RS Merchant Services International Review

August 5, 2022

RS Merchant Services International was founded in 1995 to offer payment processing solutions to merchants. According to the company, its mission is to protect the merchants’ finances as opposed to other payment processors that take advantage of the merchants’ vulnerabilities. The company said it can offer a variety of payment options at competitive rates.

The company specializes in providing payment methods to CBD merchants and smoking accessories businesses. The merchant accounts, together with the tools, allow these businesses to grow their market. Traditional payment processors don’t approve CBD businesses because of the risks involved. RS Merchant Services International offers customized payment solutions to businesses that would otherwise be rejected.

RS Merchant Services International takes pride in their low or no setup fee offers, as well as their fast approvals and low, competitive rates. It also said the company provides direct lines to all their merchants for a better client experience. It also has free consultation for merchants who would want to know more about the company’s offers.

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RS Merchant Services International Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Businesses cannot survive in physical locations and online without accepting credit card payments. This is the most important payment method that all businesses should focus on. RS Merchant Services International provides in-store and e-commerce credit card payment solutions. It is a partner of domestic and international banks. The company makes sure its merchants can accept even international payments.

High-risk Merchants

RS Merchant Services International can also set up merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. Regular banks turn down businesses because of the risks involved. That stops these businesses from growing. RS Merchant Services International can work with vape suppliers, glassware, bongs, smoking accessories, and other types of high-risk industries.

Cashless ATM

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Some in-store customers will want to pay with their debit cards rather than their credit cards. This is better for merchants because the cardholders will shoulder the fee. RS Merchant Services International can provide PIN-based terminals. These terminals will process these payments that are instantly convertible into cash. This goes to the merchants’ accounts without convenience and transaction fees.

Virtual Terminals

Merchants should be able to take payments via phone or fax. Virtual terminals are the only way to do that. This also empowers businesses to receive payments in outdoor sales venues, exhibits, and the like. RS Merchant Services International has the tools to turn a tablet or smartphone into a virtual terminal. Aside from payment processing, virtual terminals can also improve sales reports, support recurring billing, and allow multiple users.


RS Merchant Services International Processing Fees, Rates & Pricing

Processing Fees

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RS Merchant Services International has some information about its fees, but there is no exact number published. On its website, it said that it has a zero processing rate program for qualified merchants. The idea is to pass on the processing fee to the customer as a service charge. The company said this is legal. The processing fee per transaction for a credit card will be 3.5%.

Customers can then choose if they want to pay a cash discount, which means there will be no service charge. If they choose to pay with their credit card, they will need to shoulder the 3.5% processing fee for the transaction.

Additional Fees

RS Merchant Services International said there will be no additional fees aside from the charges agreed upon in the contract.

Hidden Charges

RS Merchant Services International also said they will not have any hidden charges because they have a standard flat rate program. Businesses can process as much as $100,000 a month without incurring additional fees.

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RS Merchant Services International Complaints

There are currently no complaints published against RS Merchant Services International.

Rip Off Reports

There is no information about RS Merchant Services International being a rip-off.


Other Complaints

There are no other complaints about RS Merchant Services International.


RS Merchant Services International BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives accreditation to businesses. It also rates businesses based on customer reviews. RS Merchant Services International is not accredited by BBB. It also has no rating on the website.

BBB Reviews

The company does not have a profile with BBB, which means it has not received complaints or reviews from customers.


Is RS Merchant Services International Legitimate?

There is not much information about RS Merchant Services International on the internet. While it does have a website and a profile on online business directories, these don’t contain much about the company’s experience.

RS Merchant Services International doesn’t have social media presence, too, which makes it harder to follow what the company has been doing in the past years. It does look to be a legitimate business, though, since its officers are listed on a business page. Its CEO said he has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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It doesn’t look like RS Merchant Services International was involved in scams.


There is no information about RS Merchant Services International facing a lawsuit.


RS Merchant Services International Customer Reviews

Unlike other payment processing service providers, RS Merchant Services International does not publish its customer reviews and testimonials on the website. There are also no reviews of the company in online forums.



Aside from what can be found on its website, there isn’t much that you can know about RS Merchant Services International. Merchants have to directly contact the company to know more about its products, services, and fees.

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