The Processing Group Review

August 23, 2022

The Processing Group Review

The Processing Group is a Canadian company offering high-risk merchant accounts to American and Canadian clients. The company prides itself on offering easy, fast, and secure payment solutions.

You can take advantage of high-risk credit card processing with The Processing Group. They also offer other services for high-risk merchant accounts. These include various other payment methods, with the goal of helping your business attract more clients.

By offering a range of payment processing methods, The Processing Group highlights helps businesses keep their customers happy. According to the company, businesses will find it easier to attract and keep customers by using their preferred payment method. The Processing Group also helps businesses accept more payment methods, which reduces your need to handle cash. That, in turn, reduces the time spent on payment processing.


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The Processing Group Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

One of the primary services from The Processing Group is high-risk credit card processing. The same solutions work for debit card processing.

This type of processing is available for online sales as well as point-of-sale systems for physical locations. You are able to accept all of the major credit cards, including MasterCard, American Express, and Visa.

High Risk Payment Processing

While The Processing Group specializes in high-risk merchant accounts, it also serves other industries that are not high-risk. It specifically offers its services to merchants in industries like payday loans, tech support, equipment leasing, pre-paid calling providers, and more.

The following are just some of the high-risk industries that The Processing Group accepts clients from:

  • Payday loans
  • Pest control services
  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Internet providers
  • Waste management
  • Storage centers
  • Tech support
  • Property management firms
  • Pre-paid calling providers
  • Utilities

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Weight loss and fitness centers
  • Equipment leasing
  • Used car deals
  • Monthly parking garages
  • Monthly membership groups
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Mortgage firms
  • Pool cleaning companies

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ACH Processing

ACH processing is yet another way to accept payments with The Processing Group. This method directly debits funds from your customer’s bank accounts. It is efficient for both recurring and one-time payments.

You can also take advantage of electronic funds transfer (EFT) transactions. This is a Canadian paperless system that essentially deducts funds right from the bank account of customers. It is secure and fast, letting you collect recurring or one-time payments.

Direct Deposit Processing

In addition to helping you accept payments, high-risk merchant accounts also make it easy to make payments such as payroll deposits. This comes via the use of direct deposits. With a direct deposit, you no longer have to deal with printed paychecks.

Chargeback Mitigation

The products and services from The Processing Group also help you reduce fraud. For example, all of the ETF and ACH payments go through rigorous screening before being processed. This screening helps ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of the payments.

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The Processing Group Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

As is the case for most other high-risk payment processing companies, you have to contact The Processing Group for a quote. This lets them customize their pricing to your specific needs.

That being said, the company advertises that you will save up to 50% over your current processing fees.

Additional Fees

There is no published information on additional fees charged by The Processing Group.

Hidden Charges

Similarly, there is currently no public information available on hidden charges from the company.

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The Processing Group Complaints

The Processing Group does not have a very prominent online reputation. This means that there are no obvious complaints about the company that potential customers have to be aware of.

Rip Off Reports

Currently, there are no rip-off reports against The Processing Group.

Other Complaints

The Processing Group’s clients have not filed public complaints against the company so far.


The Processing Group BBB Rating

Oddly enough, The Processing Group does not have a BBB profile. This may be because it is based in Canada and not the United States, although the reason is not obvious.

This means that the company is not BBB accredited.

BBB Reviews

There are no complaints or reviews of The Processing Group on the BBB website.


Is The Processing Group Legitimate?

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The team at The Processing Group has more than a decade of experience spanning multiple verticals. This gives them a vast knowledge base as well as first-hand experience with payment processing and more.

The lack of scams, complaints, and lawsuits against the company is also promising. However, the lack of reviews and ratings or BBB profile for The Processing Group is an important factor to consider. That lack of information means that merchants must come to their own conclusions.


The Processing Group Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews for the company have to do with working there, but there is a handful from clients. Those client reviews are overwhelmingly positive. They praise The Processing Group for making it quick and easy to collect payments.

These reviews also highlight the company’s ability to support recurring as well as one-time payments. They also praise the low prices, access to the latest payment processing technologies, and the company’s ability to deliver on promises.

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The Processing Group offers high-risk credit card processing as well as ACH, ETF, and direct deposit processing. Their solutions are available to companies based in Canada and the USA and all have a high level of security. The offerings from the company seem robust.

The only caveat is that they have a minimal online presence and few reviews. Those that they do have, however, are positive. As such, you should consider The Processing Group but pay close attention to terms and pricing before signing anything.

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