Vantage Payments Overview

June 23, 2022

Vantage Payments is a merchant account provider that can service standard- and high-risk industries. Merchants in need of offshore accounts will also benefit from Vantage Payments’ products and services. The company said it understands that no two businesses are alike, so they work to customize their payment service offers.

Vantage Payments believes that without a vast system of payment methods, companies will find it hard to expand their markets. It has a strategic partnership with major acquiring banks. Plus, it has also worked with global companies, bringing its merchants outside of their traditional markets.


Vantage Payments Merchant Services

Credit Card Payment Processing

Because of its partnerships with major banks, Vantage Payments can process credit card payments for all businesses. No company can survive without processing card payments, so this is the first thing that any legitimate business needs to take care of.




High-risk Payment Processing

Vantage Payments partnered with third-party service providers to serve high-risk industries. These businesses cannot get approval from traditional financial institutions because their products and services are considered high-risk. Travel, adult entertainment, nutraceuticals, and CBD are examples of these businesses.

Payment Gateway

Vantage Payments assures that it has a well-secured payment gateway to process payments. Merchants need to address their customers’ payment security concerns. Knowing that merchants use a secure payment gateway will put the customers’ apprehensions to rest.


Vantage Payments Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

There is no available information about Vantage Payments’ fees and pricing scheme. The reason for this is the company’s partnership with many third-party service providers. Its fees will likely depend on the business type, as high-risk industries have higher charges.

Additional Fees

There is no information about any additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There are also no reports about Vantage Payments’ hidden fees.


Vantage Payments Complaints

There is one formal complaint against Vantage Payments on the BBB website. According to the complaint, the company was supposed to return the 10% reserve charged for every transaction as long as there were no chargebacks. The merchant has already terminated its contract with Vantage Payments. However, it complained that the company hadn’t returned the reserve money.


The case’s status remained “unanswered” on the BBB website.

Rip Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about Vantage Payments.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about Vantage Payments.


Vantage Payments BBB Rating

Vantage Payments has a listing on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Although it is not an accredited business, it has a B- rating, which is relatively average for BBB since it has a scorecard of A+ to F. There was one complaint resolved in the past three years.


BBB Reviews

Vantage Payments has no customer reviews on BBB despite the listing and rating.


Is Vantage Payments Legitimate?

Vantage Payments has profiles on business networking and social media sites. It also has a website, though there is privacy warning against data theft. Unless you are confident in your computer’s anti-theft features, it is wiser not to proceed with browsing the website.


The company has Facebook and Twitter profiles. On Facebook, it has 128 followers, while on Twitter, it has 60 followers. The last time Vantage Payments updated its Facebook page was in 2017. For Twitter, the last tweet was sent in April 2016.

ScamAdviser gave the website a low trust rating of 45/100. The score means the website is suspicious. The low trust score was based on the following:

  • The site’s owner is hiding their identity.
  • The site has a low Alexa rank.
  • There is no SSL certificate detected.
  • There are no reviews on popular sites.


There are no formal scam reports against Vantage Payments. Though it has some negative reviews on Google Reviews, the merchants did not specify what they don’t like about the company.


Vantage Payments faced a lawsuit for using TelexFree. According to the case, the company was well-aware that TelexFree was running a Ponzi scheme. The plaintiff said that his business experienced economic losses because Vantage Payments decided to use TelexFree. However, in 2021, the Court denied the class action plaintiff’s motion for an injunction.


Vantage Payments Customer Reviews

Vantage Payments has 3.7/5 reviews on Facebook. Although some merchants wrote positively about the company’s services, others also said the services are the “worst.” They complained about Vantage Payments’ failure to provide the account statement regularly. The company apparently takes out the money from the merchants’ accounts and does not update their statements immediately.


It also has negative reviews on Google. The two reviews say they had to give the company a one-star review because it was impossible to give it zero stars. The merchants say the staff of Vantage Payments are “rude” to new clients. They also say Vantage Payments is undeserving of any kind of review.



While there are negative reviews and even one lawsuit against Vantage Payments, BBB still gave it a B- rating. Plus, there are no formal complaints filed before the bureau. The lawsuit seems to have been resolved as of last year. The customer reviews did not give details about the merchants’ bad experiences.

By all available information, Vantage Payments could be a reliable merchant service provider, but it might be worth it to look at other companies with more positive reputations. No matter what, merchants must be careful when transacting with payment processors.

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