Revitpay Review – Merchant Services, Pricing and Customer Reviews

April 20, 2022

Revitpay is a merchant services provider for all types of businesses. It serves a wide range of industries, whether low-risk or high-risk. It offers credit card processing and other payment solutions. This includes systems, technology, and products. The company also provides additional services like business consulting and bank communications.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by Revitpay:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Payment gateway
  • Credit card processing
  • ACH payment processing
  • Integrations for e-commerce and POS systems
  • Fraud prevention
  • Business consulting
  • Management of all bank communications and processes

Revitpay Merchant Services

  • Merchant Accounts

Revitpay helps businesses apply for a merchant account. It works with over two dozen banks to guarantee a simple and seamless application for merchants. The company also boasts of handling all communications with banks. By doing so, it hopes to make the process easier for merchants. The company claims to have a 99% approval rate.

  • Payment Gateway and POS Terminals

Along with a merchant account, Revitpay provides businesses with a payment gateway to process payments. It includes other features like a virtual terminal, hosted payment pages, transaction history, batch processing, and risk management tools. Merchants also have an option to integrate with third-party gateways like, NMI, and Inovio.


The payment gateway and virtual terminal apply to online, virtual, and over-the-phone payments. Revitpay also provides retail merchants with physical terminals to accept in-person payments. Options include tabletop, remote, wireless, and mobile terminals.

Revitpay merchant services

  • Payment Processing

These systems enable merchants to process credit cards, ACH, and e-check payments. The company also works to reduce interchange fees through its network of banks. Alternative payment forms like Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted as well. Merchants can also set up recurring billing and ‘buy now, pay later’ options for their customers.

  • Integrations

Revitpay has an in-house integration team to help merchants connect the payment systems to their existing e-commerce platform or retail store. E-commerce integrations include WordPress, WooCommerce, Pinwheel, Shopify, NATS, Konnektive, Limelight, and InfusionSoft. The company also provides APIs for integration.

  • Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

Revitpay’s payment gateway is PCI-compliant and 3D-secure. It also has a secure customer vault to protect customer data. The company also makes use of a proprietary fraud detection algorithm to reduce fraud in high-risk payment processing.

Furthermore, it provides chargeback alerts. This solution enables merchants to settle disputes before they incur chargeback fees. The company claims to reduce the chargeback ratio to below 1% for many merchants.


Revitpay Fees, Rates, and Pricing

  • Processing Fees

Revitpay does not disclose its processing fees on its website. It prefers to customize its pricing schemes per merchant. It takes into account your industry, risk level, and business requirements among other considerations. The company guarantees low interchange rates and higher profits for merchants.

  • Additional Fees

Similarly, Revitpay does not mention additional fees for terminals, products, and other monthly services. It is also unclear if the company charges for setup or early termination.

  • Hidden Charges

Revitpay does not seem to have a reputation for charging hidden fees. However, given that the company does not disclose its exact fees online, it is best to discuss this directly with the company.

Revitpay Complaints

We have not found any negative feedback about Revitpay. However, this is probably due to the general lack of reviews about the company.

  • Rip Off Reports – Similarly, there don’t seem to be any rip-off reports about Revitpay.
  • Other Complaints – The same goes for all types of complaints.
Revitpay BBB Rating

Revitpay is not an accredited company by the BBB.

BBB Reviews

The company does not have any BBB reviews, nor does it have a BBB profile page.

Is Revitpay Legitimate?

Revitpay is a legitimate company based in Cleveland, Ohio. It was established in 2014 by Peter Kusner. Based on his Linkedin profile, he has acted as president for several companies since 1996. His team in Revitpay has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. The company also takes pride in its vast network of partner banks.


Its website shows a long list of high-risk industries that the company can support. Apart from its website, Revitpay has a Facebook page and appears in a few PR articles.  According to ScamAdviser, the company has a score of 56 out of 100. The negative highlights include an invalid Xolphin SSL Check. However, there doesn’t seem to be any major cause to doubt the company’s legitimacy.

  • Scams – Revitpay does not seem to have any accusations about scams or fraud.
  • Lawsuits – Likewise, it does not seem to be involved in any lawsuits or legal complaints.

Revitpay Customer Reviews

As mentioned, Revitpay does not have that many independent customer reviews. It has a 5-star rating based on three Facebook reviews. They contain lengthy testimonials that praise the company for its customer service and dedication. The merchants mention specific agents who have helped them throughout the process. They also highlight increased profits thanks to the company.

Other than Facebook, the Revitpay website contains testimonials from other satisfied merchants. Some of them have worked with the company for at least five years. They recommend Revitpay for its merchant accounts with low prices.


Overall, Revitpay seems to be a company worth considering for all types of merchants. Apart from high-risk industries, it can also work with startups and international businesses. It provides a wide variety of credit card processing solutions. This includes robust features, easy integrations, and business consulting. The company’s 99% approval rate is another positive sign.

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