidden Charges –

QuadraPay claims to offer transparent pricing to merchants. It’s safe to assume that the company does not charge hidden fees.

QuadraPay Complaints

QuadraPay only has a few reviews, none of which seem to be complaints from existing merchants. However, there are two reviews that may be worth noting. Below is a summary of the issues encountered.

  • Rip Off Reports

There seem to be no rip-off reports about the company.

  • Other Complaints

The two complaints do not seem to come from QuadraPay’s existing merchants. One review said the company’s merchant services seemed ‘hard to believe.’ He goes on to mention that other payment processors may be better. The second complaint claimed that the company asked him to submit a review even if he was not an existing merchant.


    QuadraPay BBB Rating

    QuadraPay is not an accredited company by the BBB.

    BBB Reviews

    The company does not have any BBB reviews either.

    Is QuadraPay Legitimate?

    QuadraPay is a legitimate company based in India. It was established in 2016 by founder and CEO, Bankim Chandra. Although it is a relatively new company, its website shows notable credentials. For one, it claims to have worked with over 4,000 companies from over 100 countries.

    These include India, the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and more. Additionally, it takes pride in its partnerships with over 50 global banks. The website also details the history and growth of the company since 2016.

    Outside its website, QuadraPay appears in a few PR articles related to the CBD industry. One article also promotes its partnership with Triple A, a cryptocurrency payment gateway.

    • Scams – QuadraPay does not seem to be involved in any scams. Additionally, the website gave it a trust score of 100/100 based on its internal algorithm.
    • Lawsuits – Similarly, there don’t seem to be any public lawsuits against the company.

    QuadraPay customer reviews

    QuadraPay Customer Reviews

    QuadraPay’s website includes positive testimonials from its merchants. Most praise the company for its cost-effective solutions and fast processing time. Others show appreciation for the company’s customer support. They highlight the company’s proactive approach to improving their clients’ profitability.

    Other than its website, QuadraPay does not seem to have many reviews. It has five Google reviews with an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars. One called the company the best merchant account provider. The others did not give details on their experience.


    Overall, QuadraPay seems to be a promising addition to the merchant services industry. Its payment solutions cater to various channels, payment forms, and international territories. A notable service is its payment processing for alternative methods. Its client base of 4,000 global merchants seems to testify to its fast-growing business.

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