Z3N Payments Review – Is it Right for Your Business?

December 24, 2021

Z3N Payments is a company specializing in merchant account services. It provides all types of businesses with credit card processing solutions at various points of sale. It caters to small businesses, high-risk merchants, and international companies. Apart from merchant services, Z3N Payments is part of a larger company, Card Z3N, LLC., that provides other technology-based services for online payroll and HR compensation benefits. To learn more about Z3N Payments, let’s get into the details of its services and rates.

High-risk Merchant Accounts

Z3N Payments offers merchant account services to high-risk companies in need of reliable, end-to-end payment solutions. To apply for a high-risk merchant account, you can submit an online form with details of your business, industry, and payment needs. The team will then contact you to customize solutions and rates suitable for your business.

Z3N Payments review

Services Offered by Z3N Payments

Below are the services by Z3N Payments as seen on its website.


Mobile Point-of-sale : Z3N Payments offers wireless processing solutions through its mobile POS devices. Merchants are provided with their own POS device, which will allow them to accept credit card payments from customers wherever they may be. This is helpful for businesses with market stores, kiosks, or food carts. It is also good for businesses who need to bring their services to the customer, such as sporting events, food delivery services, and repair services. The company’s two mobile solutions include:

  • The MPOS (mobile point-of-sale) is a portable smartphone that accepts cashless payment on the go. It accepts mobile payments such as Samsung, Apple, and GooglePay.
  • The plug-and-play device is a mobile credit card reader that can be easily attached to a business owner’s Apple iOS or Android smartphone. It accepts payments through EMV chip cards and magstripe cards.

In-store Payments : Z3N Payments also offers physical terminals for retail stores to accept credit card payments at point-of-sale. Its range of terminal include:

  • Countertop Terminals are traditional devices used to accept credit card payments. It can be connected to the store’s existing POS system, which is helpful for businesses that do not want to set up a new system.
  • Poynt Terminals can accept all card payments and print corresponding receipts. Customers can opt to pay through a free mobile app, which will transmit payment to the terminal.
  • Clover Terminals is a more advanced terminal solution for businesses to accept credit card payments. It comes in portable tablets or a more full-fledged system.
  • PAX Terminals is a payment terminal device created by one of the top payment technology suppliers in the world. It accepts in-store, mobile, and MPOS payments.

Online Payments : Z3N Payments has its own payment gateway for eCommerce stores, websites, and apps to accept online payments from customers. Its goal is to provide fast and secure payment processing and reduce chargeback fees. Its gateway is easily integrated into a merchant’s existing website without a complicated setup. Additionally, it provides online shopping cart features for merchants to create a better online shopping experience for their customers. The company provides merchants with a virtual terminal to accept phone and mail orders through their own computer or phone. This will allow business owners to process and manage payments anytime.

Integrated Payments : Another payment solution provided by Z3N Payments is SDK and API technologies, which businesses can use to integrate payments into their existing software. It is back-end programming made easy for the merchants. This service is usually offered to businesses in the retail, hospitality, medical, and charity industries.

Enterprise Payments : Enterprise payment solutions are made for businesses with local and international customers. Z3N Payments will customize your payment platform system to allow real-time payment processing in a fast and reliable manner.

Z3N Payments services


International Payments : Z3N Payments makes it easy for international businesses to set up shop in different countries. It can help you open payment processing accounts in different countries and accept global currencies. Moreover, it allows you to create a comprehensive report across all your locations. It has worked with merchants in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

ACH Payments :  Z3N Payments gives its merchant access to its fully integrated ACH platform. This will allow you to process web-based transactions, set up recurring billing for your customers, and edit or void transactions. It also ensures a fast and seamless electronic transfer of payments from customers to merchants.

Customer Service : Z3N Payments takes pride in providing its merchants with a reliable and supportive customer service experience. It has trained its team to handle everything from setup to training to system maintenance. If you have any questions regarding your merchant account, you can rely on timely and helpful responses.

Rates of Z3N Payments : As is the case for most payment processing companies, merchant account rates will depend on your customized payment solutions plan. That said, the company claims to offer competitive rates, as well as special discounts for businesses with high volume transactions.

High-risk Industries Served By Z3N Payments

Below is a list of high-risk industries that have worked with Z3N Payments:

  • Adult
  • Auto parts and accessories
  • Collections
  • Credit repair
  • Diet and weight loss programs
  • CBD and marijuana
  • E-cigarettes
  • Electronics
  • Extended warranties
  • Fantasy sports
  • Financial services
  • Firearms
  • Furniture
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Online gaming and casinos
  • Precious metals and coins
  • Self-storage
  • Travel
  • Vacation

Z3N Payments logo

Other Notable Features of Z3N Payments

Below we’ve listed some other notable features of high-risk merchant accounts offered by Z3N Payments.


Small Businesses Program

Z3N Payments takes pride in working with all types of businesses with a special program made for small business owners. Through its easy-to-use QuickBooks® plug-in, small businesses can process payments, manage accounting entries, and categorize different transactions, all within one platform. It also prioritizes payment security by providing features for payer authentication, fraud protection, and electronic invoicing. Apart from these, small businesses have access to other Z3N Payment services like ACH processing and business funding.

B2B and B2G Payments

Z3N Payments provides customized solutions for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) companies. Apart from processing payments, it also offers lower transaction rates for these types of businesses. Its team of trained consultants will start by assessing your business based on your industry, needs, payment methods, and transaction volume. After the assessment, the team will provide you with opportunities to cut costs. For companies with large transaction volumes, you can enjoy additional discounts on your processing fees. According to its website, some of its merchants were able to enjoy up to a 40% reduction in rates.

Reputation and Reviews of Z3N Payments

Z3N Payments appears on multiple review sites online, which generally consider it a reputable payment solutions company. It is mostly praised for its end-to-end services, robust payment gateway, and good customer service.


Z3N Payments offers a wide variety of payment processing solutions for all types of merchants. By taking into account back-end business needs and customer experience, it provides holistic services for retail, mobile, mail, and online transactions. In doing so, merchants can enjoy seamless payment processing at all fronts.

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