T1 Payments – A Complete Review

November 21, 2021

T1 Payments delivers payment processing services to businesses in high-risk industries. The company doesn’t run a credit check, has great customer service, and includes advanced fraud protection.


High-risk merchant accounts from T1 Payments can have a global reach and accept multiple currencies. They allow merchants to get high-risk credit card processing and take advantage of other payment methods even if they would be denied by a traditional bank or payment processor.

Through its range of solutions, T1 Payments can customize its services to meet the needs of any high-risk merchant accounts. This is true regardless of size, industry, and risk level. Merchants do not need to download any special software, whether they sell in person, on mobile, via e-commerce, or MOTO.

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  • T1 Payments Services

Take a closer look at some of the most important services from T1 Payments.

  • Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal lets you use a transaction upload feature or manually enter information for high-risk credit card processing. The virtual terminal is perfect for MOTO businesses and features the ability to bulk upload transactions.

  • Full-service Payment Processing

Instead of connecting with another payment gateway as many competitors do, T1 Payments provides full-service payment processing. This means that their services are end-to-end.

  • Full Reporting

The T1 Payments gateway shows high-risk merchant accounts all of their transactions in real-time. It also features various reports that you can customize.

  • Mobile Application

The mobile application from T1 Payments lets you accept payments on the go from your Android or Apple device.

  • Multi-currency Support

Thanks to its support for global businesses, T1 Payments lets you accept more than 160 currencies. This dramatically expands the reach of your market. You can also settle in 27 different currencies.

  • Fraud Protection

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Part of the high-risk credit card processing services from T1 Payments include fraud protection.

  • Risk Management

Merchants also get to take advantage of integrated risk management.

  • Recurring Billing

You can set up recurring billing with your high-risk credit card processing. Use this for memberships or continuity.

  • Electronic Invoicing

This service lets you email a link to the invoice to your customer, letting them pay securely.

  • QuickBooks SyncPay

T1 Payments integrates with QuickBooks SyncPay for easier accounting.

  • T1 Payments Rates

The company relies on flat billing, so there are no unpleasant surprises. However, there is no information about rates on its website.


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High-risk Industries T1 Payments Serves

T1 Payments prides itself on working with nearly every high-risk industry, including:

  • Match list or TMF
  • Vapes and e-cigarettes
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Fantasy sports
  • Online gaming
  • Telemarketing
  • Adult entertainment
  • Membership-based businesses
  • CBD products
  • Cannabis
  • Money transfers
  • Antiques
  • Firearms

  • Credit repair
  • Pawnshops
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Airlines
  • Kratom
  • Collection agencies
  • M-commerce
  • E-commerce
  • Health and wellness
  • Software downloads
  • Lottery
  • Attorney referral services
  • Real estate
  • Travel accommodations

Other Notable Features on T1 Payments

There are also some noteworthy features from T1 Payments that deserve further explanation.

  • Fast Approvals and High Approval Rate

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Of those who apply for high-risk merchant accounts with T1 Payments, 99.9% are approved. Even better, the average turnaround time for accounts is just 24 to 48 hours. The full onboarding process typically takes between two and five business days.

  • Global Reach

Offering global solutions is not just a gimmick, as T1 Payments works with global banks. This allows them to support high-risk merchant accounts with international and domestic processing.

  • Shopping Cart Integrations

Many of the high-risk merchant accounts that T1 Payments works with already have e-commerce websites with shopping carts. If that is the case, you will be happy to know that their services integrate with more than 175 shopping carts. This means there is an extremely good chance that your shopping cart will integrate. It also means that you won’t be limited if you haven’t set up a shopping cart yet.

With so many integrations, it should come as no surprise that there is support for the most popular shopping carts, such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

In the rare case that T1 Payments doesn’t already have an integration system in place for your current shopping cart, they will gladly work with you. The team always customizes solutions to work for the clients. You can also use the API for integration.

  • Uncapped Volume

If you choose an uncapped volume merchant account, there are no limits to how many transactions you can process with T1 Payments. This gives your company room for growth.

  • Safety and Security

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All of the solutions and services from T1 Payments are held to a high standard. They are PCI DSS compliant and have a high level of security.

  • Excellent Customer Service

T1 Payments prides itself on offering excellent customer service to answer all of your questions and address any concerns. The customer service includes a 100% satisfaction policy and is available 24/7. The support is also all in-house, so they are familiar with T1 Payments and their services. Clients also receive dedicated customer support managers.

  • Simple Application Process

T1 Payments designed the application process to be straightforward. You fill out the online application form, and then someone from their in-house team will review your application. There is no need for a credit check. From there, a dedicated success manager contacts you. Because the underwriting team is in-house, as is the integrations team, you can start accepting payments quickly.

  • Nearly a Decade of Experience

T1 Payments was founded in January 2012, and the company now has offices in London, Miami, and Las Vegas.

  • Partner Program

T1 Payments also offers Independent Sales Organization (ISO) partnerships. You can use these to earn residuals and commissions.

T1 Payments Reputation and Reviews

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While T1 Payments offers a range of solutions for high-risk merchant accounts, its online reputation is less-than-stellar. The company is not BBB accredited, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, the BBB gives T1 Payments a D+ rating, and out of nine customer reviews, it only has 1.89 stars out of 5. Moreover, the BBB has closed 16 customer complaints about T1 Payments in the last 12 months and 19 in the last three years.

The situation is similar on other websites, with a TrustPilot average of 3.0 stars out of 5 based on 120 reviews. Interestingly, these reviews are mostly either five stars or one star, with very few in the middle. That indicates that if you have any issues with T1 Payments, you may end up with a very bad experience. Some of the negative reviews call it a scam or mention them stealing funds, and there are even reviews with contact information to start lawsuits.

On the other hand, positive reviews praise the company for its customer service and scalability of services.


T1 Payments is one of many companies offering high-risk credit card processing. The company has a very high approval rate and accepts high-risk merchant accounts from nearly any industry. They also stand out with their support for over 175 integrations and 160 currencies. However, the numerous poor reviews from customers should make you think twice before choosing to use T1 Payments. There are many alternatives that have better reviews. That being said, if you are interested, it does not hurt to get a quote, as there are no obligations.

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