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Review of First Atlantic Commerce

First  Atlantic  Commerce  is  a  company  that  offers a plethora of different services, includingi merchant  accounts, credit card, and debit card processing.  They  focus on customer satisfaction by doing their best to keep in  touch with customers.

The merchant accounts they provide are international-based, which enables them to utilize multiple currencies. With this, they’re able to select their preferred currency. There are also merchant account solution established between clients and preferred banks all over the world.

The company also offers offshore credit card processing with their trusted partners and other parties they work with. Their partners are constantly in contact with clients and they help those clients expand further in other marketplaces and countries.

Their fraud prevention works by providing you reports on transactions that you can check yourself. The system on its own is robust: if a single transaction proves to be fraudulent, it’ll suspend the transaction until further notice. The company protects its clients from such fraudulent transactions especially from unauthorized payments and charge backs.

The company has many respectable partners around the world. They guarantee that by working with them, you not only gain useful experience but also have the capacity to expand your business. The company itself will do their best to provide you with great service. They claim their team is reliable, trustworthy, and are always ready to jump in whenever there’s a problem.

All you’re tasked to do is to properly look after your own business. The company will take care of the rest so you don’t have worry about other minor things.


The company is an all-around business. This means they’re proficient in offering many different solutions. Their support for multiple currencies, as well as the number of partners they have, increases their rating by a certain margin. This, paired with their continuous customer support and offers of partnership with their own partners, all makes for a great firm.

However, we’ve found a user review which was extremely negative. The review focused on an application that didn’t work correctly which led the client to wait for a long time for it to work. This doesn’t mean that the firm is fraudulent and not trustworthy, but it does mean that there’s something wrong with their project. We’re not exactly sure if the user that wrote the review just didn’t know how to use it, or there really is a problem in the first place, so we’re going to be neutral with that.

There were no reviews based on the work the company provides, so we can assume that they’re clean. The lack of reviews might be worrisome, but if the company is still in operation, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

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