UniBul Merchant Services Review

February 24, 2022

UniBul Merchant Services is a company offering a variety of merchant accounts for different businesses. Its robust systems offer payment processing services for retail, online, mail, and phone transactions. With over a decade of experience in merchant accounts, the company aims to help businesses succeed without risks.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by UniBul Merchant Services:

  • Secure and efficient payment gateway for credit and debit card processing
  • Virtual terminal for mail order or telephone order processing
  • Global merchant services for several countries
  • Multi-currency payment settlement
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Daily or weekly payout options

UniBul Merchant Services Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts – UniBul Merchant Services serves a wide range of industries, including high-risk businesses. Its global network of acquiring banks allows the company to offer specialized solutions for these types of merchants. One is its high-risk merchant account. Merchants are assured of secure payment processing without a limit on monthly transaction volumes. The company also guarantees fast account approval and immediate setup.

International Merchant Accounts – UniBul also provides merchant accounts for international businesses. It connects them with its extensive network of acquiring banks from around the world. Moreover, business owners can set up multiple merchant accounts depending on their location. The company also ensures lower transaction fees and faster funding, which are common problems with international transactions.


Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal – For eCommerce merchants with an online store, UniBul will provide a built-in payment gateway. It is a PCI-compliant system, so merchants can expect secure processing of transactions. Alternatively, merchants with mail and telephone orders will have access to a free virtual terminal. It is also a PCI-compliant system with fraud detection tools placed throughout the process. The company’s payment systems also come with additional features like recurring billing, comprehensive reports, and customizable customer filters.

UniBul Merchant services

Payment Processing – Merchants can accept debit and credit card payments from major brands, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, UCB, and Diners Club International. For international transactions, merchants can process payments from over 100 currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, and CHF, among many others. Apart from card payments, UniBul enables merchants to accept eCheck payments as well. The system will convert a customer’s physical check into an electronic form for end-to-end processing.

All payment methods ensure fast funding for merchants. Weekly payouts are the norm, but some merchants can qualify for same-day payouts.

E-commerce Integrations – UniBul’s payment gateway is compatible with major shopping carts, such as Magneto, osCommerce, PrestaShop, X-Cart, and Zen Cart. It also comes with free payment modules. That way, merchants do not need to overhaul their existing website platforms.

Chargeback Prevent and Fraud Protection – The company gives merchants peace of mind through its fraud prevention services. Its payment systems come with tools to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. These include AVS verification, CVS verification, MasterCard SecureCode, and Verified by Visa. The company also provides support against chargebacks and management tools to track dubious customer details.


UniBul Merchant Services Fees, Rates, and Pricing

  • Processing Fees – UniBul Merchant Services does not provide its fees and rates online. However, it guarantees cost-effective pricing plans for merchants. The company’s partnership with acquiring banks allows merchants to enjoy the lowest possible rates.
  • Additional Fees – The company provides a free virtual terminal for merchants. Apart from that, it is unclear whether it charges other monthly fees or service fees.
  • Hidden Charges – Based on reviews, merchants did not seem to encounter any hidden charges on top of what was agreed with the company.

UniBul Merchant Services Complaints

UniBul has only one public complaint about Unibul’s services. Below is a summary of the issues encountered.

Rip Off Reports – We have not found any complaints about feeling ripped off about the company.

Other Complaints – The one complaint we found is about the company’s customer service. The complainant mentioned troubles with contacting the support team.

UniBul Merchant Services BBB Rating
Unibul Merchant Services ratings

According to its BBB profile, UniBul Merchant Services is not an accredited company. However, one review site claims that the company has an A+ rating. It is unclear whether it was an erroneous claim or if the company was once accredited.

BBB Reviews

UniBul does not have any reviews or complaints on its BBB profile page.

Is UniBul Merchant Services Legitimate?

UniBul Merchant Services is a legitimate company with over a decade of experience. It was launched in 2007 and has since grown its reputation. Its Facebook page has over 20,000 followers, while its website showcases over 100 merchant reviews. Some published testimonials were from reputable companies. You can also find public information about its office address and contact details, which further validates its legitimacy.

Scams – There don’t appear to be any reports of scams or fraud about the company.


Lawsuits – Furthermore, the company is not involved in any lawsuits or legal complaints.

Customer Reviews

UniBul Merchant Services showcases hundreds of merchant testimonials on its website. It currently has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from over 150 website reviews. Customers praise the company for its end-to-end payment solutions and reliable merchant support. Several also acknowledge its expertise and competency in high-risk payment processing. Its website has a dedicated page to view all testimonials in detail.

Apart from this, UniBul is also featured on several websites online. One gave it a 5-star rating based on its clean track record. Other articles discuss its services or company affairs.


Overall, it can be concluded that UniBul Merchant Services has built its expertise in merchant services for the past decade. Its full-featured payment processing services can benefit merchants from all over the globe. In doing so, it continues to expand its network of banks and partners to offer new and more efficient solutions. This is further supported by high customer ratings and positive merchant experiences.

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