Moneck Payment Solutions – A Complete Company Review

November 18, 2021

Moneck helps high-risk merchant accounts accept all major credit cards, as well as ACH transfers and e-checks.


The high-risk credit card processing from Moneck is also available for low- and medium-risk accounts. The company also offers both low and high-volume accounts and accounts for startups and those with low credit. It prides itself on its high approval rate. The company supports card-present transactions as well as those with payment over the internet, mail order, or telephone.

Moneck Services

Explore some of the services from Moneck in more detail.

Phone and Mail Order Processing

image of phone and mail order processing


You can use the virtual terminal to accept credit cards over the phone or by mail.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing includes the ability for high-risk merchant accounts to accept Amex, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard.

Debit PIN Processing

You can save money on each transaction by letting customers pay with their debit card and PIN.

E-check Processing

This system lets you process your checks electronically. You then receive the funds within 24 to 48 hours.

Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal

image of payment gateway

According to Moneck, its payment gateway and virtual terminal have more features than those of its competitors, along with the company’s fast payment processing. Moneck offers solutions like the e-Processing Network, Payeezy gateway, and Authorize.Net.


As mentioned, the Moneck gateway lets you accept payments online, over the phone, or from nearly anywhere.

Mobile Processing

You can use your Android device, iPad, or iPhone to makes sales on the go. All of these integrate seamlessly with your main merchant account. You can even use this to set up off-site billing.

POS and Credit Card Terminals

Moneck offers high-risk credit card processing via a simple cloud-based POS system that works with Windows. You can use it to track all types of transactions. There is also an optional USB card reader with a PIN pad.

image of credit card terminals

Custom Payment Solutions

High-risk merchant accounts can also get payment solutions customized to their business and needs.

Recurring Payments

You can set up recurring payments as part of your high-risk credit card processing.

Online Reporting

The online reporting from Moneck comes with free training as well as support. This feature lets you manage and reconcile your payment processing with an internet connection from anywhere.


Electronic Invoicing

You can brand electronic invoices and send them to customers by email. Customers then click on a link to pay.

Gift Cards

High-risk merchant accounts can increase loyalty and revenue with gift cards.


End-of-month Billing

If you prefer, you can pay all of the fees for high-risk credit card processing at the end of the month instead of as transactions occur.

Business Quick Cash Advance

This service gives high-risk merchant accounts access to working capital, something which is hard to get in the high-risk industry.

Chargeback Prevention and Disputing 

image of chargeback protection

This service includes chargeback alerts and chargeback audits. It also includes personalized information to successfully dispute chargebacks and a win/loss assessment.

Interchange Optimization

If your business qualifies, you can take advantage of interchange optimization to lower your high-risk credit card processing fees.


If you want to add an ATM to your retail location, this is another service that Moneck offers.

Inventory Management 

The inventory system integrates with the Moneck payment gateway, mobile processing, POS software, and internet website sales.

Website Services and More 

If you don’t already have a website but want to sell online, Moneck also offers websites (with optional hosting), including ones specific to e-commerce. These include shopping carts, which you can also get separately.

Corporation Filing

In addition to its high-risk credit card processing and related services, Moneck also offers some unrelated services, including corporation filing. This extends to limited liability companies and S-corporations. It also including filing annual reports and applying for an EIN or tax ID.

Other Unrelated Services

Some of the other unrelated services that Moneck offers include a Google Maps 360-degree virtual tour, starting a social media presence, Facebook marketing and management, online local coupon marketing, email marketing, logo design, web hosting, and tech support.

Moneck Rates

image of moneck rates

Moneck prides itself on offering the lowest possible rates in the industry.

Retail, Mobile, or Restaurant

For swiped transactions, rates start at just 1.59% and $0.20 per transaction.

There is also a price-match policy for card-present merchants who are not high risk.

Internet, Mail, or Telephone Order

The rates start at 1.99% plus $0.20 per transaction.

Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway

Authorize.Net costs $15 per month, ePN costs $20, and FirstData e4 costs $20. There are no additional fees.

High-risk Industries Moneck Serves

According to the company website, Moneck offers high-risk merchant accounts to more than 90 different industries. This includes both offshore and USA domestic companies.

Just some of the industries that Moneck will approve include:

    • Apparel
    • Animal hospitals
    • Airplane charters
    • Airline tickets
    • Cigars and e-cigarettes
    • Coins and collectible currencies
    • Coupons or reward programs
    • Computer repairs online
    • Debt consolidation or collection
    • Direct selling
    • Dating sites
    • E-books
    • Event ticket brokers

    • Horoscopes or psychic services
    • Insurance brokers
    • Investment firms
    • Luxury watches and jewelry
    • Life coaching
    • Medical
    • Peptide supplements
    • Real estate agencies
    • Tech support
    • Travel agencies
    • Weight loss
    • Fitness centers

image of high risk industries

Other Notable Features of Moneck

Moneck also has some features that are worth mentioning.

Keep Cards on File

Letting your customers store their card details increases your likelihood of repeat transactions.

Optional Tips

The high-risk credit card processing services include the option to let customers add a tip. This is especially popular for restaurants but also works in other industries.

Hold Bar Tab

Restaurants will also appreciate the option to create a bar tab.

Security and Compliance

Moneck uses tokenization as an added security measure with its payment gateway. The network is monitored 24/7, and it also features real-time intrusion detection and file integrity systems. Its services are also PCI DSS compliant. It even features Level 3 processing.

There are also HIPAA-friendly solutions for those in the medical industry.

image of security and compliance

QuickBooks Integration

You can easily integrate your Moneck payment processing with QuickBooks for easy accounting.

Other Integrations

You can also integrate Moneck with the most popular shopping carts and e-commerce software. These include WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento Go, and Big Commerce.

Next-day Funding

The e-commerce payment gateway from Moneck includes next-day funding for high-risk merchant accounts.

One-point Billing

You can view billing from all credit card types in a single merchant statement.

Customer Service

Moneck offers live 24/7 customer support. Clients also receive dedicated merchant consultants.

Moneck Reputation and Reviews

Moneck has mostly favorable reviews for its high-risk credit card processing. Customers praise the company’s quick response time, low fees, and ability to accept a range of payment methods.

image of moneck customer reviews


Moneck offers high-risk merchant accounts as well as accounts for lower-risk industries. They accept merchants from nearly all high-risk industries as well as those with poor credit. You can use their services to accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and e-checks with low fees.

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