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July 29, 2022

QuickCard offers payment services for eCommerce and retail merchants. These include payment processing, instant funding, cash flow management, and more. Security is its unique selling point as its services are supported by blockchain technology. The company also offers shipping services for a more seamless business model for merchants.

To learn more about QuickCard, below is a rundown of its services, rates, and customer reviews.


Overview of High-risk Merchant Accounts and High-risk Credit Card Processing

QuickCard offers merchant accounts and services for eCommerce, mobile, and retail businesses. While it does not claim to specialize in high-risk industries, its services support high-risk payment processing. These include fraud prevention, chargeback management, and other blockchain-based payment services.


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Services Offered by QuickCard

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by QuickCard.

Merchant Accounts

QuickCard helps businesses secure a bank-sponsored merchant account to process payments. With this account, you can accept credit card and debit card payments via an online website or mobile application.

The company does not provide much information about its account application process. For more information, you can send a request form through the website or contact the company directly.

Payment Gateway

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Along with a merchant account, businesses will have access to QuickCard’s payment gateway services once your account is approved. The company will provide the necessary software and connectivity to enable payment processing. These cover multiple payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, and e-checks. These apply to online and mobile transactions.


Retail Terminals

As seen on its website, QuickCard also caters to merchants with retail establishments. It provides PCI-compliant terminals for secure in-person processing.

Credit Card Processing

Merchants can process payments from major credit cards and debit cards. These include MasterCard and Visa.

ACH Processing

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QuickCard also supports payments through the ACH network. It allows direct bank-to-bank payments, which means a simple process and instant funding for merchants. All you need is your customer’s bank account number and routing transit number. ACH payments include credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

Gift Card Payments

Merchants will have access to over 100 options for e-gift cards. You can reward these to customers, employees, vendors, and more.

Real-time Payments

With QuickCard, merchants can benefit from real-time payments between customers, suppliers, and other businesses.

E-check Transfers

Apart from payment processing, QuickCard helps merchants issue payments to their suppliers and other business partners. You can issue electronic checks via email.


Push-to-card Transfers

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Similarly, merchants can instantly transfer payments from their merchant accounts to their debit cards. That way, merchants experience better cash flow and faster access to their funds.


QuickCard provides merchants with PCI-compliant APIs to integrate with its services. The company will assist you throughout the process.

Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

QuickCard also has security measures in place to prevent fraud. Its online platform also allows you to view chargeback cases and resolve them immediately.


Rates of QuickCard

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QuickCard does not disclose its rates and fees online. It likely customizes its pricing based on your business needs and preferred services. As such, it is best to contact the company to discuss this in detail.


High-risk Industries Served by QuickCard

Similarly, QuickCard does not provide a list of high-risk industries it can work with. However, it does mention its ability to support high-risk payment processing. Contact the company directly to find out if you are eligible to avail of its services.


Other Notable Features of QuickCard’s High-risk Merchant Accounts

Merchant Platform

Merchants will have access to an online platform hosted by QuickCard. It includes numerous features for transaction management, fund transfers, integrations, and more.


QuickCard’s payment gateway allows merchants to issue electronic invoices to bill customers. Once received, they can make payments online.

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A notable service offered by QuickCard is shipping. You can choose from over 100 shipping carriers to deliver items to your customers. This is useful for online merchants with physical products and goods.

Blockchain Technology

QuickCard makes use of blockchain technology for its services. This assures merchants of top-notch security when processing payments and handling funds.


Reputation and Reviews of QuickCard

Based on its online presence, there is limited information about QuickCard. As seen on its website, the company is based in San Diego, California. It does not mention its history or management team. Instead, it highlights its easy-to-use payment services and blockchain technology as notable benefits for merchants.

Apart from its website, the company appears in a few PR articles but not on any independent review sites. QuickCard does not have any customer reviews either. Based on BBB status, it is not an accredited company, nor does it have any ratings.

All that said, its lack of reviews does not necessarily reflect its competence or experience. Interested merchants are still encouraged to reach out to the company to make an unbiased decision.

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Overall, QuickCard is worth considering for high-risk payment processing. It leverages blockchain technology to offer secure and cashless payment solutions. Apart from credit cards, it supports e-checks and ACH payments. It also offers instant payment services for transactions with vendors and business partners. While there are not many reviews about the company, it seems to have legitimate knowledge in creating a seamless payment experience. Contact the company directly to learn more.

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