Winstar Payments Review

May 29, 2022

Winstar Payments is a single-source provider of payment services. These include credit card and debit card processing for e-commerce, online, retail, and high-risk merchants. It also offers processing solutions for payroll.

The company tailor-fits its services depending on your business and your specific needs. It highlights its innovative technology, industry expertise, and knowledgeable team as benefits for merchants.

Below is a comprehensive review of Winstar Payments, its services, and rates.




Winstar Payments prides itself in having skilled specialists who are experienced with mid and high-risk merchants. They will help you secure a merchant account at competitive rates. They will also propose the best payment solutions based on your industry, risk profile, processing volume, and other factors. Winstar Payments guarantees high approval ratings within three to five business days.

Other high-risk merchant services include fraud and chargeback prevention tools, secure e-commerce and retail solutions, and in-house merchant support.


Services Offered by Winstar Payments

Here is a quick overview of merchant services offered by Winstar Payments.

Merchant Account

Winstar Payments helps businesses apply for merchant accounts, which are needed to gain access to the company’s payment processing solutions. Its dedicated specialists will assist you throughout the process and work to secure the best rates. The company claims to approve most industries. Merchants can also expect fast approvals, within three to five business days.

Payment Processing

Winstar Payments enables merchants to process credit cards, debit cards, and check payments. This applies to e-commerce, retail, and mobile merchants. The company will provide the necessary platforms and system integrations.

Merchants can also avail themselves of the company’s customer rewards program and gift card platform. They allow customers to pay through alternative methods. Winstar Payments will help with the setup, training, and enrollment. Other features include a management app, an automated platform, analytics, and reports.


Payment Gateway

For e-commerce merchants, payment processing solutions are powered by the company’s full-featured gateway. The company will help you integrate the system into your existing website or shopping cart.

Fraud Prevention Tools

The payment gateway comes with security tools to prevent fraud. These include end-to-end encryption and tokenization. Merchants can also set up velocity controls for added security. You can add sales value limits, block IP addresses and country codes, and more.


Chargeback Management Tools

Winstar Payments also helps merchants manage chargeback disputes and avoid unnecessary fees.

POS Terminals

For retail merchants, Winstar Payments offers a wide range of credit card terminals. Options include PAX A920, Clover Mini, Ingenico Lane 3000, and Microscale. They support contactless EMV and NFC payments. They also come with different capabilities and security features depending on what you need.

Payroll Processing

A unique service of Winstar Payments is payroll processing for HR companies. Merchants can issue employee payroll payments, file related taxes, integrate insurance benefits, and more. These features can also be accessed via mobile devices. Merchants can also connect their payroll systems with certain accounting software.

Apart from payroll management, merchants will have access to other HR tools like retirement plans, employee handbooks, recruitment kits, and more.



Rates of Winstar Payments

Winstar Payments does not disclose its rates and fees online. It prefers to take a tailor-fit approach to merchants, which means pricing will depend on several factors. That said, the company promises to secure the lowest possible rates for you.

Contact Winstar Payments to get an exact quote based on your business needs.


High-risk Industries Served by Winstar Payments

Winstar Payments does not provide a list of high-risk industries that it is open to working with. It is best to contact the company to discuss your eligibility.


Other Notable Features of Winstar Payments’ High-risk Merchant Accounts

24/7 Merchant Supports

Merchants will have access to the company’s customer support team at any time of the day. They will help fix technical problems, provide advice, and address other concerns.

Real-time Reports

Merchants will also benefit from real-time transaction monitoring and reports. They help you analyze your business and strategize business decisions moving forward.


Reputation and Reviews of Winstar Payments

Winstar Payments claims to be an industry-leading provider in the merchant services industry. It was established in 2015 by founder Rob Winokur. He has over 16 years of industry experience and has worked with esteemed payment providers. The company’s website also includes other members of the management team and their credentials. Furthermore, the company showcases its reputable affiliates. These include the Florida Medical Association, Alabama Medical Association, Dunedin Chamber of Commerce, North Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and more.


While it is not a BBB-accredited company, its BBB profile page shows an A+ rating. This is determined by the organization’s assessment of public information about the company. That said, the high rating is likely due to its lack of complaints or negative reviews.

Based on 16 Google reviews, the company has a high average rating of 4.8 stars. Similarly, it has a 5-star rating from two Facebook reviews. Overall, merchants seem satisfied with their experiences. They praise Winstair Payments for its credit card services, competitive rates, skilled staff, and reliable customer service. They also appreciate the company’s honesty and proactiveness in recommending the best solutions. Some merchants experienced savings thanks to the company.

On the contrary, we found one complaint that experienced the opposite. The merchant complained about hidden fees and a lack of transparency. Other than that, most reviews are positive.



Winstar Payments provides payment processing solutions for e-commerce, retail, and high-risk merchants. It offers a secure payment gateway and POS terminals for online and in-person credit card transactions. It also supports alternative payment methods like checks, rewards points, and gift cards. Merchants can expect advanced security tools, competitive rates, and 24/7 support as well.

Another notable service offered by the company is payroll processing. HR companies will benefit from this service, as well as other helpful features.

Overall, Winstar Payments aims to offer innovative solutions to everyday problems. This is further proven by its high customer ratings and positive testimonials.

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