Verde Payments Review

June 29, 2022

Verde Payments is a payment processing specialist for high-risk industries. It works with domestic and international banks to offer merchant accounts and other services. These include card-not-present payment processing, gateway services, and payment plans to name a few. The company promises simplicity, security, and customization through its full-featured payment platform.

Learn more about Verde Payments through this comprehensive review.



Verde Payments specializes in high-risk merchants. It provides custom-built systems and services based on your unique business needs. The company’s banking partnerships allow it to offer secure services and low rates. Merchants can expect no long-term contracts and early termination fees.


You can apply for a merchant account with Verde Payment through its website. You can also contact the company via call or email.


Verde Payments Services

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by Verde Payments.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Verde Payments helps high-risk businesses secure a merchant account. Fill out a form on its website, and the company will take care of the application process. It works with a network of four domestic banks and two offshore banks to offer customizable services and rates to high-risk merchants.

Once your account is approved, you will benefit from the company’s e-commerce processing services, security tools, seamless integrations, and more. Merchant accounts are subject to month-to-month contracts and low fees.

Payment Gateway

With a merchant account from Verde Payments, you do not need to engage with a third-party payment gateway. The company provides integrations at low-to-zero costs.



Payment Processing

Verde Payments enables merchants to process credit card payments from customers. You can choose between three independent card networks – retail, delivery, and e-commerce – depending on your business model. Merchants can also set up recurring and subscription payment plans and batch processing.

Other acceptable payment methods include e-checks and ACH direct deposits.


Verde Payments handles all system integrations needed to process payments. Although the company does not provide that many details, it can work with different business models. It can integrate with existing websites, software, ERP systems, and more.

Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

Verde Payments makes use of security tools to prevent fraud. These include tokenization, IP protocols, card verification, age verification, and more. It also has a Midigator® tool to ensure that customers settle payments. Merchants can also expect regular cross-checks from the company.

In terms of chargebacks, merchants can manage disputes to avoid any fees.


Verde Payments Rates

Verde Payments does not disclose its rates and fees online. However, the company guarantees low to zero gateway fees for merchants. Additionally, the absence of a long-term contract means no early termination fees.

For details, you may contact the company directly. Like most high-risk merchant service providers, pricing will likely depend on your business, industry, and other factors. The company will work to secure the best interchange rates for your business.



High-Risk Industries Verde Payments Serves

Below is a list of high-risk industries mentioned on the Verde Payments website.

  • Adult Entertainment
  • CBD and Hemp
  • Continuity and Subscriptions
  • Dating
  • Direct Marketing
  • Firearms
  • Membership and Clubs
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Nutraceuticals and Supplements
  • Online Gaming and Gambling
  • Property Management
  • Tobacco and Smoking Accessories


For industries not included in the list above, contact the company to discuss your options.


Other Notable Features of Verde Payments

Licensing Reviews and Consultation

As a high-risk expert, Verde Payments extends its services to business consultations. The company can review product claims, terms and conditions, licenses, and other data needed to operate legally and safely.

Month-to-Month Contracts

Verde Payments does not tie merchants to long contract terms. Instead, partnerships are renewed on a month-to-month basis. That means no early termination fees for merchants. You can also stop services whenever you want.

Verde Payments Reputation and Reviews

According to its website, Verde Payments has worked with over 5,000 merchants to date. Combined, it has a monthly processing volume of over $1 billion. The company also boasts of its partnerships with domestic and global banks and reputable financial institutions.

Outside its website, Verde Payments has a very limited online presence. While it does not have any customer reviews, it appears in several PR articles related to high-risk industries. They are mostly about the cannabis and firearms industry and how the company helps to address their unique processing needs.


In terms of credentials, Verde Payments has received the Synergy Award from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association. It is not a BBB-accredited company.



Verde Payments’ mission is to “help high-risk businesses grow.” Its services specifically cater to such industries, focusing on merchant accounts, secure processing, gateway integrations, and tailor-fit interchange fees. The company also eliminates long-term contracts and early termination fees, which is a common pain point for high-risk merchants.

While the company has worked with over 5,000 merchants, it does not have any customer reviews to testify to their experiences. That said, interested merchants are encouraged to contact the company to discuss past merchant engagements. In the same manner, make sure to discuss pricing details as the company does not disclose these as well.

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