WizoPay Review – Features, Pricing and Alternatives

December 25, 2021

WizoPay is a company that specializes in credit card processing for all types of businesses. Its payment solutions include the following:

  • Merchant accounts for credit card processing.
  • Online, in-store, and mobile payment processing.
  • Unlimited processing volumes.
  • Next-day funding.
  • Prevention programs against fraud and chargeback.
  • Free equipment to support payment processing needs.
  • Integration between eCommerce websites and payment systems.
  • Merchant portal for monitoring and reports.

Apart from online merchants, WizoPay also provides payment solutions in an in-store business setting. Whether online or retail, the company guarantees fast approval and low rates as it aims to help businesses succeed. For more information on its services and rates, below is a full review of WizoPay.

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WizoPay provides businesses with merchant accounts to process credit payments. It aims to understand each business’s unique needs in order to provide the best payment solutions, more so with high-risk merchants. It takes pride in having 25 years of experience with such businesses. For one, WizoPay’s partnerships with banks allow it to efficiently approve applications and offer low pricing plans. These two factors are common problems among high-risk industries. Secondly, it has a team of knowledgeable agents who take a personal approach with merchants. They customize payment solutions that will set you up for success. Apart from recognizing your current needs, it also works toward your future business goals. Additionally, it is proactive in adjusting your merchant services as you continue to grow. Below is a list of other benefits it provides high-risk merchants:

  • Secure payment processing, which is especially helpful for high-volume businesses.
  • Chargeback prevention tools.
  • No account holds or freezes.
  • No account terminations.
  • No long-term contracts.

High-risk businesses can apply for a free quote through the website. The company also offers free consultations. The discussion will include an analysis of your current processing statement. From here, the company will present its payment solutions and how it fares in comparison.

Services Offered by WizoPay

Below is a rundown of services offered by WizoPay.

Credit Card Processing : WizoPay’s primary service is credit card processing for all types of businesses. Whether online or in-store, merchants can process transactions from major credit card companies, such as:

  • MasterCard.
  • Visa.
  • Discover.
  • American Express.
  • UnionPay.
  • Star.

WizoPay will provide the payment system and integrate it into your existing business model. The company lists, NMI, and MiDiGator as partner processors. It also mentions the following benefits for merchants:

  • Next-day funding.
  • Unlimited processing volume.

Alternative Payment Methods : Apart from credit and debit cards, WizoPay also allows merchants to accept alternative payment methods like electronic checks, Apple Pay, and Android mobile wallets.

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eCommerce Payment Processing : WizoPay specializes in eCommerce businesses. Its payment processing solutions are easily integrated into major shopping carts, such as:

  • Shopify.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Wix.
  • Magneto.
  • Weebly.
  • Opencart.
  • OS Commerce.
  • Big Commerce.
  • PrestaShop.
  • 3DCart.

Point-of-Sale Payment Processing : WizoPay’s payment solutions are also available for businesses with point-of-sale transactions. This includes retail and mobile businesses.

In-Store Payment Processing :For retail businesses with a physical storefront, the company carries a variety of credit card terminals. It will recommend suitable equipment based on your needs. Once set up, merchants can begin processing in-store credit card payments.

Mobile Payment Processing :The company also covers payments for mobile businesses. These companies deal with their customers face-to-face without necessarily having a physical store. They are on the go, bringing their services or products to their customers. As a solution, WizoPay provides them with special equipment to accept credit card terminals wherever needed. Below is a list of terminals available at WizoPay. Depending on what is recommended for you, the company will integrate your terminal into your existing system. Apart from accepting payments, it is also equipped with security features for safe processing.

  • Clover Station.
  • Clover Flex.
  • PAX E800.
  • PAX E600.

Merchant Portal and Virtual Terminal : The company’s payment systems are connected to a merchant portal. This web-based platform is where merchants can access transaction history and data any time of the day. It also includes a free virtual terminal, wherein businesses can accept credit card payments on the spot. Other features include comprehensive reports on revenues and chargebacks. They can be exported whenever the merchant needs them. The interface is fully customizable to make it easy to use for merchants. WizoPay also assures merchants that their portals are secure and protected.

Chargeback and Fraud Prevention : Apart from payment processing, the company extends its services to chargeback and fraud prevention. It has security systems in place that will help merchants address suspicious transactions, a common occurrence among online businesses. Its online chargeback dispute tool allows merchants to immediately settle a chargeback. This will protect you from incurring any fees or losses. Additionally, its team of agents will work closely with you to analyze your monthly performance and discuss ways to reduce chargebacks.

Customer Support Team : WizoPay assures merchants of a reliable customer support team. It has dedicated merchant account representatives to help businesses secure the best payment solutions. They are also present throughout the onboarding and integration process. Once your account is set up, they are available for technical support whenever needed.


Rates of WizoPay

WizoPay does not provide its standard pricing scheme online. However, it does offer free quotations for companies that submit an online form. It also guarantees transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Similarly, it does not subject companies to cancellation or termination fees.

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High-Risk Industries Served by WizoPay

As stated on its website, WizoPay specializes in the following high-risk industries:

    • Accessibility subscriptions and streaming services.
    • Airline and travel clubs.
    • CBD.
    • Cigar / tobacco.
    • Credit re-establishment.
    • Credit repair.
    • Debt consolidation.
    • Drop-shipping.
    • Education and professional development.
    • Gun dealer.
    • High volume payments.
    • Home maintenance.
    • In-home fitness.
    • Kids toys.
    • Men’s and women’s health and wellness products.
    • Monthly subscription boxes.
    • Negative option billing.
    • Nutraceutical.
    • One-on-one consulting.
    • Online gaming.
    • Personal styling.
    • Recurring product retailers.
    • Settlement assistance.
    • Software as a service (SaaS).
    • Subscription / recurring billing.
    • Supplements and vitamins (subscription or one-off).
    • Vape / E-cigarette.

Reputation and Reviews of WizoPay

The WizoPay website contains reviews and testimonials from merchants. They mostly praised the company for its easy onboarding process, as well as training on the payment systems. Affordable and transparent pricing was also highlighted. Other than its website, WizoPay does not seem to appear on independent review sites. It also does not hold any Google rating or review.


WizoPay provides straightforward payment solutions to online and retail businesses. It offers typical merchant services like credit card processing, chargeback prevention, and eCommerce integrations. However, compared to its competitors, it has not yet explored more innovative solutions like loyalty card programs, invoicing systems, and international merchant services.

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