STICPAY Review – A Guide to This eWallet Payment Gateway

May 3, 2022

STICPAY makes it easy for merchants and customers to send and receive funds. It’s an e-wallet and payment gateway in one. But what makes STICPAY unique is that it can process cryptocurrency transactions. This payment gateway is more than just a credit card payment processor; it is also a platform where crypto users can send and receive Bitcoins and Litecoins.

The company can bring businesses to the global stage. You can expand your market by integrating STICPAY into your payment platforms. The company also works with high-risk merchants such as online shops, online gaming, foreign exchange, margin trading brokers, and many more.

STICPAY Merchant Services

  • Credit Card Payment Processing –

STICPAY allows users to send money via an e-wallet funded by credit cards, debit cards, and local bank wires. This means customers can pay for their purchases in other countries using the STICPAY payment gateway. The transaction is completed instantly, while traditional banks would need three days to clear the payment. STICPAY makes the process smoother, ensuring that goods and items are shipped immediately.


  • High-risk Payment Processing –

STICPAY works with high-risk businesses, such as online gambling sites and FOREX. Most banks don’t approve these types of transactions. If they do, they will charge a very high transaction fee. However, STICPAY has found a way to lower the costs to a minimum despite the risks involved in transacting these payments.

  • Cryptocurrency Payment Processing –

The main benefit of using STICPAY for payment processing is it accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. This is a new payment option that an up-and-coming breed of consumers uses now. Businesses should start using these digital currencies to reach new markets.

STICPAY Fees, Rates & Pricing

  • Processing Fees –

For money-in, STICPAY has an international bank wire transfer fee of 1% and a local bank wire fee of 2%. For Mastercard and Visa, the rate is 3.85%, and for UnionPay, it’s 5%. STICPAY also accepts cryptocurrency with a 1% fee for Bitcoin and Litecoin.

For money-out, the company has a 5% international bank wire fee. It has a CN¥ 30.00 + 2.5% fee for UnionPay and 1.3% for STIC Card. Users can also use Bitcoin for Ƀ 0.00077000 + 3% and Litecoin for 3%.

It also has transfer send/receive fees: $0.3 + 2.5% for client to merchant (fiat), 1.8% for client to merchant (crypto), and 1% for client to client.

  • Additional Fees –

There is no information about any additional fees.

  • Hidden Charges –

STICPAY is transparent with its fees. It says that it has no hidden charges.


STICPAY Complaints

There are no formal complaints against STICPAY.

Rip Off Reports

No one has called STICPAY a rip-off, but some customers complain about its transaction fees.

Other Complaints

Some customers are also complaining about STICPAY’s customer service. They say that the company refused to address issues with the e-wallet and payment gateway.


STICPAY is not listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is not accredited by the bureau, nor does it have a rating. The bureau rates businesses, including payment processors and e-wallets, between A+ and F. Many merchants and customers check a company’s BBB rating first before deciding to sign a contract.

BBB Reviews

There are no reviews about STICPAY on the BBB website.

Is STICPAY Legitimate?

STICPAY is a legitimate company with an updated profile on Twitter. It has a profile on the business networking site LinkedIn and downloadable apps on the App Store and Google Play. Customer reviews can be found on online stores, too. It also has a profile on Trustpilot.

However, ScamAdviser is warning against STICPAY because it has a very low trust rating of 10/100. The positive highlights are as follows:

  • The site is registered until the future.
  • The site was set up years ago.
  • It has a high Alexa ranking.
  • It has a valid SSL certificate.
  • The website has positive reviews.

ScamAdviser, however, flagged the following as unfavorable because:

  • The identity of the site’s owner is hidden.
  • The website is based in a high-risk country.
  • The website might be selling fakes.
  • The website was voted a scam.

Scams –

While there are no formal complaints about STICPAY being a scam, ScamAdviser does not recommend it for browsing because the website is unsafe. It has a very low trust rating compared to other payment processors’ sites.

Lawsuits –

STICPAY is not facing any lawsuits.

STICPAY Customer Reviews

STICPAY has positive client testimonials on its website. It also has reviews on Trustpilot, while the app has reviews on the App Store and Google Play. It has a 3.1/5 rating on Trustpilot, with many merchants warning clients of STICPAY’s bad customer service.

The account holders say they had a hard time withdrawing money from the e-wallet, and despite complaining, the team did not even bother to answer their emails. One customer also complains about losing 35% of the fund he transferred because of transaction and exchange fees.

However, there are also good reviews about the company. Some merchants say the setup was easy and that they received adequate support from the customer service team. They also had an easy time trading cryptocurrency from one site to another.


STICPAY is a legitimate company with a reputable presence on social media. However, its website does not have a good trust rating. On top of that, many customers also complain about the company’s customer service and processing fees. There are, however, good reviews about STICPAY, so it may still be worth a try.

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