SMB Global Review – Rates, Services & Customer Reviews

May 19, 2022

SMB Global is a merchant account provider for all types of businesses. It serves standard, moderate, and high-risk merchants from various industries. Its merchant accounts include end-to-end payment services and integrations.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by SMB Global:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Payment gateway
  • Payment processing of credit cards, ACH payments, and e-checks
  • International payment processing
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Chargeback prevention software

SMB Global Logo

SMB Global Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

SMB Global offers merchant accounts for businesses of all risk levels. It has developed over 20 banking relationships. This means merchants can benefit from a faster application process, higher approval ratings, lower rates, and faster fund transfers. Merchants can also apply for multiple merchant accounts, all of which can be accessed through one merchant portal.


SMB Global also offers international and offshore merchant accounts. It will allow merchants to accept payments in different currencies. Keep in mind though that it is only applicable to merchants with a minimum credit card processing volume of $50,000 a month.

Payment Gateway

SMB’s merchant accounts come with different payment services, one of them being a payment gateway. It will allow merchants to accept and process various payment forms and currencies. Options include NMI,, or USA ePay. If you aren’t sure which one makes the most sense for your business, the SMB Global team will help you decide.

For credit card processing at retail establishments, SMB Global offers free mobile readers and EMV-compliant countertop terminals.

ACH Payment Processing

SMB Global’s ACH payment processing solution enables merchants to accept credit cards and e-checks without going through paper checks, wire transfers, or credit card networks. It is a direct bank-to-bank transfer that ensures lower processing rates and faster transfers. It is also secure as all payments are encrypted. Another benefit is the ability to set up recurring and automated billing.

E-commerce Integrations

SMB Global’s payment gateway is integrated into a merchant’s e-commerce or mobile platform through several options. These include Payment API, Mobile SDK, and EMV chip card SDK. Merchants can also integrate through Collect Checkout, which is a hosted checkout page. Lastly, merchants can connect the gateway to their existing e-commerce platforms. This includes QuickClick and over 175 shopping carts.

Integration options vary in features and security measures.


Chargeback Prevention Platform

SMB Global has a chargeback prevention platform. Its robust features and tools aim to spot chargebacks and prevent financial losses before they happen. For one, it has an automated representment system that allows merchants to respond to chargebacks immediately. Secondly, merchants can customize alerts related to chargeback ratios, account limits, and more.



The platform also uses patented technology to report real-time chargeback analytics. Its predictive algorithms can forecast month-end results and various metrics to help you trace issues. For example, you can break down chargebacks based on reason code, affiliate, subscription cycle, product type, country, or price point.

These are just a few of the platform’s many chargeback capabilities. Merchants also get fraud monitoring tools to stop fraudulent transactions.


SMB Global Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

SMB Global does not publish its rates on its website. However, merchants can anticipate competitive rates given the company’s network with over 20 banks and processors. Additionally, the company’s ACH payment processing service promises lower processing fees than credit card networks. As seen on its website, it offers a flat processing rate per transaction.

While details are limited, you may want to keep these claims in mind when discussing your options with the company.

Additional Fees

It is unclear whether the company charges additional fees for its services.


Hidden Charges

The same goes with hidden charges. Although SMB Global claims to offer transparent and low industry rates.


SMB Global Complaints

There don’t seem to be any complaints about SMB Global, which is a good indicator of its reliable and professional services. It is worth noting though the company has limited customer reviews overall.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about the company either.


Other Complaints

Similarly, there doesn’t seem to be any other type of complaint against SMB Global.


SMB Global BBB Rating

SMB Global is not an accredited company by the BBB.


BBB Reviews

It does not have any BBB reviews, nor does it have a BBB profile page.


Is SMB Global Legitimate?

SMB Global is a legitimate company established in 2016. According to online sources, it is a lean company with a few employees. Although it is relatively new and small in size, a look at its website shows a wide range of services and solutions that may be relevant for merchants. It also has partnerships with banks and processors, which further attest to its credibility. You can find testimonials from its existing merchants on its website.

Apart from its website, SMB Global appears in several PR articles that talk about its services for high-risk merchants. Independent review sites also confirm the company’s legitimacy and clean track record.

You can find other information about SMB Global’s management team, address, and contact details online.


There don’t seem to be any reports of scams involving SMB Global.


Likewise, there are currently no lawsuits or legal complaints against the company.


SMB Global Customer Reviews

SMB Global seems to have a good online reputation. All its ratings from merchant review sites are between 4.5 to 5 stars. They attribute it to the company’s full-featured services, transparency, and absence of complaints.

In terms of merchant reviews, SMB Global does not have any Google or Trustpilot reviews. The closest you’ll get to actual merchant experiences are through the testimonials on its website. It showcases a few from existing clients. They praise SMB Global for its responsiveness, lack of reserve requirements, quick approvals, and unlimited processing.



Those in search of high-risk credit card processing and processing for ACH payments will want to strongly consider SMB Global. The company has a strong reputation and works with more than 20 partnering banks, something that gives it a high approval rate and improves your chances of your merchant account staying active for a long time. The fact that the company customizes its solutions to meet your needs is also a strong benefit. The only downside, albeit nothing major, is the lack of customer reviews. That said, interested merchants should just be more detailed in discussing services and rates with the company.

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