PremierPay – An Guide to This Canadian Payment Processing Company

May 6, 2022

PremierPay is based in Toronto, Canada. Due to its wide range of experience in payments processing methods, it is considered the best alternative payment method in online and mobile apps. PremierPay is proud to say that its focus is on easing the customers’ interactions and processes. The experience becomes quicker, more pleasant, and more secure.

Some of the reasons why merchants and customers choose PremierPay are the following:

  • Increased positive conversion rates.
  • Secure PCI-compliant services.
  • Quick checkout options.
  • Daily settlements are available.
  • Easy integration.

In 2019, PremierPay launched a new comprehensive payment platform for retail and e-commerce sites. It allowed merchants to accept payments online and on mobile apps. Since the majority of consumers don’t like bringing cash with them, the PremierPay payment platform was also widely integrated into in-store payment terminals.

The company’s suite of services also includes direct debit, directDebitPlus, direct credit, InteractOnline, and emailMoney.



PremierPay Overview


PremierPay Merchant Services

Card Payment Processing

PremierPay has a platform that will allow customers to pay using their bank transit and account number. It’s basically like paying with your credit card. The platform works with Visa Direct, Alipay, WeChat Pay, SEPA, Interac Online, Interac Transfer, direct credit, and direct debit Plus.

High-risk Merchant Account

Online gambling customers use PremierPay to pay for their purchases. This alone showed that the company is comfortable processing payments for high-risk businesses. The problem with these industries is that they cannot get approval from acquiring banks because of their high risks. PremierPay is an excellent alternative payment method because it does not require businesses to submit registrations and other documents.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

PremierPay will also soon provide POS devices for physical stores. This means that customers can use their PremierPay accounts for in-store payments. This provides more flexibility for merchants and their clients.

Chargeback Protection

Normally, customers get charged a chargeback fee if the bank denies a payment. PremierPay protects businesses from such charges. Your funds will stay safe until you solve the issue with the payments. The only fees you have to shoulder are the regular transaction fees.






PremierPay Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

There is no information about the processing fees of PremierPay. However, the company said it would charge a fee per successful transaction. The rates that the users will be subjected to are displayed on the dashboard. It also has a currency exchange fee in case the customers are going to transact with merchants outside Canada.

Additional Fees

There is no information about PremierPay’s additional fees.

Hidden Charges

There is also no information about PremierPay’s hidden fees.

PremierPay Complaints

There are no formal complaints filed against PremierPay.

Rip-Off Reports

There are no rip-off reports about PremierPay.

Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about PremierPay.

PremierPay BBB Rating

PremierPay is not listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. As such, it has no rating and accreditation there. There are also no reviews or complaints about the company. The BBB is an accrediting agency that rates businesses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It gives a rating between A+ and F.


Many merchants and consumers check BBB first before partnering with a payment processing platform. They need the assurance that they have a bureau to complain to when they encounter problems with the company. However, it should be noted that BBB is not the only group that can accredit businesses.

BBB Reviews

Since PremierPay is not listed with the bureau, there are no reviews about the company on the BBB website.

Is PremierPay Legitimate?

PremierPay is a legitimate company. Users can safely use its website and app. It has profiles on social media and professional networking websites. The company also regularly publishes press releases on PR distribution sites. It has a Facebook page, but the last update was in January 2021. There are very few likes and comments on the page too.

ScamAdviser said that PremierPay’s website has an average to good trust score. It gave the site a 100/100 rating. The positive highlights are as follows:

  • Moneyback guarantee.
  • Cookie consent.
  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • Registered domain name.
  • Old website.

There are two negative highlights of the website. The first one is that the owners hide their identities using WHOIS. The second is the low Alexa ranking of PremierPay’s website. This meant there weren’t many visits to the site.


There are no scam reports about PremierPay.


No class-action lawsuit has been filed against PremierPay.


No Scam


PremierPay Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, PremierPay does not have client testimonials on the website. It also does not have recommendations and reviews on Facebook and other social media sites. On a website for gambling casinos’ clients, the platform was rated 3/5.


PremierPay is the leading alternative payment method in Canada. It provides an excellent way for customers and merchants to transact. It is customer-centric, which means its goal is to make transactions easier and swifter. Despite the lack of customer reviews on the internet, PremierPay is a payment method you need to check out to grow your business.

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