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E-Way Online Payment Gateway Review

General Information

eWay, as defined by themselves, is a payment gateway, mediating between the merchant website and their chosen bank. Clients send credit card details that they input into the website, which then passes them to the bank for processing. The funds are transferred as soon as everything is approved, and they are settled in the merchant’s bank account.


eWay is very easy to set up. You create an eWay account, choose a service and then set up a Merchant Account, after which you can start accepting payments from customers in less than a week. eWay supports PayPal payments and multiple credit card payments as well.


eWay fees aren’t very high, and they start at 1.6% per transaction. However, there are some unsatisfied customers regarding fees, but we will mention this a little bit later in the article. Another great thing about eWay is that you can get around some systems set by banks, where you let the bank know you are expecting a transaction ($1MM + volumes). This allows you to get less than 1% per transaction, depending on your industry.

Customer Support

Based in Australia, eWay offers great and reliable customer support 24/7 on the phone as well as over E-mail. There is also a live chat support service, available at all times.


Most reports mention eWay to be reliable and legit in their business. There haven’t been any major problems where people would call it a scam. Therefore, it’s safe to do business with them. On the other side, there have been reports about the cost of setting up business. Some other websites offer cheaper solutions with both the initial set-up, as well as transaction fees, etc.  It is recommended that eWay should only be used for greater sums of money as some people argue that the value does over great, also this eWay acts exceeded.  Including whole certain points mentioned, eWay is a safe website, with a low-risk rating, however, the problem of pricing still exists.


As far as credibility and reliableness are concerned, eWay is a great payment gateway. An important thing to remember – eWay does charge merchants for all transactions. These transactions can either be successful or failed; there are no exclusions. There is no protection for merchants as well which means that the merchant will have to pay for every failed transaction as well. This is a problem in regards to money saving and people who want to keep money in their pockets will shy away from eWay.com. On the bright side, it’s one of the safest and most secure payment gateways out there, and if you are willing to overlook the facts about costs and no merchant protection, eWay is an excellent choice. Just be careful regarding transactions – you wouldn’t want to spend more money than necessary. Their customer support has also shown to be very reliable. All in all, eWay is a potential payment gateway for clients as it’s pretty highly rated and people usually don’t spend a lot of time searching for safer websites (meaning that some people are willing to overlook the money problem).

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