Unified Payments Review

July 21, 2022

Unified Payments is a leading payment processing service provider in the United States. It is a subsidiary of Net Element, Inc. It is a global tech group specializing in mobile payments, cashless transactions, and value-added transactional services. It promises to deliver solutions that improve its clients’ profitability and revenues.

Unified Payments also offers risk management and fraud detection services. It also has a 24/7 merchant support system and chargeback services. However, in January 2022, the company announced that it was rebranding itself to Netevia.

Learn more about Unified Payments and Netevia’s services, fees, and customer feedback through this comprehensive review.



Overview of High-risk Merchant Accounts and High-risk Credit Card Processing

The company did not explicitly say it offers high-risk credit card processing. However, on its LinkedIn page, it mentioned specializing in petroleum, hospitality, and non-for-profit. These are considered high-risk industries.

Unified Payments provides merchant accounts and mobile and tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) systems. It offers mobile payment solutions through its proprietary mobile software. The company provides a mobile swiper available for both Apple and Android devices. Unified Payments is also known for a variety of physical POS systems. The company offers Aptito, PAX, Poynt, Restoactive, Aldelo, Clover, and Verifone.

The application process is quick and easy. Interested merchants are invited to sign up through its official Facebook page.

Unified Payments Services

Here is an overview of the merchant account and payment processing services of Unified Payments:

Credit Card Processing

image of high risk credit card processing of unified payments

Unified Payments offers credit card processing to allow businesses to process card payments mobile and in-store. The company is an authorized partner of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


Industry-specific Solutions

Unified Payments can customize payment solutions for all industries. It can tailor-fit mobile and in-person payment systems to address your business concerns.

E-commerce and M-commerce

The company also has virtual terminals and web-based systems. These enable e-commerce and m-commerce businesses to accept payments from their computers. The solutions can be integrated into existing websites. They are also compatible with popular shopping carts.

In-app Payments

Businesses commonly use apps to engage their market better. Unified Payments can provide payment solutions to enable apps to process transactions. This is an easy way for companies to offer a seamless payment process to their customers. The system can also store card information securely, so customers won’t need to enter these details repeatedly.

image of unified payments in app payment

POS Software Technology

Unified Payments is proud of its proprietary mobile payment program. This software keeps the business owners up to date. It doubles as an inventory management system. The program suits all industries—from retail to restaurant and hospitality to charitable organizations.

Since it rebranded its company to Netevia, the focus of the company’s offerings has been the Netevia Light POS. It is a free mobile POS app that has a user-friendly interface. The app accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX. It also allows users to review transactions in real-time and the customers’ purchase history.

POS Equipment

One of the things that Unified Payments is most proud of is its POS equipment. It partnered with different brands to provide a seamless payment experience. The POS equipment can accept major cards, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. It can also process EMV cards and NFC payments.


Agent Programs

Unified Payments offers opportunities for those wishing to earn money through marketing. Agents can close deals and earn a commission from merchants who will sign up for Unified Payments’ payment systems.

Merchant Business Analytics

Aside from payment solutions, Unified Payments also assists with business analytics. This information will help businesses develop new products, marketing ideas, and advertising strategies.


Unified Payments Rates

The company usually offers a three-year contract with automatic renewal for one year. Below are some of the company’s published rates as follows:

  • Visa / MC / Discover – Interchange plus 0.30 percent
  • AMEX – Interchange plus 0.50 percent plus $0.10
  • Monthly minimum fee – $25
  • Early termination fee – $750

  • Monthly PCI compliance fee – $3.95
  • Annual PCI compliance fee – $300
  • Equipment lease terms – 48 months (locked)

Gateway, technical support, additional transaction, and batch fees usually apply to e-commerce services.

image of unified payments rates

High-risk Industries Unified Payments Serves

Unified Payments did not specify which high-risk industries it serves. However, it mentioned that its services—merchant accounts and payment processing—will also suit those in the petroleum and hospitality business. It also helps not-for-profit organizations.


Other Notable Features of Unified Payments’ High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Risk Management

Unified Payments offers a risk management assessment to help businesses. Through this program, businesses can identify the risks they can and should take. It will also help them avoid the risks they cannot afford to take.

Fraud Detection

Merchants and clients fall victims to fraud. The company offers a fraud detection service to help merchants avoid scams. Other things it will help you avoid are phishing activities, hacking, and identity theft.

24-Hour Merchant Service

The company has a steady support service. It offers 24/7 technical assistance, so merchants are assured that issues will be addressed on time.

Chargeback Services

Wrong charges often get charged back to the merchant. Unified Payments can help merchants avoid this predicament. The company uses strong anti-chargeback features to fortify companies against fraudulent transactions and chargeback fees.


Unified Payments Reputation and Reviews

image of unified payments customer reviews

There are some complaints about Unified Payments. The complainants called it out for the use of resellers and the non-disclosure of PCI compliance fees and annual fees. There are also fake review allegations. According to the complaints, the company used fake paid reviews and paid fan likes. The complainant said the reviews came from overseas precisely on the same date and almost simultaneously.

On Facebook, it has a 4.8-star rating based on 500 reviews. Some called the company a scam artist because it didn’t bother to fix their problems. Others gushed about its payment processing services and POS terminals.



Unified Payments has just recently changed its name to Netevia. However, most of its services remain the same. Merchants should be wary of why the company needed to rebrand. It’s still worth it to look at what Unified Payments or Netevia can offer. But, it’s also prudent to check out what special offers are there from other payment processing providers.

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