Maverick Payments – A Complete Company Review

November 24, 2021

Maverick Payments lets high-risk merchant accounts easily accept multiple types of payments in one place. The company uses end-to-end technology and has client-centered payment solutions.


You can take advantage of high-risk credit card processing with Maverick Payments. Merchant accounts get access to online payments as well as card-present payments. The company can work with businesses of all sizes, thanks to its scalability.

Look at some of the payment processing services from Maverick Payments in more detail.

  • In-Person Payments

If you have a physical store, you can take advantage of in-person payments as well. This is done via Maverick Payments’ various point-of-sale tools and terminals.


The payment solutions are highly customizable, including variations that work well for retail, hotels, medical billing, and restaurants. Those issuing medical billings will also appreciate the HIPAA compliance and PCI compliance of Maverick Payments’ solutions.

  • Terminals and POS Systems 

The terminals for those in-person payments are feature-rich. They work with near-field communication, EMV, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Some of the options include Verifone, Dejavoo, Igencio, and PAX. Maverick Payments also offers wholesale pricing and direct support for Vital and Poynt systems.

  • Online Payments

There are several ways that you can accept online payments with Maverick Payments. Developers can use the API to integrate the payment gateway. You can also opt for a convenient hosted form.

  • ACH Processing

You can accept e-checks to reduce the costs associated with processing physical checks. This service essentially lets you accept funds straight from the bank accounts of customers. Maverick Payments handles all of the operations related to ACH processing in-house, while its dashboard makes it easy to access information and offers secured payments.

  • Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal is especially helpful for accepting online payments. It also lets you manually enter other approved types of transactions. It also supports automated email receipts, electronic invoicing, and tokenization. You can also set up multiple users with varying visibility and rights.

  • Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is the key to accessing the various payment processing services from Maverick Payments. Maverick Payments uses a proprietary gateway, which means that you are working with fewer companies. Therefore, you have fewer systems to manage and simpler reporting.


The payment gateway features an account updater to automatically update customer card data. It integrates with many CRM systems, shopping carts, and other third-party systems. It also features a direct API and hosted forms.

  • Hosted Forms

These offer a simple way to add a payment form to your e-commerce site without worrying about security.

  • Electronic Invoicing

Sending invoices via email will streamline accounts receivable.

  • Recurring Billing

In addition to setting up recurring billing, you can also create and track payment plans.

  • Batch Upload

Take advantage of batch upload capabilities to maintain accurate and up-to-date records.

  • Bizlitix and Analytics 

Bizlitix is the analytics and reporting solution from Maverick Payments. It provides data that you can put to good use.

The reports from Maverick Payments include information on payment processing, industry benchmarks, competitors, trends, and customers. This includes detailed authorization reporting and batch reporting. You can also take advantage of site analytics, such as website traffic and page speed. There is also keyword research, reputation management, a visitor heat map, market intelligence, product analysis, and competitor analysis.

  • Interchange Optimization

Qualifying merchants can take advantage of interchange optimization to reduce card brand costs. This is especially common for Level 2 or 3 items. You can even streamline and automate your qualification for this service.

  • Fraud Prevention (and Chargeback Prevention)

Maverick Payments offers a selection of tools to prevent fraud and manage chargebacks. These tools identify potential chargebacks, flag previous chargebacks and disputes, and provide details for card rejections.

The negative chargeback database lets you see if someone with a history of chargebacks was authorized for a payment. You also receive a text and/or email when a customer does a chargeback. Then, when you log into the dashboard, you can instantly see what documents you need to upload or steps to take. You can just drag and drop the documents into place. In the case of non-varying documents, you can upload them once and save them.

The BIN data lets you see the card type, card brand, issuer, and issuing bank. Other tools include CVV and AVS information, 3D Secure, and IP monitoring.

You also get access to fraud data. This data includes decline statistics, BIN-level authorization info, and dispute data. You also get access to a monthly automated fraud report.

Maverick Payments services

  • Surcharging

Maverick Payments offers surcharging as a compliant way to reduce the costs of high-risk credit card processing. Proper, compliant surcharging can save you 95% or more on processing fees. Maverick stays up-to-date with the changing regulations regarding surcharging, eliminating any concerns you may have.

Options include surcharges, convenience fees, and cash discounts, all of which have their own restrictions and regulations.

  • Developer Services and Features

Developers can take advantage of the onboarding API and the available white-label dashboard. There is also plenty of API documentation and sandbox access.

Maverick Payments Rates

As is common for the industry, Maverick Payments does not list its rates for high-risk merchant accounts on its website. You must contact them for a quote. This lets Maverick Payments customize its pricing and services based on your needs.

High-Risk Industries Maverick Payments Services

Maverick Payments works with many high-risk businesses, including those in the following industries:

  • Vapes and e-cigarettes
  • Nutraceuticals and health supplements
  • Tobacco and paraphernalia
  • Firearms and ammo
  • Direct response
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Coaching and seminars
  • Dating
  • Lenders
  • Travel-related services

Other Notable Features on Maverick Payments

Those considering Maverick Payments should be aware of the following features:

  • Full-Service Payment Processing

The payment processing from Maverick Payments is full-service. This means that the company handles everything in-house, including onboarding, underwriting, compliance, and risk mitigation.

  • Third-Party Integration

Maverick Payments makes it easy for high-risk merchant accounts to integrate their services with CRM systems and shopping carts.

  • Advanced Dashboard

The dashboard for high-risk credit card processing features advanced and innovative tools. It lets you use analytics, issue help tickets, give access to sub-users, and fight fraud.

  • Fast Funding

Maverick Payments lets you take advantage of same-day or next-day funding.

  • Security

This payment processor has a redundant infrastructure to maximize reliability and security. It also meets the strictest safety requirements and is PCI Level One-compliant.

  • Vast Experience

Maverick has been serving clients since 2000. Its management team has more than 35 years of processing experience. The company uses this experience to ensure that high-risk merchant accounts receive the payment processing services they need.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7/365 for both partners and merchants.

Maverick Payments review

Maverick Payments Reputation and Reviews

Overall, Maverick Payments has a strong reputation with slightly mixed reviews that tend to be mostly favorable when you look at multiple sources. The company has an A+ BBB rating. There are two complaints with the BBB within the last 12 months and within the last three years.

Reviewers praise Maverick Payments for its ability to get processing as high-risk merchants, as well as its responsiveness and helpfulness. They also praise the quick application acceptance and how fast the hardware arrives, letting retailers begin processing payments.


Maverick Payments has a long history, which should give you confidence in the company’s services. While most reviews are filled with praises, there are a handful of one-star reviews that are worth noting before working with Maverick. Overall, the company is great for high-risk merchant accounts, letting you easily accept credit cards, ACH payments, and more.

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