Vector Payments Review

December 25, 2021

Vector Payments specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. The company aims to “simplify the payments experience.”


The team behind Vector Payments created the company after working in the payment processing industry for three decades. They were tired of deceptive practices and the lack of customer support. As such, high-risk merchant accounts include transparency for pricing as well as plenty of support.

Vector Payments Services

Explore some of the services from Vector Payments in more detail.

  • EMV Terminals: You can choose from a range of EMV, swipe, and NFC terminals. These include options that fit on the countertop. They also include wireless options. These terminals let you accept credit and debit cards, including those that are contactless or use chip technology. It also lets you accept other contactless payment methods, such as Apple Pay.

Vector EMV

  • Retail POS Systems: Retailers can take advantage of Vector Payments’ cutting-edge POS systems. They include a hassle-free setup. If you already have a POS system, Vector Payments will reprogram it for you so it can work perfectly with the company’s solutions.
  • Wireless Terminals: The wireless terminals are ideal for retailers who need portability. These systems can help you cut down lines or work for deliveries or off-site events.
  • Mobile Payments: Vector Payments clients can use their tablets or smartphones to accept payments.
  • Electronic Check Processing: With the virtual terminal, you can accept electronic checks from customers.
  • Virtual Terminal: High-risk merchant accounts can use the virtual terminal to accept credit cards when they are not present. This lets you remain compliant and secure while processing orders over the phone or online. You can even process mail orders with the terminal. You can access the virtual terminal from any internet-connected device. You just need your gateway ID to do so. To use the virtual terminal, you just enter the account details, the customer’s name, transaction amounts, and other relevant information. The terminal lets you process all types of payments, including credit and debit cards and electronic checks.
  • Payment Gateways: Vector Payments supports virtual terminals from USAPay, Cybersource, NMI, and
  • Recurring Payments: You can set up recurring payments with the virtual terminal. This includes the ability to use automated recurring billing.
  • Fraud Protection: The virtual terminal also includes fraud protection. This is via features like Visa’s 3D Secure Authentication Protocol, American Express SafeKey, JCB International J/Secure, and Mastercard SecureCode.
  • Account Updater: The account updater feature is particularly useful for recurring billing. It ensures that the credit card information stored is up-to-date and is automatically updated if it expires. This helps prevent failed transactions.
  • Invoicing: You can send invoices with links to let customers pay via the virtual terminal. This improves security and helps you get paid on time.

Vector Payment Processing

Vector Payments Rates

As is common with high-risk credit card processing, Vector Payments customizes its rates for each client. As such, you need to contact them to get a quote. That being said, the company does not just give you a quote. If you provide Vector Payments a statement from your current processor, it will give you a cost savings analysis as well. (Cialis)

High-Risk Industries Vector Payments Serves

Nearly any industry can work with Vector Payments. The company primarily works with high-risk industries that struggle to get approval. That being said, it also works with low- and medium-risk companies that simply want better rates. Examples of these include gyms, restaurants, auto repair, and cafés. Vector Payments approves merchants that are considered high-risk due to being in e-commerce, high chargeback ratios, high product sales, or rendering their services at least 90 days after payment. The following are just some of the most common high-risk industries the company approves:

  • Cannabis
  • CBD
  • Hemp 
  • Travel
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Online ammo and guns
  • Collections
  • Tribal
  • IT support
  • Payday loans
  • Online pharmacies
  • Online e-cigarettes, vapes, and tobacco
  • Smoking accessories 
  • Delivery and dispatch 
  • Property management 
  • Financial services
  • Forex 
  • Debt consolidation
  • Electronics
  • Apparel
  • Credit repair 
  • Private jet services

Vector Payments will even accept merchants who have previously been denied by other processors.

Vector Payments services

Other Notable Features on Vector Payments

Opening an account with Vector Payments also gives you access to the following features.

        • 30 Years of Experience: The team at Vector Payments has more than 30 years of experience with payment processing. This includes both high-risk and low-risk sectors. That experience means that the company knows what people need from high-risk merchant accounts. The experience has also helped the company build connections in the industry, which helps you get approved.
        • Marketing Resources: You can also access marketing resources via the Vector Payments website. These resources give you the advice to boost your online sales and cover a range of topics.
        • Customer Support: You can reach support from Vector Payments via email, calling, using the live chat, or filling out the contact form. That customer support includes dedicated representatives who are familiar with the most common high-risk industries. This helps you get quick approval and maintain your processing. Every client receives a dedicated representative to provide them with a higher level of support.
        • Fast Activation: Once your account is approved, you can have your payment gateway and virtual terminal activated in under 24 hours. This lets you start accepting payments incredibly quickly.
        • Integration and Compatibility: The solutions from Vector Payments are compatible with all of the third-party gateways. The company also works with nearly every single e-commerce platform, including Volusion, BigCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Similarly, Vector Payments integrates with various credit repair software companies. Just some of these include Credit Money Machine, DisCo, DisputeSuite, DebtPayPro, Credit Repair Cloud, and Trackstar, among others.
        • Scalability: Vector Payments offers scalable solutions. This lets you continue to use their services as your business grows or your transaction sizes grow.
        • Security and Compliance: We already mentioned some of the security features of Vector Payments, but the company has other security and compliance features worth mentioning. There is secure data encryption. You also get PCI-compliant processing. Additionally, the company offers high-end and innovative prevention and monitoring for fraud.

Vector Payments Reputation and Reviews

There is not much information nor are there many reviews of Vector Payments online. As such, it is best to use your own judgment. There is no obligation when you get a quote from Vector Payments, so you can view their rates and the contract and decide.


Vector Payments is one of many options for high-risk credit card processing. The company lets you process credit and debit cards plus electronic checks. You can do so in person or via the virtual terminal. One convenient feature is that Vector Payments integrates with most software, from e-commerce platforms to debt consolidation software. The company also has a fast setup process so you can start accepting payments quickly.

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