Transcend Pay Review

November 4, 2021

Transcend Pay specializes in high-risk merchant accounts, offering the ability to process credit cards and other payment methods.


Thanks to its network of banks, Transcend Pay offers high-risk credit card processing without escrow or reserve requirements and with low transaction fees.

Transcend Pay Services

Explore some of the services that Transcend Pay offers to high-risk merchant accounts in more detail.

Payment Gateway

image of payment gateway


The payment gateway from Transcend Pay facilitates its high-risk credit card processing. The payment gateway has no reserve requirements nor any hidden processing fees.

Payment Platform

The company’s standalone payment platform processes credit cards, e-checks, cash, and ACH. It is called the Transcend Pay Payment Platform and includes all of the other services mentioned here.

Debit and Credit Card Processing

This system lets you accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. You get immediate processing and convenience for your customers.

ACH Processing

The company’s ACH processing includes both credits and debits. As such, you can use it to pay bills or to accept payments from customers. There are no reserves required, and you can set up recurring or single payments and choose late cut-off times.

ACH processing also comes with the option of direct account e-billing. It also lets you direct deposit employee paychecks.

E-check Processing

image of e check processing


Check 21 e-check processing services don’t have the same thresholds as ACH, giving you more flexibility. There are no reserve fees, and the services let you bypass the NACHA requirements. There is also the option for recurring e-checks.

Instant Banking Verification

This takes advantage of Transcend Pay’s payment processing technology so you can quickly verify funding sources. It lets you see a complete account overview in seconds. You can confirm account ownership and check financial obligations. You can also verify the identity of borrowers and check their account status and balance.

This helps prevent fraud and errors. It also improves your ability to accurately conduct a risk assessment.

Instant Funding

You get real-time access to your funds with this feature. It also includes the ability to instantly send funds to a prepaid or debit card.

This system also provides you with data to figure out how to improve borrowing and lending.

Web Portal

You can access the Transcend Pay Web Portal from anywhere with an internet connection. It gives you full access to payment processing as well as historical data. You don’t have to set up or install anything.

image of transcend pay web portal



TPay only takes seven minutes to install on your website. Once you install the technology, you can use it for high-risk credit card processing, debit card processing, e-check processing, and ACH processing.

Klever Mobile App

You can accept payments from mobile phones with Transcend Pay’s Klever Mobile Processing application. It relies on a virtual credit card so you can instantly accept payments and transfer funds. Your customers don’t need a credit card account to use the app. The app also supports lending, letting you disburse funds and collect payments with ease.

The app integrates with your ACH and CRM systems as well. You get a white-label mobile app that features your brand imagery and name.


Developers can use the Transcend Pay API to integrate the payment gateway into their current platform. The REST API is a full-stack SaaS interface that lets you integrate the system with code snippets. It includes sandbox accounts, testing devices, and a validation environment.

Tboards and Tview

High-risk merchant accounts can view reports on their transactions and more via Tboards and Tview. These let you view real-time data, so you can track cash flow and performance.

Transcend Pay Rates

image of transcend pay rates

The company pre-negotiates low rates with banks, potentially saving high-risk merchant accounts thousands of dollars on processing fees.

That being said, you won’t find any specific rates on the Transcend Pay website. This is because the company customizes its rates based on your high-risk credit card processing needs. The fees depend on a range of factors. For full transparency, you will get a Schedule A listing of all of the associated fees before you decide to work with Transcend Pay.

The fee structure is “interchange plus.” This lets you easily see the fees on each transaction.

There are no setup fees.

High-risk Industries Transcend Pay Serves

As long as your business or industry is legal in the United States, Transcend Pay will offer you high-risk credit card processing. They gladly work with any company to get payment processing services.

Other Notable Features on Transcend Pay

Transcend Pay also offers high-risk merchant accounts some other notable features.

99% Approval Rate

Transcend Pay has an approval rate of 99% for high-risk merchant accounts.

Same-day Pre-approval

When you apply for high-risk merchant accounts with Transcend Pay, you can receive pre-approval the same day.

Start Accepting Payments Within Days

Many high-risk merchant accounts can start accepting payments in just a few days. How soon you can do so depends on your chosen integration method and other factors. You can use the virtual terminal as soon as your application is approved.

Next-day Funds

High-risk merchant accounts only take a business day for the funds to be deposited in your account from credit card transactions. For ACH payments, it is three days due to a three-day hold period.

Customer Support

image of customer support

You can contact Transcend Pay’s customer support via phone, email, their website, or even video chat. This last option is especially uncommon among competitors. Additionally, all of the customer support is from within the United States.


While Transcend Pay was established in 2018, the founding team has more than 20 years of payment processing experience, adding up to long-standing reliability.

Transcend Pay Reputation and Reviews

Unfortunately, there are not many reviews or ratings of Transcend Pay online, likely due to the fact that its name is so similar to that of other companies. However, there also do not seem to be any major complaints about the payment processor.

That being said, there are a few reviews and testimonials available from high-risk merchant accounts, and they tend to be favorable. Customers praise the lack of reserve requirement, fast funding, lack of minimums, and personalized services.


With Transcend Pay, you can easily add high-risk credit card processing to your company’s payment options. You can also accept ACH transfers and e-checks with the company’s services. They specialize in high-risk merchant accounts and have a high approval rate thanks to their relationships with a range of banks. You will also find some innovative services, such as a white label mobile application that customers can use to pay, complete with your branding. You also start accepting payments with Transcend Pay quickly thanks to same-day pre-approval.

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