5 Star Processing Review

October 29, 2021

5 Star Processing specializes in offering high-risk merchant accounts that let merchants process payments. The company has more than 26,000 merchants as clients and has saved those clients a combined amount of over $4.2 million.


The main offering from 5 Star Processing is their high-risk merchant accounts. These appeal to companies in high-risk industries, those with bad credit, and those that receive more than $500 in credit card sales or more than $20,000 in total sales per month.

PayPal Merchant Accounts

In addition to traditional high-risk merchant accounts, 5 Star Processing also offers PayPal merchant accounts, otherwise known as virtual merchant accounts. High-risk merchants that opt for this type of account will have 5 Star Processing representatives there to assist them with every step of the PayPal merchant account process.


PayPal merchant accounts let you accept credit cards, debit cards, cash deposits, and transfers. This type of account also integrates with BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and other major platforms. There is also a marketing solution package, online invoicing, and various developer tools.

This type of merchant account adds payment gateway hardware to the other elements of the high-risk merchant account. This appeals to the increasing number of virtual merchants who install proprietary hardware at POS locations.

Instant Approval UK Accounts

A unique account offering from 5 Star Processing is the option of a high-risk merchant UK account with instant approval. This helps companies with an international reach.

5 Star Processing Services

Some of the basic services offered by 5 Star Processing require further explanation to better understand. The company also offers additional services not already mentioned, and we’ll go into those below.

Credit Card Processing

image of credit card processing

One of the most popular services from 5 Star Processing is its high-risk credit card processing.


Payment Gateways

High-risk merchant accounts can also take advantage of payment gateway services from 5 Star Processing.

POS Systems

5 Star Processing offers various POS systems to clients’ high-risk merchant accounts. They specialize in offerings from Clover, including the Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Flex, and Clover Go. At the time of writing, they also have a dozen other highly portable terminals and POS systems that you can use right from your smartphone.

Recurring Billing

The high-risk credit card processing from this company lets you set up recurring billing as well as one-time payments.

Business Lending

image of business lending

Businesses that need more money to get off the ground can contact 5 Star Processing about business lending.


5 Star Processing also offers payroll services, but this is through ADP.

A Business Card

In addition to high-risk payment processing, 5 Star Processing also offers a credit card to high-risk merchants. This is a solution designed to help companies with bad credit build their credit while also offering all of the conveniences that come with having a business card.


As a bonus, it also lets your business earn rewards. The perks can let you earn as much as $300. It also allows you to track expenses.

From a credit-building standpoint, 5 Star Processing does credit reporting to D&B as well as Experian, both monthly. This is especially important for businesses with no or bad credit.

The business credit card does not require a credit check or a personal guarantee. The approval process is incredibly easy.

5 Star Perks Program

The 5 Star perks program is a newer service from the payment processor. It is designed to give high-risk merchant accounts even more benefits and tools to help them grow their business. It can you get business funding, build your business credit, or scale your business.

Joining this program gives members access to more than $1,000 worth of discounts and savings. This includes free terminals and special pricing for high-risk credit card processing.

Members also get access to more than 70 business funding and credit partners across the country. They also get access to a vast library of business resources.

There is even access for members to personal credit solutions and student loan solutions, providing benefits for merchants in their personal and business lives. Perks members also receive business coaching and training, business credit tools, and access to the company’s commission and affiliate program. This includes monthly masterminds, accountability partners, one-on-one coaching, and Q&A sessions.

5 Star Processing Rates

image of 5 star processing rates

5 Star Processing prides itself on transparency, meaning that high-risk merchant accounts don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

The company does not list fees for most account types on its website. It only lists them for PayPal merchant accounts. The cost is just 2.5% for each transaction.

High-risk Industries 5-Star Processing Serves

5 Star Processing offers high-risk credit card processing to a long list of industries, including the following:

  • Ammunition and firearms
    • Adult entertainment
    • Antiques and collectibles
    • Document preparation
    • Credit repair
    • Debt consolidation
    • Fantasy sports
    • Legal services
    • Moving companies
    • Magazine sales
    • Hotel lodging
    • Nutraceuticals
    • MLMs
    • Restaurants
    • Precious metals
    • Retail
    • Vapes, e-cigarettes, and e-juice

In addition to high-risk industries, they also work with low- and medium-risk industries.

Other Notable Features of 5 Star Processing

In addition to the features and services already mentioned as part of the high-risk merchant accounts, 5 Star Processing also offers the following notable features.

24/7 Support

image of 5 star processing 24/7 support

While some payment processors only have limited customer support hours, you can reach the team at 5 Star Processing at any time of the day or night.

Fast Approvals

Many merchants are eligible for instant approvals with 5 Star Processing. Every business is eligible for instant approval. This lets you start saving money or accepting more types of payments sooner. Most merchants will get approval within 48 hours, which is still among the fastest times in the industry.

Integration With Popular Systems

To make it easier to start high-risk credit card processing, 5 Star Processing integrates with many of the most popular POS systems. Some of the gateway and e-commerce integrations that you can take advantage of include CardPointe, Authorize.Net, and NMI.

5 Star Processing Reputation and Reviews

Reviews from clients and third parties alike are very favorable. The company has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on nine reviews and ratings. Reviews praise the knowledge of the support team, the ease of setting up an account, the quick response time from support, and the affordable rates.

5 Star Processing also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The only caveat is that on their Facebook page, their rating is just 2.1 out of 5. However, this is also only based on 18 opinions. The favorable reviews praise the company for similar things as those mentioned in the TrustPilot reviews. The poor ratings, on the other hand, refer to the company as a scam, with most of those reviews citing an application fee or poor response times. Many people mention waiting two weeks or more for approval.

image of customer reviews


5 Star Processing offers a range of payment processing services for high-risk merchant accounts, making it easy to accept money. Depending on where you look, 5-StarProcessing has a mixed reputation online. (xanax) The company has a very high rating on TrustPilot but a mediocre one on Facebook, the latter of which seems to include an equal number of reviews with high praise and those with high criticism. Based on the mixed reviews and reputation, it may be best to compare this payment processor with others before signing a contract.

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