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Review of EBS

EBS, or E-Billing Solutions, was established in 2005. Currently headquartered in Mumbai, it’s the first merchant account provider in India to achieve a PCI DSS 3.0 in compliant standards. They facilitate online transactions on merchant websites by collecting payment from customers. They also assemble payment  offered by banks and other payment processors.


As a merchant account provider over a decade of experience, EBS has a number of services. These include:

  • Caters to over 100 payment options available.
  • Customize-oriented web page.
  • Swift real-time access.
  • International payment access.
  • Convenient customer checkout.
  • Real-time statistical reports.
  • Robust security.

Site Interface

EBS has a user-friendly website. They have simple checkout for repeat customers for convenience. A support page is available for any questions or inquiries. A video tutorial as well as their knowledge vault, ticket submission box, and manuals/kits for download.merchant account provider


Here are some pros you can expect from using the company.:

  • Multi-currency acceptance.
  • Auto-retry for delayed transactions.
  • Data analytics and real-time statistical reports.


While E-Billing Solutions offer a lot of great features, it has it share of cons. These include;

  • Fake calls from customer service.
  • Unauthorized balance deduction from credit cards or debit cards.


EBS has a plethora of lot of features but the complaints they’ve been receiving makes them less trustworthy. However, they’ve addressed a majority of complaints which show how responsive their customer service is. It’s entirely up to you to decide whether the company is worth working with.

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