VeriCheck Review – A Complete Company Review

April 25, 2022

VeriCheck is an automated clearing house (ACH) payment processor, which means those using the system can accept check payments. It is also an online payment platform for software developers and merchants. Software developers can integrate VeriCheck into their application or website.

The company said it could help businesses scale their operations and streamline processes. Aside from processing check payments, VeriCheck is also a card processor that empowers businesses to reach new markets and expand their offers. The company can work with standard- and high-risk businesses such as, but not limited to:

  • Automotive
  • B2B firms
  • Charitable organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Fitness and martial arts
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities
  • Parking facilities
  • Pension funds
  • Property management

VeriCheck takes pride in its 97 percent retention rate, which means that merchants trust them with their business.

VeriCheck Merchant Services

  • ACH Payment Processing

Many customers still prefer to pay with their checking accounts. That’s why merchants need to be able to process check payments or bank transfer payments. This is what ACH processing is for. It is a system that allows the automatic clearing and transfer of funds from one account to another. The funds will be credited immediately to the merchant’s accounts. In return, the merchants can use the same process to pay for their supplies.


VeriCheck ach payment processing


  • High-risk Payment Processing

VeriCheck does not work with all high-risk businesses. However, it also handles certain businesses with a higher risk than regular retail. For example, one of the industries the company serves is the automotive industry. Many consider this to be a high-risk industry.

  • Card Payment Processing

VeriCheck can also process credit card payments. This feature is integrated into the same virtual terminal that processes ACH, making it easy for merchants to accept all types of payments using the same terminal. This streamlines the process and ensures everyone is accommodated.

VeriCheck Fees, Rates & Pricing

  • Processing Fees – VeriCheck published its fees on the website. It charges $0.55 per transaction, a $10 monthly statement fee, a $37.50 one-time setup fee, a $1.50 standard return fee, and a $25.00 unauthorized return fee for stopped payments and unauthorized payments.The company said it could customize pricing for merchants, so they are invited to send a request form for a quotation.
  • Additional Fees – There is no information about VeriCheck’s additional fees.
  • Hidden Charges – There are also no reports that VeriCheck has hidden charges.

VeriCheck Complaints

There are no formal complaints against VeriCheck.

  • Rip Off Reports – No one has called VeriCheck a rip-off.
  • Other Complaints – There are no other complaints about VeriCheck.
VeriCheck BBB Rating

It looked like VeriCheck used to be listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website since a link to its page appears on Google search results. However, the BBB website said that the page no longer exists. Searching for the company’s name yielded no results.

The BBB is an important accrediting body because merchants and customers usually check the website for the legitimacy of a company, including payment processors. The bureau gives a rating between A+ and F. Customers can complain about a business on BBB’s platform.

BBB Reviews

There are no reviews about VeriCheck on the BBB website.

Is VeriCheck Legitimate?

VeriCheck has Facebook and Twitter profiles, though they do not have many followers. Also, the last update on Twitter was last year, while the Facebook page had an update in January 2022. There are also no engagements on these pages. This means that very few people like, share, and comment on the posts.

The company has profiles on professional business networking sites LinkedIn and Crunchbase, but there isn’t any information on those pages, too. ScamAdviser gave VeriCheck’s website an average to good trust rating with 100/100. The positive highlights are the following:

  • Registered website far into the future
  • The site was set up years ago
  • Valid SSL certificate

Scams – It is highly unlikely that VeriCheck is a scam, given the trust rating of ScamAdviser. Even the reviews on Google gave the company a positive rating. No one has also called it a scam in these reviews.

Lawsuits – VeriCheck is not facing any class-action lawsuit.

VeriCheck Customer Reviews

VeriCheck does not publish client testimonials on the website. There are no reviews on popular sites and forums, too. The only reviews that can be found about the company are the ones published on Google Reviews.


The company received a 4.7 out of 5 rating based on 26 Google reviews. The customers said they had a good experience with the company and that it is a joy to work with its staff. They commended it for setting up their accounts in no time and solving many of their business issues. Many merchants also raved about the company’s “individual and personal service.” VeriCheck customizes the solutions they offer to merchants.


VeriCheck sees itself as one of the pioneers of ACH merchant services. The goal of streamlining business operations through these services paved the way for the company to be well-known in the ACH industry. If you want to start offering traditional and alternative payment methods to your customers, you need to check out what VeriCheck offers.

Since merchants are raving about high-quality products, solutions, and customer service, you might just find a payment processor your business can partner with for a long time

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