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January 6, 2022

Synergy Pay Solutions is a payment processing provider catering to all types of industries. The company has 25 years of experience, which allows it to offer tailor-fit solutions to specific business needs. Its primary service is offering merchant accounts to low-risk and high-risk businesses. This covers payment processing for credit cards, debit cards, checks, and loyalty cards. Other services include chargeback prevention, point-of-sale terminals, and more. For more information on Synergy Pay Solutions, below is a detailed review of its services and rates.


High-risk merchants are among the many businesses that Synergy Pay Solutions caters to. The company is well-versed in the difficulties faced by such merchants, especially with fraud, chargebacks, and high transaction fees. Through its high-risk merchant accounts, Synergy Pay Solution can help them process their high-risk or high-volume transactions. Additionally, the company assures them of secure processing through fraud and chargeback prevention tools. They are programmed to detect suspicious activities and settle transaction disputes. That way, they are not subject to revenue losses and on-hold cash flows.

For businesses interested in applying for a high-risk merchant account, the process starts by submitting a form online. The company will send you a free quote and an option to discuss further. You can also directly contact an agent via phone. The approval process typically takes between one and three weeks.

Synergypay Solutions


Services Offered by Synergy Pay Solutions

Synergy Pay Solutions offers the following services for low-risk and high-risk businesses.

  • Online Payment Processing

For online merchants, payment processing happens through a virtual terminal. Merchants can accept credit card payments via website, mail, and phone.

  • eCommerce payments

For website transactions, the company will integrate its payment system into the merchant’s eCommerce platform. Another option is for merchants to create a hosted payment page. This will already include the necessary systems for payment processing. Whatever the case may be, merchants will also have access to a recurring billing tool. This is useful for businesses with fixed payment schedules. Once they set up the customer’s information, the system will automatically bill them based on your schedule.

  • Mail and telephone payments

For transactions done via mail and phone, merchants can encode each customer’s information on the virtual terminal. Afterward, the payment will be processed through the system.

  • Retail Payment Processing

The company also helps retail establishments with their credit card processing needs. It provides them with free payment terminals and credit card readers, depending on their business needs. Below is a list of its available equipment.

  • Verifone VX 520 Rugged Countertop Terminal

This countertop terminal accepts traditional card payments like magstripe cards and EMV chip cards. It also honors alternative methods like gift cards, loyalty cards, and NFC payments. The latter refers to contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other e-wallets. The device also comes with a printer for receipts. Its advanced technology assures fast processing for a better in-store experience for customers.

  • Verifone VX680 Handheld Wireless Terminal

Another option for physical stores is a wireless terminal. Verifone VX680 is an easy-to-use handheld device that allows merchants to accept credit card payments. Similar to the countertop terminal, it can process magstripe cards and EMV chip cards. It is also equipped with an NFC reader for contactless payment options. An integrated PIN pad is included for debit card transactions.

  • Mobile Payment Processing

Synergy Pay Solutions also provides mobile terminals for on-the-go businesses. They can accept credit card payments wherever their customers are. This is a good option for businesses in delivery, home service, events, markets, construction, auto repair, and the like. One offered mobile terminal is the PayAnywhere Mobile Swipe and EMV Card Reader. This small and portable card reader connects to the merchant’s mobile device, which is where they will trigger payment processing. Once the customer swipes their EMV card, the information will come out on the mobile app. Apart from processing payments, the app also contains detailed reports.

Transaction fees through this payment method can go as low as 2.69% per swipe. The company will customize a pricing plan that is suitable and profitable for your business.

Synergypay solutions services

  • Next Day Funding

Synergy Pay Solutions works to deliver next-day funding for all credit card transactions regardless of the payment methods. This includes in-store, mobile, or online business settings.

  • Loyalty Programs

The company helps businesses improve their customer relationships through loyalty programs. It can set up the merchant’s system to accept gift cards and loyalty cards. This can include freebies, discounts, rewards, and other enticing marketing promos.

  • Cash Discount Program

A unique payment solution offered by Synergy Pay Solutions is its cash discount program. It aims to address the hefty processing fees on credit card payments. It essentially allows merchants to pass on their transaction fees to the customer. As a workaround, customers can opt to pay with cash for a discount on their payment. That way, it is a win-win for merchants. They end up with either zero transaction fees or more cash payments.


This service is particularly helpful for businesses who prefer cash payments over bank credit. That said, it is not meant to attract all types of merchants.

  • Secure Processing

Synergy Pay Solutions assures merchants of secure payment processing in all its systems. It also helps merchants monitor fraudulent activities and prevent chargeback issues. Other than these promises, it does not mention the specific features or security tools. It is best to contact the company directly for more information.

Customer Service

Merchants can rely on the company’s superior customer care whenever needed. It offers its assistance on technical issues, payment concerns, and more.

Rates of Synergy Pay Solutions

The Synergy Pay website does not include specific rates on services. Instead, the company prefers to customize pricing plans based on the business type, needs, model, and other relevant factors. It guarantees transparent fees and no hidden charges. You can request a free quote by calling or submitting a form.

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High-risk Industries Served by Synergy Pay Solutions

The high-risk industries supported by Synergy Pay Solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Adult
  • Auto Financing
  • Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
  • CBD Products
  • Check Cashing Services
  • Coaching and Training
  • Collection Agencies
  • Credit Card Consolidation
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Direct Marketing or Multi-level Marketing
  • Document Preparation
  • Domain Registration
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • E-cigarette or Vape eCommerce Stores
  • Firearms
  • Foreign Exchange Brokers
  • Tribal and State Licensed Short-term Lenders
  • MMJ Dispensaries
  • Online Gaming
  • Online Pharmacies
  • Personal Loans
  • Prepaid Phone Cards
  • Software Downloads
  • Student Loans
  • Travel

Overall, the company is open to working with any type of business so long as it is legally operating.

Reputation and Reviews of Synergy Pay Solutions

Synergy Pay Solutions has a 5-star rating on Facebook based on five reviews. However, it does not contain much information on merchant experiences. Apart from Facebook, it is not widely featured on other review sites.


Synergy Pay Solutions offers credit card processing solutions for online, retail, and mobile businesses. Apart from merchant accounts, it also provides them with physical and virtual terminals, depending on their needs. A notable feature is its cash discount program. This helps merchants significantly lessen their transaction fees.

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