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The Top 5 E-Check Merchant Accounts

March 20, 2022

As a business, you need to keep every aspect of the transaction in mind. Today, it’s not simply about the quality of your products and services, but about the quality of the shopping experience all together. Sure, you could sell the very best offers in your industry, but even just a minor hiccup can drastically change the review that buyers leave on your website.

Oftentimes, one of the most overlooked aspects of the transaction is payment options. People feel so strongly about their payment preferences in fact, that they’ll even go as far as abandoning their cart if they don’t see their preferred method available. So aside from credit and debit cards, PayPal, and cash-on-delivery, have you considered e-checks?

What are E-Checks?

They’re exactly what they sound like — an electronic check is quite literally a digital form of a paper check. All of the information required is the same, and the payee can encash the check on the designated date. It’s a direct debit transaction that works through an Automated Clearing House.

Most experts predict that the e-check will soon replace paper checks entirely, especially since most of the modern world is moving towards more sustainable practices in various areas of everyday life.


Today, there are loads of buyers who prefer paying with e-checks for a number of reasons. The most common is because e-checks in general come with lower fees than credit or debit card payments and other forms of EFT payments.

Top 5 E-Check Merchant Accounts

Let it be known that not all merchant service providers and payment processors offer e-check payments as one of their solutions. So if you want to be able to accommodate the buyers who prefer this payment method, it’s important to make sure you partner up with a provider that can actually open up the payment method for you.

There are quite a few out there that have taken the lead in terms of e-check payments. And while they all set out to achieve the same end goal, there are some that prove to be much more effective than others.

  • Authorizenet

Now, these guys are sometimes referred to as veterans because of their impressive track record and longevity as merchant service and payment processing providers. has worked with some 430,000 merchants, easily making them one of the leaders in their field. They’ve been in business since 1996 — when digital and electronic payments were only just starting to become a trend.

Today, their e-check payment solutions are one of their best offers. The feature costs just 0.75% of the transaction cost, which is excluded from your $25 monthly gateway fee. Altogether, their e-check service is pretty cheap, making it a great choice for merchants who don’t want too much taken out of the revenue in terms of added costs.

Other reasons to consider include their superior Advanced Fraud Detection Suite. Although e-checks are generally less prone to fraud, their rugged protection and detection features give them an edge over others who offer similar services.

  • TranscendPay

Another notable provider, TranscendPay makes it easier for merchants to monitor and manage various digital and electronic payments issued through their platform. They provide sophisticated yet user-friendly tools that pave the way for seamless control on the merchant’s end.

Their e-check solutions are available to both low and high risk merchants and allow either single or recurring payments. They also guarantee zero reserve requirements and zero hidden processing fees that could cloud your computations and make it tough to truly perceive how much you need to pay.

The by-batch processing format for their e-checks system means that you can enjoy much lower rates compared to credit or debit card payments. And because they provide real-time records for their e-checks, you can monitor the movement of funds in real-time to prevent fraud and potential risks along the payment’s way.

  • GoCardless

This financial company has been around since 2011 and aims to lead the industry in recurring and single payments sans the need for cards and other physical tools. They provide services and solutions that allow merchants and buyers to transact account to account, which directly addresses the calling for contactless payment options.

They’re based in the United Kingdom, but offer their services to some 30 countries around the globe. And since their services have grown in popularity through the years, the company expects to expand further to include more jurisdictions in their list of serviceable areas.

What’s particularly helpful about GoCardless is that aside from providing options like e-check payments, they also provide the tools so you can allow e-check payments to process and push through with minimal administrative interference. Their fully automated system cuts back on the need for constant hovering, which frees your people to do more.

  • PaynetSecure

PaynetSecure has grown its company over the course of 15 years. During that time, they’ve catered to several thousands of merchants with their high risk merchant accounts, payment processing services, and offshore merchant services. Needless to say, e-check payments have become an inclusion in their long list of solutions offered.

Ideal for larger businesses, PaynetSecure is different from its competition in that they support bulk processing. Their facilities allow high volume ACH processing that allows merchants to collect payments from large quantities of e-check payments in a single go.

Other than that, PaynetSecure also makes sure their merchants are in the loop by way of robust cloud reporting solutions. Their productivity tools simplify the process of monitoring and management, allowing you to quickly access details from a variety of platforms so you can enhance your control and keep a close watch on e-check transactions.

  • Electronic Merchant Services

While they might not be as big as other e-check merchant accounts out there, Electronic Merchant Services offers a range of tools and solutions that make them especially effective for small to medium-sized enterprises. But unlike other providers, Electronic Merchant Services takes the e-check solution the extra mile by offering flexible processing methods.

Aside from the standard Automated Clearing House or ACH method, they also allow merchants to process e-checks via Direct DDD Access Processing or Check Replacement Document Processing. These options essentially allow merchants to process e-checks with the least risk and cost, depending on the specific details of the transaction.

Since they are relatively new and operate on a much smaller scale compared to other well-known names in the business, Electronic Merchant Services offers their solutions at a much lower cost. They also provide more targeted customer support that works to give merchants specific assistance that takes the individual details of their concerns into account, instead of implementing cookie-cutter methods for problem resolution.

Benefits of E-Checks for Merchants

No doubt, credit and debit cards prove to be the most popular payment method of our day and age. But e-checks are slowly but surely gaining ground and are becoming more widely accepted by customers from different walks of life mainly because of the lower cost of e-check payments. But how can offering this payment method help your business? Here are some benefits that e-check payments can offer your venture.

  • More options – There are a fraction of buyers out there that will only pay for their transactions with e-checks and nothing else. Failing to provide this payment option through your website or over the phone means you automatically shut the door to this specific crowd. Keeping e-check payments an available option simply means being able to cater to literally every buyer and their distinct preferences.
  • Lower cost – The e-check is one of the cheapest ways you can accept payments from your buyers. That’s because they pass through an ACH system instead of through a branded card issuer like Visa or Mastercard. That way, you can cut back on the costs of processing payments and enjoy bigger revenue.
  • Fast processing – Unlike other payments that are prone to payout delays and more, e-checks let you get your money much faster. We’re talking about a turnaround time of about 24 to 48 hours. This can significantly improve your cashflow and help you manage your business more effectively, curbing the need to do math to try to project how numbers might appear tomorrow or a week later.
  • Minimized risk – Because these payments don’t pass through card issuers, there’s a lower risk of chargebacks. This can be significantly helpful in protecting your merchant account and allowing you to address disgruntled clients with less damaging methods of refunds and returns.

Over to You

The e-check might not be as popular as credit and debit cards, but buyers are learning to love it. Reducing the cost of processing and allowing more efficient monitoring and mitigated risk, e-checks can be a powerful payment tool to improve your business operations all around.

There are quite a handful of providers that allow businesses to process e-checks, but it’s best to shop around if you want to get the best service for your venture. These top 5 choices are some of the most trusted in the industry, and offer excellent e-check processing solutions that put your business’s best interest front and center.

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